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Day 185: Monday Morning Madness

13191-Orange-Man-Jumping-Rope-During-A-Cardio-Workout-Clipart-IllustrationWho would have thought that I would be starting Monday morning with skipping…

Well Matt I suppose…as it was his idea…

Yep that’s right I thought personal training on a Monday morning was a good way to start the week…and actually it was a pretty good way to start the week, apart from the skipping, which was a shock to the system! (yes I know it is good for me shhh)

After the shocking skipping…it was TRX fun πŸ™‚ I am getting a lot of use out of this TRX set up πŸ˜€
I did:
side lungePull-ups from the squat position (2 x 5)
One legged rows step through to one legged chest flys (2 x 5)
Narrow armed press ups (2 x 5)
Plank – Pikes (2 x 5)
Jump Squats
Side lunges
Weird cross legged lunge things where you step one leg behind the other while lunging down and twist towards you back leg once you get down :-S

Then Handstands and bridges where you come right up on to your head in Β preparation for going up into a full gymnastic bridge one day πŸ˜‰

Then it was Thai Boxing / random other martial arts time πŸ˜€

We started with the 360ΒΊ defence that we did last week πŸ™‚ it is pretty awesome and we added in inside defence where the attacks were more central and I had to defend across my body instead of away to the out side.

Once we had done that we spent some time doing normal punch / defence combinations followed by a drill to work on my footwork where I had to move in to punch then back out and sideways before the next combo…THis is so hard…I tend to come forward while fighting always forwards…apparently I am aggressive…who knew!


Day 185 complete πŸ™‚


Day 184: Make it up Sunday

Super-SundaySunday is Pilates day… you know this, I have mentioned it before…probably every Sunday since blogging began (my blogging…on this blog anyway)


Dues to some sort of upcoming celebration this week’sΒ class was canceled *rolls eyes*

So I decided to do my PilatesΒ DVD…but it wouldn’t run on the DVD player…so I decided to run it on the laptop…which blue-screened twice…so I downloaded and app…which only gave me six minutes before I had to pay for more segments…

pilatesso… after I did the six mins of the “New Pilates” app Legs and core, I basically went through every Pilates exercise I could remember from the class and did 10-12 reps of each one. πŸ˜€ it turned out to be a pretty good work out in the end, not as good as actually going to the class but it worked and came to about 45 mins in the end πŸ˜€

So…Day 184 complete πŸ™‚

Day 183: Wooah We’re halfway there..

halfway there bon joviWoooh we’re half way there-er
Wooah living on a prayer,
take my hand and we can make it I swear-er
Wooah living on a prayer,

Seriously…I have been waiting half a year to make that reference!!

Yes…Really! I decided on the name for my half way post right at the start!

And…day 183 is the half way point! πŸ˜€

Yep that’s right, on Saturday the 21st December 2013, I had officially done exercise every day for half a year! πŸ˜€

It hardly seems possible! day 14 doesn’t seem long ago!


just in case you hadn’t already got the message…

SO what did I do to Β mark this momentous day…

I went to the gym of course!

(and later I went to see the new Hobbit Movie…but the less said about that the better…)

While in the gym, I decided to do the program Matt gave me…you know, the one with hands stands on it and trx pikes and such…

New, supplementary, program

this one…

yes…that one…

The prescribed amount is…5 reps of each for 3 – 5 sets.

I worked through it as a circuit, all the way through then repeat as many times as possible (between 3 and 5) I managed 3 sets before I was broken…It is a lot harder than it looks this program!

It is awesome though, I like it and it gives me room for improvement!

in fact there was already improvement over last time as I did the battle rams, dive bombers (well some of them) on my feet, and the pikes on my hands rather than my elbows πŸ™‚

so all in all a pretty good half way point πŸ˜€

wooah oh we’re half way there-er…

sorry…it get in my head!

