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Year 2 Week 5: Workout Compendium

Well…it has been an interesting week…

and by interesting I mean difficult…

and annoying and painful…but it improved significantly towards the end, so it is definitely not all bad! 😀

The first thing you need to know was my arm was out of action for a considerable amount of the week. It was ok…as long as I didn’t move it quickly, or try to lift it up, or sideways…

sunThe second thing you need to know is that we are having uncharacteristically hot weather in the UK at the moment (27ºC and upwards) …and with it comes humidity and for some reason a blatant refusal to drop in more than a degree or so until about 11pm!

Yes…I know, these sound like excuses…they aren’t…I have still been doing stuff, I promise! But what with healing an injury and fighting the heat, I have had a slight lack of energy. I just thought you all should know 🙂

I promise I am trying to become re-energy-fied (yes that is the technical term…)

but this is what I got up to last week…


Lunchtime: walk, 3km

core cardio and balance PM: This week was “recovery week” in Insanity, so I did as I was told and did the Core Cardio and Balance DVD.
It was gentler paced than the other ones…and it was modified to substitute extra leg based exercises for anything that might have caused my arm to fall off…which was basically anything that involved bearing my weight on my arms…or flinging my arms above my head!


Lunchtime: Walk, 3.1km
PM: Insanity Core Cardio and Balance (modified for arm)


Wednesday was the day I went to see lovely Sophie the sports therapist to see if she could undo the damage to my arm… she did make a good start, I came away with my arm taped back on, but as yet still no ability to lift my arm above my head…I did have some hope thought as her conclusions were that it was an inflammation reaction protecting the old damage rather than new damage as such…


yes, Luke, that is how I feel about growing up too…

Wednesday was also the day I did something uncharacteristically sensible for me, and decided to attempt to rest my arm and let it heal… maybe I am turning into a grown up…

I did this by not doing any Insanity, but I did go dancing…
I dance more than I should have, but did become adept at sticking with my left arm…and we spent a lot of time learning a brand new dance so a lot was walking…

I did enough to be active, but not enough to be crazy


Lunchtime: 3km walk
The rest of Thursday was dedicated to sensible grown up type activities such as not doing insanity with a damaged arm and falling asleep on  the sofa!
As I said, enough to be active, but not enough to hurt my self!

Friday morning I woke up with pins and needles in my hand…

I was concerned as this seemed to be a bad sign… my arm still hurt, nothing was better, but there were new pins and needles…

then about half way through friday afternoon, my arm got better…the pins and needles went away, I could move my arm without squeaking and it was suddenly better than it was before the fateful osteopath trip!

I know this sounds crazy unlikely…but that is what happened!!

Lunchtime: 3km walk
PM: Insanity Core Cardio and Balance (slightly modified just in case)


Saturday was dancing day…and despite my worries earlier in the week I headed off to Eastbourne for The Lammas festival with no worries about my arm 😀


look me…looking at the camera…it is amazing how often that happens…

it was an excellent day of dancing, there were 6 sides, and we traveled in a pack around eastbourne dancing in random places along the way.

Ok…it wasn’t quite like that, we were not actually a rogue band of dancers menacing our way through a quite seaside town…

there were designated places to dance, and marshals telling us where to go and everything 🙂

We processed from place to place lead by the pentacle drummers…which was handy, because not knowing eastbourne at all, I got an un-loseable escort to stop me getting lost 😀

Anyway…lots of fun was had by all on this intensely hot dancing day!
I danced:
Our Henry, Star of the County Down, Avebury Ring, Witch Hunt, Standing Stones, Summerland, Thor’s Hammer… and I think that is all..there was also a lot of walking 😀


Insanity Core Cardio and Balance
(yes I know it was supposed to be an insanity rest day, but I decided I had missed enough already this week!


Just because it has been this way for centuries…

doesn’t mean it has to carry on this way!


In the Victorian era, the ideal body shape for women was so impossible that corsets were worn that some times broke ribs and always squeezed so tightly that women’s internal organs were displaced.


In the 1920s the ideal body type for women was so “boy-like” that they bound their breasts and wore ling line girdles to disguise their hips.

neck rings

In some parts of burma (and many other places around the world at times) beauty was considered to involve a long neck such that brass rings are worn around the neck which gradually deform the clavicle and compress the ribs to give the illusion of a longer neck.


