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Extra, I might be a panda

Ok…it is the end of April. It is time to let you all know how I did with my April resolution... you know the one I made, then altered when it wasn’t working


I might be a panda

Well…confession time…

As you might have guessed from the lack of me talking about it at all…

I have completely failed to get up and work out in the morning.

Apart from my PT which I have to get up for because I am meeting Matt, I have not managed a single  early morning work out since I altered my plan.

I might have to accept that I am not a morning person…

I mainly completely failed at going to bed early, which lead me to not have enough sleep to get up early, which got into a vicious circle.

I still need more sleep, I still want to work out early because  know it is really good for you and does all that metabolism boosting stuff…

But I haven’t yet come up with a way to make myself get up and be awake enough to work out! I have to get up 1.5hrs before my PT appointment to even consider being awake enough for it!

I promise to keep trying guys and let you know if I ever manage it!!




Day 312: Tabata Tuesday…

Woohoo 🙂 I get to use “Tabata Tuesday” as a title…the words sound so good together 😀

tuesdaysMind you Tabata was the only good thing about Tuesday! Can I use the I hate Tuesdays cat again?

I know that is the third time, but 3 times out of 311 is not too bad…

ok 45, there is after all, only 1 Tuesday a week!

Anyway, I feel I have digressed…

I will start with the good 😀 and the first bit of Tuesday was good…I started with PT, in its usual 7am slot and we started with our usual short cross trainer warm up…

see it is not just me!

Followed by Tabata…lots of it!! Matt had been on a course, which generally means I get the benefits of this shortly afterwards 😀 I this case I was fairly happy as I am an exponent of Tabata training anyway as you may know and in fact I have done it several times when I am feeling enthusiastic



Side to side jumping lunges

Round 1:

20s burpees with a side tuck jump
10s rest
20s side to side jumping lunges
10s rest
repeat 4 times

Round 2:
20s front squats (20 kg)
10s rest
20s straight legged deadlift (20 kg)
10s rest
20s clean (20 kg)
10s rest
20s Military press (10 kg)
repeat twice

then a break from Tabata for some olympic lifting…

Bench Press 5 @ 37.5 kg
Dead lift 3 @ 75 kg
Snatch 3 @20 kg, 3 @ 22.5 kg
High Pull 3 @ 22.5 kg

Then back to tabata, because you can’t have too much of a good thing 🙂
kb70Kettlebell tabata no less!

20s Double swings (double kettlebells, not double hands…all of these are with two kettlebells)
10s rest
20s double cleans
10s rest
20s double high pull
10s rest
20s squat thrusts (not on kettlebells)
10s rest
20s double snatch
10s rest
20s bottoms up clean
10s rest
20s mountain climbers (not on kettlebells)
10s rest
20s Plank hold
Fall down!

Then the tabata terror was over for the day and we went over to the cable machine:
At this point I did 10 things where so hold a handle in each hand, and sit back while leaning forward so that you can pull the cables parallel to your spine, like a lat pull down only more balance is required…
Then ten things where you do a similar thing but pull perpendicular to your spine, like a reverse bench press…maybe a bench pull..with no bench…
Then double handed wood chops 10 per side…

and then it all went wrong!

Matt said, “you can hang from there, and practice your tucks” indicating the pull up bars on the cable machine…

Now, I thought hat it would be tricky, but I’d give it a go…after all my shoulder injury was healed, I had been doing things involving hanging from bars already, I had just  had my legs supported.

So up I climbed and couldn’t reach the bar,  no harm done.

so I tried again…grabbed the bar, went to hang…managed it then owwww much pain and a sudden inability to move my arm!

We stopped then and foam rollered and stretched and all sorts and it started to feel better…sadly it has managed to stop getting better and hurts…a lot!

Just to be clear (although I might wind him up about it, this is not Matt’s fault at all! If I thought it would go wrong I wouldn’t have done it!)

I have an appointment with Sophie the Sports Therapist tomorrow morning to see what I have done to it!