So … Day 183 Complete… πŸ˜€ woohoo πŸ˜€

Day 182: Friday running improvement

Following Thursday’s run failure, It was definitely a run day on Friday πŸ™‚

So after work, I high tailed it over to the gym, got changed and (headphones in place :-D) I set off for my run in the park.
I am still running without the “aid” of an interval timer to tell me when to run and when to walk, and I am definitely improving. I am working hard to get over the mindset of “I have run for age, I should walk now” where my brain tells me to walk even though my legs don’t really need to… And I am getting there πŸ˜€


Friday run

I managed to run beyond the 1 km marker, which (no matter how much warm up walking I do) I have not done since I was doing the c25k πŸ™‚ THe first km was also the quickest, then I slowed down, but then…some how I managed to speed up again and run more πŸ˜€ no idea how I managed that but Yeay!

I am also pleased that I managed to go twice around the park. I have planned to do that for the last two runs but always ended up cutting through the middle. This time I went round twice, and then I knew I was only about 400m away from 4 km so I did an extra little loop to make 4.2 km (it was a longer loop than I thought πŸ™‚

I was really pleased, it felt like a much longer run, and I felt like I could keep the running up for longer than my last two πŸ™‚ I am still not back to my pre-break pace, but I think that is partly because of running in the dark…


According to the magic of the moves app, I ran for 27 mins of the 39 mins my run lasted for…this is considerably more running than walking πŸ˜€

Note…the initial 9 mins walking includes the walking backward and forward to the changing rooms and the faffing about while in there…I would say the actual warm up was no longer then 1 or 2mins πŸ˜€

This breakdown pleases me a lot πŸ˜€

I also completed another mission for the Zombies Run app, I found a lost child which is always good, and as it was a virtual child I didn’t have to have any actual interaction with an actual small human…which is always good too!

Day 182 complete πŸ˜€



Day 181: The best laid plans and all that…

Plan-A-B-C3I had a plan…It was a really good plan…

Until I discovered I had forgotten my headphones…

Ok..I’ll start earlier in the plan…although to be honest you can probably guess what happened…but I am going to tell you the story any way πŸ˜€

As I said, I had a plan…It started with a walk at lunchtime…so far so good…

Walk I did, I went off for a little march around my usual walking routes, I met a tiny tiny dog, possibly the smallest dog I have seen in a while. I also met a squirrel, he was very startling…a squirrel at about 1 meter away from your head is a surprising thing! I don’t know exactly how far I went, but I think it was about 3 km and it took about 25 mins. I know this is sadly lacking in my usual tracking app based data, but my phone was having a run out of battery and not take charge moment and I had to turnoff most of my apps O_o

I did manage to play the next episode in the Walk app mind you, it was a challenge based scouting mission where I had to find as many sentries as possible in 24 hours πŸ˜‰ It involved 74 mins of walking.

So that part of the plan was ok…the next part was to go for a run after work, I had packed my kit, fixed my phone so I could run from zombies, and I headed off to the gym to get changed and go for a run around the park… I managed the first part…I got to the gym got changed…


as I was getting the last bits sorted I noticed that I hadn’t got my headphones…after several turnings out of my handbag I remembered they were in my trouser pocket from the day before 😦

This caused a good deal of sitting in the changing rooms trying to formulate a new plan…

I decided to go to tescos, as I needed to buy food anyway, pick up some cheap headphones which I can also leave in the car for emergencies then run around the paths near tescos…



But somehow between my going into tescos and getting out again which was only about 20 mins…all the rain decided to start falling…not just light, I can still run in this rain but torrential I am getting soaked between tescos and the car sort of rain…

So I went home..and did this:

15 mins on the mini stepperplank
The next day’s workout on the press up trainer (on the lower step) with aerobic leg curls in the breaks.
3 x 10 squats setted with Β 3 x 10 (per leg) lunges
3 x 45s planks

it was not quite the same as the run I was planning, but it was something πŸ˜€

Day 181 Complete πŸ™‚



Day 180: What a wednesday

Well what a Wednesday it was πŸ˜€

Wednesday morning has taken over from Tuesday evening as PT time, and it is much better because we get access to pretty much any piece of equipment we need, the dance studio is free for boxing craziness and there are far fewer hecklers…