In ancient china (right up until 1911) small feet were so desirable in women that their feet were bound to prevent them growing large. Such a process was intensely painful as id didn’t stop the feet growing, they just deformed and bones broke as they grew.


IN 2014 we are being told that we have to be strong, not skinny, but not strong with any fat, only strong in an unrealistic athletic way. But also that we have to have curves and that real women have curves which is what men like. But as well as that we have to be on every diet known to man and apparently be slimmer by morning. Strong is beautiful, so presumably not strong is not beautiful, so I can have curves…but only strong ones?

What I am trying to say is through out the history of the world there have been unrealistic damaging and unnecessary ideals set out for women’s beauty.

(As I write this, I am aware that it is not just a womens issue. Men go through similar issues too, I realise that, but that may have to be a different blog post. my not being a man makes them harder to write about…)

Isn’t it about time we stopped defining what is beautiful according to made up ideals? The very fact that there is a fashionable body type is frankly ludicrous and leads to bone breaking corsets and radical crazy butt implant surgery (albeit not at the same time).

Isn’t it time we realised and accepted that people have different body types and one is not better than another. Excessive measures to attempt to change body type is not only damaging physically but mentally.

I am not against working to improve your own body within the bounds of its type and (and this is the important bit) to achieve a healthier fitter lifestyle.

I am against attempting to change your body beyond its capacity just because the fashion industry or the movie industry or any industry tells you to!

Accepting all body types is not a slogan.

Accepting all body types is not telling a skinny person that they need to eat a cake. Really, accepting that some people are larger means also accepting that some people are naturally skinny.

Slogans such as “strong is the new skinny” and “strong is beautiful” are not really helpful. They idealise another mythical out of reach body type which really just makes you feel that your body doesn’t live up to the ideal.

If strong is beautiful, doesn’t that mean that if you don’t pick up heavy things you are ugly?

If real women have curves, are skinny women not real…because I have met some, they do exist!

While we are on the subject of “strong is the new skinny”, I need to ask…what does that really mean?

Pre lift :-)

this is me…I am strong

dark rachel

This is my friend Rachel…she is skinny..

Does this mean I am the new Rachel?

Because that make no sense at all!

I use these pictures deliberately.

I am not yet at a size I consider to be the right one for me but I am strong and fit and getting stronger. I am not by any means striving to be Rachel sized or Rachel shaped.

Rachel is naturally tall and skinny and has narrow shoulders and hips. She is this way because that is how she is built. (she is also addicted to pringles and freely admits she is skinny but not as healthy as she could be)
I have broad shoulders and broad hips and that is how I am built.

I strive to be a slimmer version of me, but I am doing that to acheive a healthier life and I am doing it for me. Noone out there is making me!
(I believe this 85% of the time…the other 15% is when my irrational head turns on and makes me feel like a fat lump but shhh…noone is perfect and it is a much healthier percentage than it was!)

It is time to stop finding ways to denigrate other women.

It is time to focus on health, true health whatever size. It is time to accept that there will be people larger than you and people smaller than you and constantly comparing yourself to them is damaging.

It is time to take responsibility for yourselves rather than concentrating all your energies on finding new and inventive ways to bring a sector of the population down. If you are truly happy and healthy in your own skin then believe that it is also possible for other people to be.

If you aren’t, then no amount of shaming of  others will change you. Work on yourself to acheive the physical and mental health you need to allow you to go through life without finding fault with everyone else you see.

As I pointed out at the very start, this sort of body shape fashion has been going on since long before we remember, but there is no need to perpetuate it. I don’t pretend to have the solution. a large scale societal change is probably slightly ambitions for my little blog, but it is still worth saying!

I also want to update you all on the “Thinspirtion” issue I highlighted a few weeks ago. I wrote to the magazine, and the publishers. I recieved no response or acknowledgement at all. I can’t say I am surprised, but I am disappointed!



Year 2 week 4: Workout Compendium


look snakes and ladders!

Yep, I am sticking with compendium for now…it is the implicit promise of Snakes and Ladders that seals the appeal 🙂

That said, there were no snakes or ladders involved in this weeks exercise adventures…

There was Insanity and a surprise (and unfortunate) trip to an Osteopath which left me worse off than when I started!

