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Wordless Wednesday









Year 2 Week 9: Weekly Workout Wash up…

Ok…So I like alteration… and wash-up is slightly better than mash up…at least it doesn’t conjure up pictures of Glee…


Lunchtime: 2.5km walk
IMG_4357[1]PM: Running with Lisa is becoming my new Monday activity of choice 😀 it was awesome because we both admitted that we didn’t *really* feel like it during the day and if it wasn’t for the other one we wouldn’t have done it, and in the end we were both really glad we did 😀

We managed 6.2km and although our average speed was not as quick as last week, our time at a slightly faster speed was greater, in other words we were more consistent, and last week our good pace relied on one quick burst to bring the average down 😉

of course I had PT…it was Tuesday morning 🙂
we tried new things in this session, and I learned a valuable lesson…which I am sure I will completely ignore in the future!
we tried doing the boxing session before the strength session, which worked really well, it meant I had much more energy in the boxing and for some reason hadn’t run out by the time we did the strength section. In the strength section we did supersets, we did squats interspersed with farmers walks, dead lifts and bench presses followed by rows and lunges. After all that, I learned my lesson…

If you discover a new move on (for example) Insanity…and tell your personal trainer about  it… you have only got yourself to blame when, at the very end of a session, you have to do a HIIT session involving sideways burpees with tuck jumps, interspersed with normal burpees with double tuck jumps!!

I actually had jelly legs a the end of this session!!

Lunchtime: walk, 2.9km


It was a more running Wednesday 😀

woohoo lots of running

woohoo lots of running

Lunchtime: (you might be able to tell)…I went for a run 🙂 I got myself organised and got myself out in my lunchbreak for a run around the block (well…but the block really…we don’t have those as such…).
I went out without a plan, I just decided to see where I got to, and if I needed to walk I would walk and if not I would carry on, and you know what…I just carried on…I was at about 20 mins, when I decided that since I had got this far, I would just see if I could carry on until I got back to work, and while I was at it, I decided to see if I could beat my last record for continuous running…

last time I did 26mins continuously, and this time, I did 27.5 mins 😀

woohoo brand new running record!!

PM: Dancing!! 😀
lots and lots of fun and dancing 🙂

there was parma ham (x3), raggle taggle gypsy, maiden castle, our henry, the as yet un-named new dance, triskele, star of the county down (x2), fanny frail.

Thursday: 44 mins walking 3km

Friday: 29 mins of walking 2.9km

Thursday and Fridays were walking days, in an attempt to have a little active rest and stop my calves being so tight (yes, they are tight again 😦 ) and you know what it worked! by saturday the calves were much better 😀

Afternoon: hammering, lots and lots of hammering…
no, not DIY of woodwork, but traditional upholstery, which involve a lot of tacks, and removing of tacks and putting them back in  and then more on the next layer, so all in all a lot of hammering!

woohoo even more running!

woohoo even more running!

Evening: in the evening there was running!

lots more running than I expected 🙂 I did the next training session in my 13.1 training plan :-S eeek! I managed to go 7km in just over 1 hour, which leads me to believe it will take me 3 hours to do my half marathon, unless I improve between now and march!

Saturdays run was pretty good, I went further down the path than I have before, all the way to West Grinstead, which is one of the old stations on the disused line, it is interesting, and slightly scary as just past it there is a tunnel…

well…a sort of long bridge…

but still quite scary…

especially when you have left it slightly too late to go for your run, it is getting darker than you expected and there are many many overhanging trees…and on top of that there are zombie sounds in your ears…

ok…that last one was my own fault!

Despite the last 15 mins being in moderate terror, it was still a good run 🙂 I even enjoyed it…most of it…

Sunday was pilates day 🙂 awesome pilates 🙂 I loved it, despite there being side planks involved…

noon likes side planks after all!!

Sunday was also lots more hammering day 🙂 it was the second part of my upholstery course, I finished my first newly upholstered dining chair 😀 now I just have to somehow find the time to do 8 more!!

my chair :-D

my chair 😀

Just a heads up, I will be away from wednesday to friday this week and I am not sure how much data signal I will have so even the trusty phone may be out of action, if I don’t answer your comments straight away, I will definitely answer when I get back 😀

I am also trying a new thing and scheduling a post in advance…we will see if it works on wednesday!