Better that is apart from the getting up at 0530 because it takes me at least an hour to be awake enough to drive anywhere. But it is still better, and it is a good way to wake up and be less sluggish during the day πŸ˜€


Ok…I wasn’t actually that bad…

The very first thing to do in a morning PT session is wake warm up, which I did on the cross trainer. Followed by some mobility waving about of arms…ok…there was more to it than that, but I am sleepy now too so I can’t quite remember what πŸ™‚


trx stuff

TRX stuff πŸ™‚

Once warm (and awake) we moved on to the TRX…and there was a lot of TRX training πŸ˜€

In no particular order I did:

Pull ups where you start in a squat under the trx and pull up without using legs.
TRX rows
Chest Flys
Things where you do a row/ pull up, on one leg, then step forward on the other leg and go straight into a chest press, then back again and repeat.
Things where you do Bicep rows to vertical on one leg then step forward into tricep rows and back again and repeat.
Narrow armed press ups
Press ups where you have one arm on the floor and one arm in the trx, the floor arm does a press up and the trx arm does a chest fly.

Then there was handstand practice, which is still the facing the wall walk up with your legs kind and not the kick up and look impressive kind…but I still did it πŸ™‚ and any sort of handstand increases awesomeness…as I have said before πŸ˜€


360 defence

Then we adjourned to the dance studio for (no not dancing…) but for thai boxing…and something billed as 360 defence, which I have since learned is a Krav Maga technique. It is pretty cool and involves fending off attacks from a 360 degrees of motion. It is hard to explain without waving my arms about…but a picture and some waffle will have to do πŸ™‚ imagine a circle Β standing up in front of you with your tummy in the middle you head at the top and knees at the bottom. A bit like a wormhole illustration in a bad sci fi movie directly in front of you… The attack (from another person not a worm hole or an alien(probably…)) can come from anywhere around this circle and you have to fend it off with your arm. It is apparently used to fend off knife attacks among other things, and when you get good at it you fend off with one hand and attack with the other simultaneously. I only managed this a couple of times because it is tricky…and fast!

Once we had done this until Matt’s arms hurt (I had pads on mine, he didn’t (sorry)) we moved on to our more usual boxing combos, with added knees, but no kicks as Matt had his focus pads and not the thai pads. Focus pads are awesome for punches because they are small and fast, but not so good for kicks because they are small and I might miss :-S (no…not on purpose… and not that often…) We also added in backfists and spinning back fists because they (like handstands) increase awesomeness!

And all that before 8am (more or less)

IMG_2713[1]And as I am attempting to up my walking and general activity during the day, I went for a walk at lunchtime. This was also because I wanted to play another episode of “The Walk” I went 3.1 km, and took 41 minutes, and during it, I managed to steal some clothes to disguise myself so I wouldn’t be caught and evade one police roadblock. Ok…that last bit wasn’t real…but it is what happened in the story that the app tells you πŸ™‚

As this is Wednesday’s report, I am sure you are all expecting a dance write up too…but today was the Mythago Morris seasonal celebration (er xmas dinner) and, although we were intending to do a bit of dancing outside the pub, we got rained off…so did the electricity…and we had to eat our dinner by the light of battery powered fairly lights on people’s hats πŸ˜€ It was lots of fun!

Day 180 complete πŸ˜€

Day 179: Zombies and Spies and Bears…oh my

Ok…No bears

And technically only virtual zombies spies…but shhh that is completely not the point!

Basically, I have been playing iPhone games all day…but good ones where you progress in the game by doing real world activities such as running and walking πŸ™‚ I did another mission of Zombies, Run! but I’ll get to that in a minute…

First The Walk…


This is along the same lines as Zombies Run! but it is designed to track walking, it is designed to run all the time and track all the walking you do all day. I started it at lunchtime because I didn’t know that.