I will start at the start (I am not sure it is possible to start anywhere else actually…once you start there, it becomes the start regardless of chronology…)


AM: 1.2km walk
PM: Insanity Pure Cardio + Cardio abs

yeay willow


AM: PT which included quite a lot of strength and lifting work, including:

  • Cleans and good morning s with the 20kg Olympic bar
  • Bent over rows 5@ 40kg (woohoo PB)
  • deadlifts 2 x 3 @ 70kg
  • Squats 5 @ 40 kg, 5 @ 50 kg, 5 @ 60 kg (woooohoooo new PB by 10kg!!)

It also included some boxing in the corm of long combos
and the discovery that my lingering slightly annoying bicep injury was hurting a little when I attempted overhead presses…

PM: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance

Remember last week when I complained about my lack of organisation which led to me having to squeeze my in sanity workout between getting in from work and going out to dancing…


the same thing happened again…
PM: Insanity Pure CArdio + Cardio Abs
Dancing out at the local pub where I did fewer dances than I would at practice, but they were harder because they were in kit 🙂 they were:
Earth Mother, Our Henry, Foul Mouth Cat, Witch Hunt, Thor’s Hammer, Fanny Frail, Triskele


Thursday was the day I accidentally had an Osteopathy appointment…

I know what you are thinking…how can you have  an osteopathy appointment by accident…well…it was like this…
I booked an appointment at the same place I normally see Sophie the Sports therapist, but she has stopped doing treatments there so I saw a new person…who I assumed was a sports therapist. Half way through a very painful session involving a lot of elbows sticking into me  and some surprise acupuncture, I was told I was having osteopathy…

I don’t think this sort of thing should be sprung on you without warning!!

After all that…I was hopeful that I would feel better, even though I was extremely achy…

but I still managed to do

Insanity Cardio Recovery.


Friday was the day I woke up and found that I could hardy move my arm and by the evening, the mildly annoying pain that only stopped me doing overhead presses had metamorphosised into such extreme pain that I could hardly move my arm without crying!!
This pain got worse during the day, so as luck would have it…I managed a 3km walk so I still got my exercise in.
I didn’t manage insanity though, I could barely move my arm!


The pain in my arm was less severe than Friday…which was pleasing and I managed to get hold of Sophie the sports therapist who has agreed to treat me 😀
I also managed somehow to do a modified version of Insanity Pure Cardio.
I couldn’t do burpees because of my arm but substituted power squat jumps instead…


click for source

not technically sunday, but It was the same story 🙂

Sunday was dance day…
Mythago were dancing at a summer event at our local National Trust property… Wakehurst Place
My arm was slightly better again, and I didn’t want to pull out at the last minute so I went, and I danced, and I couldn’t move my arm very well but I survived!
I danced:
Witch Hunt, Standing Stones (x2) Triskelle, Summerland, Maiden Castle, Star of the County Down, Broomstick.

And that was last week, I feel like I copped out on exercise towards the end of the week, but I also know that I had no choice.
I am really annoyed that my arm is now worse than it was when I started!! Hopefully it will get sorted this week!

Stop Blaming the Diabetics!

It is time to stop blaming the diabetics for having Diabetes!


it probably isn’t the boogie’s fault either, but it is almost as sensible a thing to blame…

It has got to a point where diabetes cannot be mentioned in a sentence without someone also mentioning obesity.

This perpetuates the misconceptions that diabetes is explicitly caused by obesity and that it is preventable by living  / eating better.

These perceptions are flawed, in so many ways that I decided I had to speak up about in the hope that we can start to draw attention to what is another, albeit more subtle, form of body shaming.

The first thing I want to do is explain that there are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. The most commonly referred to type in conjunction with the “obesity epidemic” is type 2, but when I have seen things written about this (away from official sources) people are very vague and refer to the whole thing under the blanket term of diabetes.

The two types are very different. I am going to quote the Diabetes UK website for an accurate definition:

Type 1 Diabetes

Often referred to as juvenile diabetes, type 1 diabetes is a form of diabetes mellitus that is most common in children but can be diagnosed at any age.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that permanently destroys beta cells in the pancreas, meaning that the body can no longer produce insulin.

