Day 56: how are you supposed to run when your calves feel like they are going to explode!?

Good afternoon 🙂

As you might have inferred from the title of this post, today I did some running…and some going “aaargh aaargh my calves hurt” and some “argh my arches hurt” too…

Ok it was week 3 day 1 of the c25k business, and despite the rain (of course it is going to rain on me…it is Friday that is what happens) I dragged myself away from my desk and the possibility of a lunch time reading the Hunger Games (book 2) and made myself go for a run!

I wasn’t expecting great things, and great things did not happen. Shhh everyone out there who says “mind over matter” and “your body is driven by your mind so all you have to do is think that good things will happen and they will” or whatever, sometimes this is not true, sometimes you know really you should have a rest day and just go for a walk but for some reason you go for a run any way. Today was one of those days…and I know why I went , I didn’t want it to become too easy to let myself off. A run becomes a walk, a walk becomes a sit down, and the next thing you know I am posting once a week and I begin to think zumba is a good work out….so I made myself run. I know I won’t run over the weekend so I needed to get one more in this week.

mediocre run statistics

so, as it was week 3 day 1 the mean app upped the run intervals, there were 2 x 1.5 min intervals, and 2 x 3 min intervals, when last week (yesterday in fact) there were only 1.5 min intervals. 1.5 min to 3 min is a big jump…well it is double…yes I know shhh!

Needless to say I found the running intervals harder, the 1.5 min ones were ok but the 3 min ones well, I didn’t actually manage one without a tiny walk in the middle…not too much of a tiny walk, just a few steps but enough to make my run pace worse and my run distance worse than yesterday. Never mind…the main thing is I did it and I am happy with that, I actually feel better now for going.

well I feel better with one tiny exception…my calves still hurt! If anyone out there in blogland knows how to stop my calves hurting I would love to know. It was my calves that made me unable to run the 3 mins (not my fitness in an out of breath sort of way, that is another positive :-)). I have no idea what to do about this calf pain, when running I literally felt like someone was stabbing them and my arches too. I stopped to stretch them twice but even stretching them really hurt.

Is there anything I can do? other than keeping on stretching them, new shoes? just get them used to running? infusions of nettle prepared by medically trained hedgehogs? anything?

Despite the pain and complaining (which I promise not to do any more of 🙂 Day 56 complete 😀


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6 responses to “Day 56: how are you supposed to run when your calves feel like they are going to explode!?”

  1. Grace says :

    when i feel pain in my calves, it’s usually because i haven’t stretched them out enough! i’d say that really good running shoes will help that too. it’s definitely a challenge to continue running when you have calf pain!!!


    • Ice_Badger says :

      I think I probably haven’t stretched them enough this week in general. My running shoes were good, but they are getting on a bit now, so I may have to look into getting some new ones…


  2. nancytex2013 says :

    Stretch like crazy – before and after your runs. If they are driving you mental during the run, find a tree or rock or something to prop your toes up against (heel of foot on ground, foot pointed up, toe pressed into tree stump or whatever you have to work with. That *might* help alleviate the pain a bit during the run. (Also a good excuse to stop for a minute) 🙂
    Also, if you aren’t using a high-density foam roller, then I would recommend it. It’s a life saver for properly rolling out sore muscles. I love it for the hip flexor and hamstrings. Hope this helps!


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