It bills its self as a “techno thriller”. You get caught up in a terrorist attack in Inverness and mistaken for a new spy/secret service operative (easy mistake to make really) and consequently you have to deliver a package to Edinburgh by walking there.

Each episode takes you through interactive maps where you have to walk for a certain time to unlock the next clip of the story and there are things to pick up along the way. It is pretty cool and adds a little bit more incentive to the daily walking. Ok for all you doubters out there, I don’t *need* an app to make me walk more, but If I am going to walk more, I may as well play it πŸ˜€

0000000 mapsThis meant that yesterday during my lunchbreak, I walked for 45 mins (which is my whole lunch break) and I went 3.6 km, I played almost an entire episode during that walk, but had to keep walking up and down the office to finish it off during the afternoon πŸ™‚ The map on the left is where I actually went in really real life, and the one on the right is the one from the game πŸ™‚

The other cool thing about this game, is that it has what they call adaptive difficulty. This means it alters the time it takes to complete the episodes dependent on your fitness level, which it works out from your activity level and time to complete other ones πŸ™‚

So that covers walking and spies…

Now for running and Zombies πŸ™‚

I am enjoying this zombie game, it is slightly more interesting than just running, it breaks up the music a little bit πŸ™‚ and I am apparently very valuable in the defence of Abel Township which is the town in the game! Believe it or not, I am also quite enjoying running in the dark. I even went out yesterday when it was raining! I stand a chance of turning into an actual runner…cold, rain, dark, zombies…and still having fun… *raises eyebrow*

0000000 maps

So it was mission 3, I had to distract some zombies and lead them away from the base.

It was also, run number 3 after my 3 week running hiatus, my 3rd run in the dark, and my third run in the evening. I improved again, not back where I was, but better than the last two and that is important. I have read that you run slower in the dark, I think I may run slower in the evenings so I am pleased with this improvement. πŸ˜€


for the sake of continuity and to satisfy my obsession with tracking things on apps…I also recorded the run on Strava πŸ™‚ and here it is…

The other interesting thing about this Tuesday, is that a with a walk and a run I managed to go further and do more steps than I have in ages πŸ˜€

13,126 steps…
6.18 miles


Day 179 Complete πŸ˜€

PS…it turns out not every work out this week comes with free chocolate…probably a good thing really…

Extra: Biggest Challenge yet!

imagesThis one is a biggy!

No, I am not running a marathon, I have not Β signed up to walk 100kms (although I am still thinking about that shh) I have not even signed up for a 10k…

This on is not an event based challenge, it is a huge step towards making my lifestyle change a permanent one challenge (please don’t analyse the grammar in that sentence!). It is a huge incentive to carry on working on my own health and fitness.

Ok…I’ll tell you what it is…

I have signed up for a Personal Training course πŸ˜€

logo-futurefitThis one in fact: Specialist Diploma in Advanced Personal Training (Training Techniques SpecialistΒ I will become first a qualified Level 2 gym instructor and the qualified Level 3 personal trainer. Β It is both really really exciting, and really really terrifying! I signed up yesterday, and it was this that made me slightly over excited at Body Pump πŸ˜€

img_reps3It is something I have been thinking about for a little while now, I have had lots of mixed feelings about it because I am still not “typical personal trainer” shaped. I am much smaller than I was, and I know I don’t look ridiculous, I know I am fitter than I might look at first glance and I also know that these things don’t always matter when you are in a position to be judged on appearance at first glance.

I spent a long time trying to work out if I would even be taken seriously by anyone!

I asked people, I started with my friends, because I have some who will be honest and not just tell me it will be ok to make me feel better, and they made some very good points.

Then I asked some of the people I know in the fitness business, and they made the same points…

and these points were:

# Not every personal trainer has to conform to the perfect “ideal body shape” they of course have to be fit, and capable and knowledgeable, but I have 2 of those things (the 3rd is what the course is for).