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is a thing right?

AM I right about this or did I make it up?

Or did it end and I am more than fashionably late to the party?

whatever the outcome, I am going to repost my views on relativity. Not the Einsteinian concept that is bot awesome and complicated beyond measure, but the concept that it is possible to make someone feel better by telling them that “it is all relative…someone has it worse than you somewhere”

Spoiler…it isn’t!

I know it is not entirely health and fitness related, but it relates to wellbeing which is a sort of mental fitness 😀

Originally posted on 12th March 2011 on a previous blog Concerning the Nature of Things

Concerning the Notion that Everything is Not Relative

Recently, someone said to me “it is all relative”  as I am sure they have said it to you and I am sure they will continue to say. But it is this notion of relativity that I want to talk about today. Not going to get into Einsteinian physics because I am just not that good, what I do want to talk about is the concept that something can increase or decrease in merit purely because of the things around it. I am sure that there are no absolute answers when it comes to this, but it is something worth thinking about.

If I break my leg, does it hurt less because someone else breaks both of theirs? I don’t think it does,I think that each case has its own inherent properties. If I am sad, the fact that someone else is sadder doesn’t make me happier. I do not think that every case of misfortune is equal, it is evident that loosing a limb is worse than loosing a sock I am not trying to belittle  anything that has happened to other people I am just saying that the scale of someone else’s bad luck doesn’t change that of yours.

It is interesting that when people use the “it’s all relative” statement they are normally trying to make you feel better. You never hear some one who is happy about having passed an exam being told, “well it’s all relative…someone just won the Nobel peace prize”! I think it is important to recognise the magnitude of something for what it is. Telling someone that they should feel better about something bad because some people have it worse is insulting!

It is a truth that can be applied to many walks of life, a tall building doesn’t get shorter because the on next door is taller. A piece of art is as good as it is, it is not suddenly worse because someone makes a better one!


It was tricky to find a photo, to go with today’s postulation but I thought I’d go with this. It is a picture I took of the London Eye and I like it. There are hundreds (thousands/millions) of pictures of this subject, I do not like mine any less because there are thousands of better ones or any more because some are worse. The quality of the picture belongs to it and cannot be changed by comparison.

Incidentally I do have to be careful to not take this principle too far, there is still room in life for perspective, just be aware that by telling someone that “it could be worse” it may make them feel worse because it makes them feel they have no right to feel the way they do.

Wordless Wednesday

I am shamelessly stealing this idea from Nancy at My Year[s] of sweat and getting it completely wrong, because these are words…which on a wordless post are completely out of place! however, are some pictures (proof that I am more than just an exercise fanatic)

Year 2 Week 8: Workout mash up

I am not sure I can in all good conscience use the phrase mash up without seeming like someone trying to be cooler than they really are…but I am giving it a try…

It has been an interesting week, it started well with awesome running and PT, but had a very definite dip in the middle when I couldn’t breathe properly and was forced to take an actual rest day! It picked up towards the end again mind you, when the muscle strain that was causing the breathing problem got better…possibly due to the rest day…


Monday involved walking and running, on two separate occasions…or to put it another way:
Lunchtime: 3km walk
Running with Lisa, which as I mentioned last week is an experience!
A good experience, but certainly one that is different to many running experiences you may have! Lisa Is so energetic she is makes me try to go faster…something which I really need!!

I totally held the camera too close to my head!

I totally held the camera too close to my head!

so here we are…running 😀

I went to Lisa’s this week, and we ran on the downs link path, only it was a different part of the downs link path to normal…one much closer to the edge of the country…

(or the sea if you want to call it that…)

If you look closely at the picture there, you might see that we went 5.6km and that includes my personal 5k record 😀 woohoo!