People with type 1 diabetes therefore require regular insulin delivery to manage their diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder that results in hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels) due to the body:

  • Being ineffective at using the insulin it has produced; also known as insulin resistanceand/or
  • Being unable to produce enough insulin

Type 2 diabetes was formerly known as non-insulin-dependent or adult-onset diabetes due to its occurrence mainly in people over 40.

As a bit of background explanation, my husband is type 1 diabetic. it was triggered when he was 5 yrs old after a bout of mumps. I don’t tell people about it as the primary description of him, but it comes up in conversation and it has struck me that now, more than ever in the past 13 years, I am finding myself having  to justify his diabetic status.

I find myself having to explain his back ground , in order to somehow validate his condition it in the eyes of other people. I find I have to explain that he is active and healthy and not overweight, just to stop people giving you that look.


A tale of two diabetics (bouquets not obligatory)

My husband is the one on the left of the picture, just an ordinary sized very active man at a wedding carrying a bunch of flowers who happens to be type 1 diabetic.

Coincidentally, the chap on the right of the picture is a very good friend of ours, an ordinary sized very active man at a wedding carrying a bunch of flowers who also happens to be type 2 diabetic.

Obesity is only one of the risk factors for type two diabetes along with:

You are over 40 (or over 25 if you are South Asian)
You have a close family member with diabetes (parent, brother or sister)
You are overweight, with a large waist size (over 80cm (31.5 inches) for women, 94cm (37 inches) for men, or 89cm (35 inches) for South Asian men)
Being South Asian, Black African, African Caribbean – even if you were born in the UK
You have ever had high blood pressure, a heart attack or a stroke
You’re a woman with polycystic ovary syndrome and overweight
If you’re a woman and you’ve had gestational diabetes or given birth to a baby over 10 pounds
If you have a severe mental illness for which you take medication (such as schizophrenia, bipolar illness or depression)
You’ve been told you have impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glycaemia.

It is almost impossible to pin down the cause of one person’s diabetes to one factor alone, and up until recently the most common cause was considered to be the aging process. I cannot deny that the increase in type two diabetes among overweight and obese people is a strong indicator that this is more of a problem than it used to be, but it is rarely the sole cause.

Both of my grandparents on my Mum’s side were diabetic, diagnosed in their 60s. Neither of them were overweight, neither of them had a bad diet. If fact my Grandad followed guidelines so strictly that he even chewed his food the number of times that was at one time recommended by the government to aid digestion.

What I am trying to say is it is ridiculous and unfair to make assumptions based on one piece of information. Just as it is crazy to blame one factor for the contraction of a disease.

I do not deny that improving diet and reducing weight will reduce one risk factor significantly and therefore reduce overall risk dramatically (and it has numerous other health benefits…) But diabetes is in no way a preventable disease. Just as you can’t give yourself diabetes by eating too much sugar, you can’t rule it out by cutting sugar out the best you can do is reduce the risk.  Read more about it here.

I also concede that of all the risk factors, it is the one that people have the most control over. It is easier to change your lifestyle than your genetic make up… therefore the advice to people concerning losing weigh to reduce the risk is in  no way to be ignored!

The thing that worries me most about these perceptions of diabetes is the psychological effects it can have on a newly diagnosed person (or a not so newly diagnosed person).

Imagine being told that you have a condition that is going to be difficult to manage and can have serious complications, only to be made to feel that it was somehow your fault and that you could have prevented it if you only lived your life better.

Imagine having to justify a condition and constantly explain to people that you are not just suffering the aftereffects of in irresponsibly high sugar intake.

I have read recently that there are people who are uncomfortable and unwilling to tell people of their diagnosis for fear of being made to feel like it was their own fault.

This is unfair.

This is another pressure placed on people by society that is both unnecessary and damaging.

This is true whether the person with the diagnosis is overweight or not!

All I ask is you think before you assume.

If you hear the word Diabetes, do not automatically assume obese.

It is not that simple

If you here the word diabetic do not automatically assume it was their own fault

It wasn’t.


Medieval Mayhem

As I have previously hinted, (or in fact stated) I spent this past weekend at the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival. This is the largest Free Medieval festival in europe apparently and it certainly is massive. It involves a reenactment of the Battle of Tewkesbury from the War of the Roses and a very large medieval (and […]

Year 2 Week 3: Workout Compendium

I decided recapitulation was a silly word…compendium is much cooler!