# There is room in the business for someone who knows what it is like to have lost size, and has worked to chance their habits and health and fitness outlook.

# There are some people who might just be less intimidated by a person like me, they may find me more relatable.

They key point is, I need to have be healthy and fit, which is the whole point of what I am doing. The other good point, is that although the training starts very soon, the first assessment for the gym instructor section isn’t until the end of March! By then, given the results in the last 6 months, I should be fitter and smaller.

I am so excited to start, I am looking forward to helping people do what I have done πŸ™‚

I am also terrified… Still terrified of not being taken seriously and I am going to have to do some work to eliminate that little voice that tells me I am going to be laughed at!

I am still really terrified that I am not good enough to do this!

I will keep you all updated on my progress, and I can tell you this, it is excellent incentive, already to keep me doing my daily work outs!



Day 178: Body Pump with 2 Snowmen

The observant amongst you may have noticed the similarity between the title of day 177 and day 178. The really observant may have noticed the similarity between the Pilates instructor and the Body Pump instructor…but pretend you haven’t and wait for the end to be surprised :-p

18420-Clipart-Illustration-Of-An-Orange-Man-Lifting-A-Barbell-While-Strength-TrainingYesterday was Body Pump Monday, considering my recent disillusion with body pump, I was considerably more enthusiastic than I expected…that might be slightly because I was a little bit over excited about some other news (which will be revealed in another post…) But whatever the reason, I was more enthusiastic today.

On saying that, the class seemed hard! There were only about 7 people in it, the hardcore group as it were πŸ˜‰ I didn’t up my weights, I used the same as last week, but it seemed harder…apart from biceps in which I really need to find a way to up the weights. The only track that didn’t seem as had as normal was the shoulder track, I guess the shoulder work I have been doing recently has been paying off πŸ™‚

tiny snowman

tiny snowman

Ok…now for the snowman bit, remember yesterday when I got a tiny reindeer in Pilates? and you remember ages ago when I said the my Awesome Pilates instructor and my awesome body pump instructor are the same person? well…in Body pump she gave us all a tiny chocolate something…and because there were so few of us she gave us two πŸ˜€ I got two tiny snowmen (they were only 2″ high :-D)…one of which I gave to my husband πŸ˜€


Day 178 Complete πŸ˜€

Day 177: Sunday Pilates with Reindeer

Good morning πŸ™‚

After such an exciting Saturday, what could be better than Sunday morning Pilates to reset everything!

10961-Orange stretches

Orange Pilates…

It was a good class πŸ™‚ the person who last week, managed to annoy me despite probably giving useful feedback wasn’t there so I didn’t feel all judged so that was good πŸ™‚ I am aware that i might have been a tiny bit paranoid last week…shhh that is not the point…I never claimed to be well adjusted…I am working on it though :-p

Anyway…back to the Pilates class. We did a selection of the moves we normally do, with some interesting new variations and options to use the resistance bands. There was a new advanced level to the swan dive, which involves more control and less rocking on my tummy (which also involves quite a lot of control to keep a curvy back). This new version involves lifting up using back muscles, starting with your arms in front of you circling them round behind you.

Among other things, we also did the hundred which IΒ explained here. I was thinking while I was doing it, that it never seems to get easier… I suppose I have improved because at the start I could hardly get through the whole thing without a rest… and now I can..and technically it might have been the hundred and ten as I think I counted 6 twice… but it still seems really hard! Maybe it is just one of those things that never actually gets easy!

What about the Reindeer I hear you cry…


Well Sarah the awesome Pilates teacher bought every one in the class a tiny lindt bear or reindeer or some such yummy chocolatey treat! (yes it is chocolate which is sugary and not good…but it was tiny and only one…and it is actually ok to eat one tiny chocolate reindeer in 6 months!)
And (I discovered) that he was a good fit to live in the ashtray in my car. There has got to be a use for ashtrays in cars after all…Now I know what it is πŸ˜€

Day 177 Complete πŸ™‚

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