So all in all a good run 😀

AM: PT 😀 this was excellent! we did some fairly confusing stuff with a ViPR which involved doing split squat jumps while switching sides with the Vipr, some hold the ViPR overhead and lean from side to side things, and some squats while holding the ViPR out with straight arms and sort of scooping it up above my head… a little bit like a mechanical digger!

We also did heavy squats…as you may know, I love heavy squats 😀 I did, 10@20kg as a warm up, 6 @40kg, 6 @ 50 kg and 6 @60kg 😀

In addition to this awesomeness there was of course some shoulder strengthening, and boxing, quite a lot of boxing 😀
Lunchtime: 2.7km walk
By the evening, I started to notice that it hurt across the top of my right pectoral muscle when I breathed or sat down…I decided to ignore it and hope it went away…

witch hunt in orange

you can’t miss me…I am orange!

Wednesday morning I noticed that the main in my chest was not better…but it did get better when I lent on a spiky ball…leading me to believe it was muscular in origin. It was in fact the exact same pain I had when I came off crutches after having a broken leg, which was indeed a muscle overwork in my chest…

so I decided to take Ibruprophen, lean on my spiky ball more and hope it went away…
Lunchtime: 2.8km walk
PM:  dancing. I thought dancing would probably be fine, after all it was only muscle pain not actually trouble breathing…and I was right, for the first couple of dances, then after number 4 or 5 I felt like I couldn’t breath and nearly had a panic attack…so got banned from dancing any more by my more sensible friends in mythago…

By Thursday, I decided that this not being able to breathe thing was getting annoying and that unless I actually let my self heal, I wasn’t going to get any better…
So I read the internet, asked Nancy and did a little soul searching and decided that it was in my best interests to have an actual rest day! you can read about it and why it was a good idea here “the rest day!”

the pain was much less…still hurt when I laid down but most of it was gone…maybe resting was a good idea…
Lunchtime 2.8km walk

look runners!!

look runners!!


Saturday was another running day!! that is two in a week…I’ll get back in to this I know I will!
I went for a run with Rachel, the friend of mine who has convinced me to do a half marathon with her despite my not being a runner!
 was a little concerned about this after my weird pains during the week, but when I woke up nothing hurt so I decided it couldn’t be that bad!
we also went at Rachel intervals which helped…Rachel is just starting her running life, she is doing the c25k and is on week 3 so we did a combination of that and some 2 min intervals and 3 min walks on the way back. It was good, exactly the right thing for that particular Saturday, and it pushed Rachel into going for 2km more than she normally does 😀

Rachel is, once she gets more used to running, going ot be much better at it than me…she is taller and lighter…which means I am going to have to up my game to keep up 😀 yeay a challenge!



Sunday was lovely pilates day! it was a good challenging pilates class, with enough to extend me 😀

And the rest of the day I dedicated to studying advance anatomy and physiology for my fast approaching Personal Trainer workshop!

You may also have noticed a lack of insanity workouts this week…It was a deliberate ploy in line with the “have a rest and attempt to fix yourself” thinking I employed this week! I will be back on it next week 😀

After 418 days, I had to take a rest day!

rest-dayI did it, I rested.

I did not do any exercise, I did some walking but not much.

And, you know what, it is okay! 

I had a hard time deciding to take a genuine actual rest day, but we need them sometimes. Rest days actually help performance apparently, they allow your body to heal and fix its self and can actually lead to an increase in performance. 

I chose the sensible route for once, I managed to pick up a slight muscle strain in my chest / shoulder (probably related to the bicep thing that is healing) and it meant that it hurt to breathe. I cam to the conclusion that breathing was important and exercising while I was only really capable of shallow breathing led to dizziness and possibly falling over. 

I didn’t want that…

so I thought of you lovely people and what I would tell you if you wanted a rest day…

and I ignored myself because apparently it is impossible to follow your own advice.

so I asked Nancy from My Years of Sweat and she saw into my head straight away and reminded me that I was not the same person I was 418 days ago. 

I am no longer the person who would let 1 rest day become a week then a month then eat all the food in the world…

Nancy pointed out that I have done my statement 365 and proved I can and that because of it I have come out a stronger person, one who can be sensible enough to take one day of rest without falling back into old habits. 

