Day 60 (part 2) Confusing a body balance class…

good afternoon πŸ™‚

The second update on day 60’s activity is a tale of woe and hardship…

ok…it isn’t.

It is, however, a tale of a really hard personal training session, possibly the hardest one to date.

On the plus side I didn’t have to take my life in my hands trying to get on and off a rowing machine with my knees tied together with a large rubber band…that is never dignified!

fancy new body protector

fancy new body protector

The session started with 20 mins of Thai boxing stuff that is a regular feature of our training sessions, this one was made more interesting by the new body armour brought by Matt. This was an interesting addition, it meant that all body level shots could be directed at an actual body, which was good, it just meant a readjustment of distances. It did make some moves far more sensible too, the slip defense that I have been having trouble with for months, suddenly worked really well, so that was all good πŸ™‚ Β This Session was typically hard work and very fast paced, with slightly less rest that previous weeks…Matt just laughed and agreed when I pointed out that the reward for getting fitter was working harder.

All of this training took place n the dance studio as this gave us lots of space for moving around and not running into people seriously lifting stuff up and putting them down again. It did mean that we only had 30 mins before the next scheduled class (body balance), this in turn meant the class participants and the instructor turned up outside the room anything up to 15 mins before the class started and looked by turns, confused, amused and disgruntled to find something hyper energetic and not on the schedule going on in the room. The eventually guilted us into leaving and returning to the gym and there was still 10 mins before their class…

when we returned to the gym, that is when things got even harder, we did interval sprints in a pyramid style, twice, on two different pieces of equipment (cross trainer and rower).

core bags

core bags

We did Β 2 sets of 10x squats/clean and press/ whirl the bag round your head like a crazy person with the core bag (yes that last one is official…honest). 2 Sets of 12 x bent over row/ woodchop squats with a ViPR / 30s mountain climbers (in which I lost my shoe but shhh). Sets of double snatches/high rows and bottoms up cleans with the kettle bells and one legged squats to leaning forward thing on the trx and a trx thing where you pull yourself up with your arms and twist in some way to activate triceps…which I am sure have a technical name that I don’t know! Followed by dynamic stretching!

Mind you, as hard work as this all was, it was still lots of fun πŸ™‚ and not just Matt laughing at me when my shoe fell off…honest! But there was no wonder he had to write down everything we were going to be doing today, there was a lot of it! I did really feel it doing me good mind you…and as this post is being written the day after, I can add that what ever we were doing to activate triceps and glutes and across the top of my back…really really worked!!

Day 60 well and truly complete πŸ˜€


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