Firstly, I apologise that this post didn’t happen yesterday, I had a day holiday to recover from the weekend, and forgot that it was Monday!

It has been a crazy week…well really it has been a crazy weekend which will get a whole post all of its own…but I think I remembered to write down at least some of my workouts so the memory doesn’t have to work that hard!!

PM: Insanity Fit Test!!
You know about this…I told you all about it here
As I have mentioned before it is more of a workout than you might normally consider a fit test to be…perhaps this is unsurprising considering the Insanity label!

AM: PT, which included but was no limited to,different circuits consisting of 2 strength moves with a cardio move in between, 10 reps of each move, 2 goes through the circuit. for example: 2 x (10 x clean and press, 10 x burpees, 10 x high pull) it also included a set of 10 x 60 kg deadlifts 🙂
Lunchtime: 3km walk in 44mins
PM: Insanity, Plyometric Cardio Circuits

the day I tried a new Insanity / dancing arrangement…and it might have been a mistake…It certainly made for an energetic evening…
Lunchtime: 2.7km walk in 42 mins
PM: Insanity Pure Cardio
followed 30 mins later by dancing for 2 hours.
where I danced the following:
Triskele, Our Henry, Star of the County Down, Maiden Castle, Witch Hunt, Standing Stones, Broomstick, Foulmouth cat, Spank the Monkey, Hunting Dance, Labyrinth, Avebury Ring, Raggle Taggle Gypsy, Fanny Frail.
Yes…you did read that right…I did Labyrinth…the dance I am most scared of!

The day I recovered from the Wednesday of craziness (and remembered that Insanity recovery isn’t like real people’s recovery…it is still hard, just not as jumpy!):
PM: Insanity Cardio Abs
Insanity Cardio Recovery

Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon were spent in the land of the Medieval that was Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, which included a reenactment of the Battle of Tewkesbury (which I wasn’t in) and  lot of Morris Dancing (which I was in). I will write you a lovely post with more details about the weekend later, but for now here is a summary 🙂


AM: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance (6am no less!)
PM: Lots of walking and putting up tents…

AM: Walking around a lot
Lunchtime: 2 x dance Stands totaling 10 dances

AM: more walking around
Lunchtime: 2 x dance stands totalling 11 dances

All in all, it was a fairly energetic week!

I have to confess that I had to miss my insanity workout on Saturday, mainly because I was stuck in the middle of a field with no access to a DVD player or internet connection…
however I did a lot of dancing to make up for it…and am already back on it 😀

Insanity fit test round 2 results

Monday was Insanity fit-test day. The first retake of the test since day 1…much to my surprise, I improved!!

I don’t know why I was surprised, this program promises great things..and seems to deliver them 😀

On second thoughts…when I think about it…I do know why I am surprised…It is because this program is hard work…and 2 weeks in it doesn’t seem any less hard work than it did on day 2! I feel just as wiped out at the end.

However…It has been said before, the reward for hard work is more hard work 😀

what I mean is, that the nature of this program is that it never gets easy…the more you can do, the more you do…so I suppose I must be doing more than I was at the start 😀


Woohoo progress 😀

I am really pleased with this, I increased in all the exercises…

Just like Mr Shaun T said I would… 😀

Things you need to know about this test…


total craziness…insanity probably…

Globe jumps are actually 4 jumps in one test so an increase of 3 is actually an increase of 12 🙂

Suicide jumps are also known by the familiar name of burpees…

Push up jacks make  plank jacks look like a short amble around the park! I remember when I was I was pleased to be able to do plank jacks…

As I have said before…woohoo progress 😀

shaun t you can do it

He says this a lot…

Shaun T says the a lot..

I might even be starting to believe him!

Yes..this whole post was just an excuse to tell you (again) how much I love Insanity…

I might be becoming an Insanity bore!

but that is because it is awesome…and hard work…did I mention that?