Later the same Tuesday, I developed a cold!

well thats ok then...a chalk  board in the internet agrees with me!

well that’s ok then…a chalk board in the internet agrees with me!

I am so cross that I am ill and injured this close to the end of this project…But I’ll tell you something..I am not stopping now!!

I will find cardio and lower body work outs to do until this arm heals.

I will not be beaten now…

Hopefully it will not be damaged for long!!

Stupid Tuesday!

Day 311 Complete!

Day 311: Just another Manic Monday…

Well, not *that* manic but “just another fairly busy monday” would not scan, I can’t see the Bangles having a hit with that!

busier body pump

busier body pump

Manic or not, it was definitely Monday, and this can only mean one thing…

Body Pump!

Because after running a 10k the previous day, more endurance training is exactly what my muscles needed…


Whether they needed it or not, it is what they got!

It was a busier bodypump class this week, which is good! The centre who runs the class is considering cancelling the class because it doesn’t always get big numbers…I have to say, no class at 8:15 pm on a monday is going to get big numbers! The circuits class that ran before they started body pump was always the same! It would be a shame if they cancelled it, for Sarah who runs the class, and for me!

Anyway…the class…

I am still liking the new release, well most of it, the biceps and triceps are hard, but then they always are! I am fairly sure my legs hated me by the end of the class, as I loaded up my 25kg for the squat track, even Sarah was astounded that I wanted to go that heavy after running the day before…I didn’t think letting my legs off easy was a good idea! I probably shouldn’t have accidentally upped the weight on the lunge track mind you…

yes you can accidentally up your weights…It happens when you forget what you used before and guess!

all in all, it was a hard but enjoyable class, helped along by my dragging convincing friends to come with me 😀

Day 311 Complete 🙂

Day 308 – 310: Yoga for runners…that makes you into a runner right?

**Warning…and apologies for the upcoming  unoriginal joke…**

Day 308 Friday:

Friday was run day! it was also pouring down with rain all day day! which did not bode well for the final day I had to do a training run for the 10k! However, I was reliably informed by the BBC that the rain was going to stop at about 6pm

you have to believe them…they are the BBC!!

And  you know what they were right (for once). So I headed out  to Southwater to have a relaxed (ish…) run along the downs link path 🙂 Please note, I just wrote the words “relaxed run” in connection with myself… this is not something I ever thought possible but I mean I was not going to push for a faster time/ longer distance, I was just going to go and see what happened 🙂


This is what happened 🙂

What happened is, I did the whole thing, as prescribed on the interval schedule 🙂 running when told, walking when told, one extra walk in the middle schedule when I turned around, and one in the last interval where I had to stop and open a gate and take photos, but apart from that I went pretty well 🙂

It was slow, mainly because I wasn’t pushing it, I was concentrating on being able to run the intervals, not get a super speedy time, and I stopped to take photos… but I was happy with it 🙂


it was getting dark and slightly damp by the end of my run, but don’t I live in a typical pretty English countryside 😉 I was thinking how stereotypical it all was when I was running 🙂 but I like it! It is much better than running in the town!

SO that was Friday, last run before the 10k…a good positive run without too much off putting drama 😀 Just what I needed!

Day 309 Saturday

Saturday, the day before the race, I had been advised to rest…

well you all know me, and you know full well that complete rest was not going to happen…can’t fit a no exercise day into this 365 project!

So…instead of that, I searched out Yoga for Runners! This is a thing I thought, a real thing that runners do, and I have been led to believe (by the internet world) it helps. So I thought I would give it a try…after all…I have to become a runner in short order to tackle this 10k…this must be how you go about it!


yes…this is possibly the least original joke about yoga…shhh!! you were warned!

(I mean this must be the way you become a runner…apart from actually running of course…or does it make me a yogi? or a running yogi?)

It started with a Sun Salutation…I have come to believe that every thing in Yoga begins with a Sun Salutation.

The sun is important after all…I guess it doesn’t get enough recognition…

After this, I did the “30 min” (the quotes are because the whole thing took about 45 mins…) Hip opening sequence…

yoga hipsMy hips are notoriously tight as are my legs, so I thought it might just do me some good!