I realised then that this is my new lifestyle and I don’t actually want to stop exercising, I don’t want to stop living healthierly (shhh that is a word) and there is no reason I should be scared to give my body time to heal if it needs it.

It also occurred to me that, the reason I have been having so many little annoying injuries and tiredness and such recently might be exactly because of my lack of rest days…

It probably doesn’t need an entire blog post to explain one rest day, but even at the end of the day when I went to bed, I felt I should be leaping up to do some squats for fear of letting you all down!

I didn’t do any by the way…I went to sleep instead!

Maybe it is a Thursday thing!

only I didn't have beer...

only I didn’t have beer…


Year 2, week 7: Workout extravaganza!

Ok…probably not really an extravaganza as such…but  I felt like a change from compendium!

st john

there is no s…who knew?

Three days last week I was holed up in a training room learning how to put people back together after various forms of disaster and damage! Or to put it another way, I was on a first aid at work course…

I now have a moderate amount of knowledge on how to sit people down in a lot of different ways and ask them a lot of seemingly random questions…which all allow me to (hopefully) figure out the best treatment…or at least the best thing to do until someone with more knowledge comes along…

It is good knowledge to have mind you…and you never know I could help….If I don’t freeze or pass out…I am slightly too squeamish to be a first aider really…

so aside from first aid goodness that left me with carpet burned knees (poor trouser choice on CPR day…) I did some other, more active stuff:


Lunchtime: Walk 2.6km

Yes...that one!!

Yes…that one!!

PM: Run…woohoo I actually managed to go for a run…again!!

This time I went with my friend Lisa you may remember her from the colour run and the great south 5k…

We decided to go along the downs link, and to do about 5km…we did 5 min run 1 min walk intervals and for almost the first time ever I managed to run without music! I know this doesn’t sound like much of an achievement…but it is for me 😀 we also managed to chat as we went.

Sadly…I have very little evidence that this run actually occurred as I forgot to turn strava on…:-( so I have no idea what the pace was or anything! the app that I used to measure the intervals reckons we went 5.15km but that is all the information I have!!

It did happen though…honestly!


AM: PT!! which was odd…as it felt like only 5 mins since I had my last PT session! It was excellent, my bicep/shoulder  was still not 100% so we did more shoulder strengthening exercises, at Sophie’s direction…

I sometimes think it s a bad thing when your PT and your Sports Therapist are friends…

we also did a lot of boxing and kickboxing, including a session of 360 defence which is awesome 🙂

Lunchtime: 3km walk

PM: Insanity Max interval circuit


Lunchtime: 2.7km walk around crawley…of all places…

ok…you are likely not local, Crawley is not as salubrious as it could be…

PM: Insanity Max Plyo Circuit O_o

Followed by 2 hours of dancing…

yes…I did that again…

no…I will probably never learn!!


Yup! that was me!

Yup! that was me!

Thursday was crash day…and I mean real complete can hardly move with tiredness crash day.

I don’t know why, maybe a result of a crazy Tuesday and Wednesday, maybe a reaction to lots of learning and pictures of horrific injuries

(First aid course remember…not just weird internet searches)

I managed to squeeze in a 30 min walk in my lunchbreak, and then somehow fall asleep for the whole evening…on the sofa at about 8pm then I gave up and went to bed at 9:30…I haven’t been in bed at 9:30 since I was about 12!

I guess sometimes you just need the sleep!


Lunchtime: 1.6km walk

PM Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning

Normal service was resumed…I suppose having 10.5 hours sleep in one go occasionally does you good!


dancing with my eyes closed

dancing with my eyes closed

Saturday was dancing day 😀

dancing day that seemed like it might have been on the twee side as when we turned up it looked suspiciously like a summer fete…

however, we were proved wrong…

It was a summer fair, but it was busy and people were very enthusiastic about us, even asking if we had CDs of our music and such like 😀

we did 3 sets, two lots of stand alone dances and the kings me story 🙂

I can safely say, fun was had by all 🙂



AM: Pilates!

woohoo Sarah returned from holiday and I managed to get myself there…it was an excellent class 🙂 My injured arm only stopped me doing one thing, which involved sitting leaning back propped on your arms which is the extreme end of the range of movement in the direction that my arm was hurt so I wasn’t surprised that it hurt!

however, I was so pleased to be back at Pilates 😀 It is exactly the right exercise to do on a Sunday 😀

Year 2 Week 6: Workout compendium

Eeeek! Sorry I didn’t get this out last week…I was surprisingly busy and on a first aid course so away from the internet input device at my desk…

Well, this week was better, not so beset with arm related craziness.