Year 2 Week 2: Work Out Recapitulation

I just learned something…

Recap is an informal word that is the short form of the word recapitulate (verb) or recapitulation (noun). There is nothing wrong with using the word recap, in fact it is far more socially accepted and understood than talking about a recapitulation…

However, to avoid weekly sheep references (round up…baaaa!) and to avoid a blatant steal of the title from Nancy at My years  of sweat ( I already borrowed the idea…so I thought I should avoid nicking the name too)

As well as all that, I like under used words 🙂

anyway…on with the recapitulation!


well…yes…I *could* have used the word summary…but that is no fun!

remember last week, when I was full of good intentions to write craft posts through the week and / or use fancy pens and write stuff in my lovely lego diary…


I did  none of that, so again I am having to rely on my memory…and the fact that I track most things with an app of some sort, so the data is there, it just needs finding…


Lunchtime: run! I ran at lunchtime…whic was awesome…and doubly awesome was that I went out and started running, and didn’t stop until I got back to work..I ran for 24 mins with no walk breaks which is the longest time I have ever run…ever!! 😀
PM: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance 😀


AM: Personal training, including such fun things as one legged burpees with one foot in a trx…I didn’t even know that was a real thing! also a fair amount of skills based/ balance improving stuff and strength training. 😀
Lunchtime: 2.74km walk
PM: Insanity Pure Cardio

THanks to Debbie Crossland Collyer for the photo :-)

THanks to Debbie Crossland Collyer for the photo 🙂


AM: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Just in case you were wondering…this is soo hard to do at 6am!!
Lunchtime: 2.88km walk
PM: Dance out at two different locations, it involved only 5 dances, but was an enjoyable evening for the most part. slightly marred by one of the other morris sides not really approving of us…they invited us however, you would think they knew what we were like. We think they were just disgruntled because people like us better 😉


PM: Insanity Cardio Recovery.




Lunchtime: 3.03km walk
PM: Insanity Cardio power and resistance
(also baking…which is not actually exercise to be completely honest, but I made steampunk cupcakes and they were awesome so I wanted to show them to you)


AM: Insanity Pure Cardio (another one that is hard work at 6am!!)
PM: Ceilidh dance at my friend’s wedding (the one for which I made steampunk cupcakes 🙂 ) plus lots of walking about during the day


Lunchtime: Unloading a trailer full of straw bales , it counts…it is functional exercise!! It is quite hard work believe me 🙂
PM: Insanity Cardio Abs. according to the plan I should have done this on Saturday…but I ran out of time what with weddings and suchlike so I did it on Sunday 🙂 It makes up for me having to miss pilates 😦

That was week 2 🙂 lots of fun, and lots and lots of jumping!


I would just like to point out that I have exercised in the early morning, 3 days this week, 3 whole times I have managed to drag myself out of bed at 5:30 to do something ridiculously energetic! I blame Shaun T and his addictive Insanity!

In conclusion June was…


how could it be anything other than awesome! I finished my 365 project in it…which heralded the completion of the overall giant ongoing challenge…in a hugely successful way…

go and look at the post if you have forgotten how awesome it was 😉

I set myself some challenges in June.

there was the arm challenge and the dumbbell challenge, there were Thor Thursdays and a running challenge.

there are full details lurking over here…

Crossing out failure and writing success.Now I am going to tell you how despite me not completing a single one of those challenges, I still consider June to have been a massive success!

Well firstly...there was the whole 365 project thing…

did I tell you about that?

ok I did…sorry I’ll shhh!

Well, apart from that, June saw me decide that this health and fitness lifestyle is too big to leave behind after the completion of my original 365, so I have committed to doing it again!

June has seem me try to complete multi-rep challenges (arms stuff and dumbbell stuff) and question why I was doing them. I found them dull and not challenging in the way that I needed.

Maybe I chose the wrong ones…

superbuffyI found they were not well rounded enough for me at this stage, they were doing nothing to further my quest to become a superhero. They really just made me better at the one or two particular things I was increasing each day. They have their place, and there is a lot to be said for challenging yourself to one of these if you believe it will benefit you.

But for me they are to specific, and did not further my overall goal. Possibly because I knew I could complete them, they were challenging in willpower to do them terms rather than exercise terms.

So I started Insanity…which for me is a huge new challenge!