It wasn’t easy, and slowing down the program, turned out to be a bad idea as it meant I had to hold each pose longer rather than had more time between poses as I thought.

However, it did feel pretty good, and my legs and hips felt pretty well stretched out and suchlike afterwards…there is an outside chance that doing this more than once would actually be good for me!

Day 310 Sunday!

The day of the 10k 😀


very muddy feets!!

It was hard!

It was emotional and traumatic, then it was ok!

the hills and the mud at the start nearly did me in completely. At one point I nearly turned round and went home!

However, I didn’t!

It cot better after the first 3k…it angled gently down rather than scarily up and I managed to complete the whole thing in 1hr 33 mins which is 10 mins faster than I have ever done a 10k before, and a faster pace than my recent training runs!!

I have already done a full write up of the race, if you want to read more about it, click on this handy red link

Woohoo 😀

done and complete and all of those things…

Now to find a flat one to see if I can do even better…

Days 308 – 310 Completely complete 😀

Day 306 & 307: Running and Dancing and Yoga-ing

Joint Wednesday and Thursday post, in an attempt to catch up 🙂

Day 306 Wednesday

Wednesday was awesome…I am leading with that because it was so awesome it really needs mentioning! It was the day I finally answered one of the questions that has been haunting me for the past 10 months

Will I ever be able to run without having to have walk intervals?

I ran for 20 whole minutes...

I ran for 20 whole minutes…

Yes I will!

And how do i know this…

well…Quite unexpectedly, I ran for 20 minutes on Wednesday without stopping! Let me tell you, no one was more surprised than me!!

I decided I would squeeze in a lunchtime run, to stave of worry about the looming 10k (it was still looming then!). I didn’t have long enough to do one of the runs from the 10k training app, and the interval timer decided not to work, so at the last minute I decided to wing it!

after a 2 min warm up I ran for a min then faltered and walked again for about 30s then started running again…and just carried on…and on! I could hardly believe I just kept going, something I have never been able to do before!!! Yet another Paddington Bear!!

after about 20 mins I stopped, I don’t know why I stopped and walked, I am not sure if I actually needed to or if I just stopped because I couldn’t get over the shock of running none stop for the longest time ever in my life!! I did the rest of the circuit back to work in something like 1 min run 1 min walk intervals…

It was awesome!!

and then…to compound the awesome there was dancing to be done in the evening! for a change on a Wednesday we were dancing out, a rare evening pub stand for Mythago.

malt shovel

orange again!

We were dancing with another side Rampant Rooster at a pub in Horsham. To brighten up a dull evening, we decided to wear coloured kit…well some of us did (it wasn’t just me I promise). We did one stand outside, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, and the musicians were (understandably) concerned about their instruments…
malt shovel 2this put an end to our dancing…for a while…

being morris dancers we couldn’t be stopped that easily, and did some impromptu naked dancing inside the pub… despite the small space, I have to say we were pretty awesome!

I did (outside):
Triskele, Avebury Ring, Maiden Castle,  (and Inside) Star of the County Down, Spank the Monkey, and Fanny Frail 😀

ok…for those of you who are worried…Naked dancing for mythago just means without kit…we still had clothes on…honestly!!

Day 307 Thursday

As is the tradition on recent Thursdays, I was relatively tired. I got myself out for a walk at lunchtime, it wasn’t the longest walk I have had, but it was pleasant, and 35 mins and considerably better than sitting around all lunchtime 😀

IMG_3714[1]The other thing I did on Thursday was Yoga. I got out my Daily yoga app and did the Sun salutation (5 min version) the Yoga Sequence for Beginners (20 min version) and the Laying poses for beginners (10 min version) in the hopes of stretching myself out 🙂

It worked too!


My very helpful cat!!

It was only hindered a tiny bit by my cat sitting on my head and walking under me when I was in downward dog!