June saw me consider my running, consider the goals I had set for myself

reading-half-marathonIt saw me decide that I was not a runner, just someone who ran sometimes. It also saw me be happy with that decision. and then completely at random agree to run a half marathon next march.

yeah, I only promised to do exercise to be fair…I never promised to make decisions or do thing s that made any sense at all!!

It is ok though I will save some bears!!

(save the bears here)

I think what I am trying to say, that even though I didn’t do what I thought I would at the beginning of June, I have a clearer idea of the sorts of things I want to be doing. The sort of challenges I want to be setting for myself. Ones that I find exciting and not ones that I *have* to set.

I am therefore not going to set myself a June specific challenge, but the current ongoing Insanity and half marathon training as well as peak dancing season and a desire to lift heavier weights should keep me going…



This has to Stop: Follow up

Good morning people 🙂

After my post yesterday about the worrying use of the term “thinspiration” by a popular magazine, I started to think that just posting on here was not enough.

I have just emailed the magazine publishers explaining the problem I have with their terminology.

I rarely feel compelled to do that sort of thing, but there is no point complaining about something that you are unprepared to try to change. If the magazine genuinely do not know the origins of this word I feel that it should at least be pointed out to them.

This is what I wrote:

I recently saw your magazine in the shops. I was shocked to see the word “thinspiration” blazoned across the front.
I do not know if you are aware that the origin of thinspiration is in the pro ana / mia movement that promotes eating disorders as a lifestyle choice.
I feel sure that this is not a choice you wish to promote and cannot possibly be aware of this association. However, it is a short google search from seeing your headline to arriving at the pro ana sites that could influence people’s thinking.
In addition to this the use of language such as this can be triggering for those living with eating disorders.
I hope you acknowledge the seriousness of this issue and attempt to steer clear of this sort of imagery in the future.
“thin” is not the aspiration, healthy and fit are”
thank you
Samantha Catchpole

I hope they take notice, but to be honest, I am not holding my breath.

This was just a short post, as I wanted you all to know 🙂


I have also put the same mesage on their facebook page as a comment and sent them it as a message.

I have also emailed the Head of PR for Hearst Magazine UK who own Reveal.


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Serious about muscle


Myth and legend in dance

Powerlifting Pastry Chef

Lifting all the things. Eating all the noms

The New Girl

Notes and thoughts on an Escape to the Isle of Skye

I didn't have my glasses on....

A trip through life with fingers crossed and eternal optimism.


One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time

A photographic blog – one self-portrait a day


I live the life of a Fat, Black Woman. Apparently, you're mad about it.

Gin or Gym

Thoughts from a recovering Gymophobe on life, fitness and coping with being in my fifties

The Fitness Project

A non sugar coated diary of my path to a healthier life

Blog – Nerd Fitness

My quest for fitness, health and superpowers

Life Lessons, Laugh Sessions

Learn every day, just remember to laugh along the way

Comfitment Issues

A fitness blog for people with commitment issues

Did That Just Happen Blog

Sometimes even I can't explain my life!


Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Mama G's adventures

If you can't fly with the big girls....stay off the broom

Touch Of Cinnamon

There are words that kiss us as if they have a mouth

Trenton Babbage Enterprises

All you'll ever need, if you're only looking for stuff that's specifically here

Art Journal

Art inspired by life

Red Van Travels

Let the ad-van-tures begin...

The Cocktail Challenge

Our attempt at mixing, drinking and tinkering aka getting drunk and feeling fancy

Living Out Loud

With my feet on the ground and head in the clouds...

Who Shot Tony Blair?

In a post-Brexit, pre-dystopian Britain, the people really are in charge. Which is what we all wanted, right?

Building Belaquis

Bodybuilding | Meal Prep | Ramblings

Dinata Misovec

Has Senior Adventures

kirilson photography

the stories behind the pictures, and vice versa

Bryony Page - My Blog

2016 Olympic Silver Medallist in Trampolining, Sheffield University Graduate in Biology, Public Speaker. Twitter:@bryonypage1 Instagram:@bryony_page


from the pretty to the gritty

Lifting Barbelle

Health & Fitness Coach ➡ Sports Science BSc 📚 A little bit in love with Country Music 🤠 Fitness Blogger 💪 Coffee Fiend ☕ Dog Lover 🐶 ⬇⬇ Contact:

heavy barbell

Sex, weights and protein shakes. Mainly weights though...