You can see how helpful he looks there…

despite cat assistance, it was good yoga, and still less scary than going to a yoga class…

Day 306 & 307 Complete

Extra Challenge 6 Update: The one with all the hills…

so many hills!! This is completely out of order, I should really wait until I have caught up on last week’s exercise posts before I tell you about this, as it is Sunday’s exercise… But I am excited to tell you about it so I am not going to! Remember when I signed up for […]

Day 305: This is getting to be a habit…

Tuesday morning, first day back at work after a 4 day weekend, what else would you do but get up at the crack of dawn and have a PT session!

An awesome (hard) PT session

we started with a relatively innocuous amt warm up for a couple of minutes…then went on to some olympic lifting…apparently high reps / low (ish) weight for a warm up…

it was around this time Matt said…we are doing to do a lot today and you aren’t going to get much rest…and grinned :-/ he wasn’t wrong.


Good Morning…

This is what I did:
10 x 15 kg Good mornings
20 x 20 kg bench press
10 x 2kg (per arm) reverse flys (apparently I am weaker in this plane :-S)
8 x overhead squat still only using the broomhandle
15 x 20 kg bent over row
5 x 20 kg Front squat – overhead press
10 x 20 kg deadlift
8 x 20 kg snatches

All this was apparently a warm up for my dead lift!


Yes I can! but I do it wearing clothes!

And then on to the heavy deadlifts! and in the process totally showed up the man deadlifting in front of me by lifting more than him for my warm up set 😀 😀
Guess what…this round involved another PB!! 😀 😀 I don’t suppose I can do this every week…
3 x 60kg,  3 x 70kg 1 x 75kg 😀

woohoo new PB 75 kg (165 lbs) happy Sam!

Happy Sam was soon to become all broken Sam…well…not broken as such…just suddenly worn out Sam…
Matt had invented (discovered? remembered?) some training that is designed to simulate the complete use of energy that happens when you fight in an MMA fight… He referred to it as energy training…I think It should better be called “no more energy left” training
it involved this:
1 round of:
8 x split squats (per leg)
8 x squat jumps
8 x mountain climbers (per leg)
8 x burpees
8 x press up claps
30s High knee run
8 x box jumps onto a plyometric box…

box jumpThat last one was a problem…I did not have enough confidence to jump on the box and the first 3 at least were jumping steps…I jumped, but I landed one foot at a time. (I do not have much faith in my own jumping ability)

then I did it…I jumped onto the box…5 times 🙂 and I didn’t miss at any point and fall down!

It turns out I can jump on to quite low boxes… happy Sam again!

Then we did some boxing…punching and kicking and general boxing / thai boxing combos.

and just when you think that we can’t possibly fit any more into the session…gymnastic strength training…
Inverted Rows
Chest Press
Plank Holds (hands on TRX)
Hand Stand
2 sets of plank pikes!

then more boxing…as a “cool down”

I did accuse him of breaking me at this point! and that it was an elaborate plot so ensure I didn’t have enough energy left to accidentally kick him!

It was awesome though…and hard!!

Day 305 complete 😀


Day 304: Consistency is a good thing…isn’t it?



After my disastrous run on Sunday, and with the 10k still looming, I needed a good run on Monday to make myself feel better about the whole thing 🙂

And you know what…that is exactly what I had!

I am sure there is a psychological aspect to this running thing…

OK I know there is, and I know that there are probably hundreds of running blogs out there that explore just that phenomenon! this however isn’t one of them… this is just a report on my awesome run 😀 which nearly went a little pear shaped…but I will come to that…

the other way along the path for a change

the other way along the path for a change

It was mid afternoon on a bank holiday Monday that had so far been filled with moving boxes from one loft to another, an activity that made me very pleased that I can now lift heavy things above my head. I decided to head down to Southwater and run along the downs link path.

For an added bit of variety I headed the opposite way to normal and ran towards (and in fact all the way to) Christs Hospital, another local village that houses a private school of some repute.

I was still using the Run Coach app with its longer overall runs but shorter intervals. This run was a combination of 3 x 6 min intervals followed by 4 x 7 min intervals separated by 1 min walks. I surprised myself by completing all of the 6 min runs without walking when I shouldn’t! I felt awful in the first two, breathing felt difficult and my legs hurt, but by the third one I used the trick I used when I was starting, of breathing in for a set number of paces and out for a set number of paces…it seemed to work.



Or something seemed to work anyway because my breathing sorted its self out, my legs just accepted things and I carried on!

about half way through the first 7 min interval I had to turn around, and decided to take a couple of pics which constituted a walk break and I did carry on and walk for about 30s or so but then got back on with the running and managed to carry on!

I ran the second and third 7 mins without stopping but the last one was where I met a snag…

I was overawed at the fact that I felt better at the end of the run than the start, I could carry on and didn’t need to keep stopping…this was unheard of for me…

Gradually however, I was struck by the fact that I very much needed the loo!! This fact was very distracting towards that last few minutes of my run and somewhat destroyed my calm and consistent pace! Until I noticed this, i had been intending to carry the run on for a bit longer after the training program had ended just to see how far I could go…I unfortunately had to make a rapid detour into the pub that was (luckily) at the carpark where I had started the run!



When I looked at my stats after this, I discovered that my pace was much more consistent than normal, and my split times were pretty equal apart from the end where (as I ave mentioned) things went a little wrong!

with one blip, where I can only assume I flew, my pace was much more even than it normally is, with the slight drawback that it was slower than usual too…

However, I think My looming 10k is going to be beaten by consistency, and me not feeling like I am going to die and if nothing else this run has shown me that it is possible for (even) me to run and feel fairly comfortable doing it!! 😀

This 10k might not be my downfall after all…

*Might* not be…the chances are still fairly slim…

Day 303 Complete 😀


Day 303: No Eggs for me…

Well…no chocolate ones any way!

It was Sunday… Easter Sunday…in case you were not getting the egg reference :-p

I have to say, that for the first time ever, in my whole life (I think) I have not had one single easter egg, creme egg, chocolate bunny or other easter related confectionery!

I have yet to decide whether this is a good thing…

anyway…I don’t celebrate easter therefore my Sunday morning was not spent in church or in search of hundreds of chocolate eggs distributed (inexplicably) by a bunny

pilatesWhat I was doing was Pilates…

another  awesome pilates class taken by Sarah (you know Sarah, she takes body pump as well 🙂 ) who has yet again stepped up the difficulty of the class providing yet more options for those among us who have been doing it for a while and are therefore improving 😀

Pilates is a lovely class all focused on lengthening and stretching and core strength, it is lovely that there are advanced enough options to provide a challenge to everyone 😀 I defy anyone to do press ups as slow as we have to do them in pilates and not find it tough!!

and the less said about 1 legged pike to plank things the better! I am quite surprised I didn’t fall over while trying that one!

It was (as I may have said) awesome, and just what I needed after the previous day’s dance extravaganza!

What I didn’t need (but tried anyway) was to go for a run!

Come Sunday afternoon, I thought it would be a good idea to try to go for a run…

it was not a good idea!

About 2 mins in to my attempted run it became evident that my legs were not recovered from Friday’s run and Saturday’s dancing in bit heavy boots! I persevered after a fashion for about 2km which I have to say was 70:30 walk run at best, and then when I got back to the car park I attempted some sprints up and down to try to salvage something out of the activity!

The best I can say is it was an ok walk despite getting attacked by a dog who apparently “just likes to chase people’s shoes”

you know if I am wearing the shoes that constitutes chasing me…


it was just like this one!

People should learn to keep an eye on their wild hounds!

It barked at me and everything!

ok…so maybe it wasn’t *quite* as scary as it could have been…

but they do have pointy teeth you know!!



despite the failed run…

Day 303 Complete (with wild dogs) 😀

Day 302: Fit enough to dance in a mask!

On Saturday some dancing happened…lots of dancing happened in fact. It was our first dance out of the season, held at the Weald and Downland Museum as part of their Easter events. This was the event we have been practicing for the past few weeks, the one at which we were going to perform the Kings […]

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