It also heralded the start of Insanity month 2…which, I discovered is much more insane that month 1! Something I didn’t think was actually possible!!

It also (thankfully) saw the UK have more sensible temperatures and less humidity. Apart from monday…there was a lot of humidity on Monday…or to give it another name…torrential rain and storms…


Lunchtime: 2.7km walk
PM: Insanity fit test…
I had improved for all of the exercises, but it was not as dramatic an improvement as the last time I took it. Some exercises I only improved by 1 or 2 reps…I have no idea why, but it could be to do with last week’s recovery / time spent fixing my arm. I was pleased that there was an improvement mind you 😀
I was supposed to do the Insanity Max Interval Circuit too, but I confess I got as far as the warm up and stopped…I don’t think doing this directly after the 30mins of fit test was a good idea, neither was starting the whole thing at 9:40 pm!!

max interval circuit

total insanity…

Lunchtime: walk 2.8km
PM: Insanity Max Interval Circuit…this is a killer!! It feels like the first day when you are broken and wondering what you are getting yourself into all over again! For a start it is an hour long rather than 40 mins…and it has things in it that were so hard I can’t even remember them!

Some of them were combinations of moves that by the time they repeated I had already forgotten the start (ski abs/pushup jacks/in and ot abs/oblique legs things…or some such thing)

Some of them were just plain crazy, switch kicks whilst holding yourself up on your hands…like in the picture over there… or side burpees…yes…like normal burpees but you jump your legs ot to the side…who knew you could make a burpee that much worse!!

To be completely honest, I had to look those up on the internet…I think I had blocked them from my memory! I was amazed at the end of this workout, mainly amazed that I hadn’t collapsed and that I had somehow got through it!!

Lunchtime: my second trip to see Sophie the sports therapist, much improved arm, but still needed a bit of attention 🙂
(yes I know that doesn’t count as exercise…but it is it is going in here!)
PM: Remember last week…and the week before when I declared that I was going to learn my lesson and not attempt to shoehorn Insanity in between work and dancing…well…I didn’t learn. I did:
Insanity: Max Cardio Conditioning…which is like the month one cardio only workout, only longer…and harder…and well…insaner…
Closely followed by 2 hours of dancing!



woohoo 🙂

Lunchtime: Thursday was the first day for ages that I actually managed to get a run in at lunchtime 😀 woohoo!!!

and it was awesome! I hadn’t run for ages (1 month to be exact) so I wasn’t expecting great things…I set off with no set intervals and plan, and somehow, managed to run my longest continuous run ever…26 whole minutes 😀

I guess insanity is doing its job and making me fitter, and I have finally managed to convince my brain that it is actually possible for me to run in chunks of longer than 6 mins!

PM: the evening brought Insanity Max Cardio Recovery… which to be completely honest is just a slower way to torture me…not a gentle recovery at all! I guess that is what happens in month 2!!

It involved a lot of plie  squatting and holding  and planing and side planking and all sorts of crazy stuff that are definitely more painful than any “recovery


AM: Friday saw a return to PT! My arm was not 100% fixed…but it was getting there so early morning PT was the order of the day! we spent some time doing my physio exercises as Sophie had been speaking to matt and making him bully me into doing them…more or less the whole rest of the time we spent doing some HIIT and boxing! lots of boxing!

Lunchtime: 3km walk


Saturday was the day I went to investigate a whole new place to get another tattoo done, I am not going to tell you about it now, I will when I get it though I promise! Suffice to say, the tattoo shop is 2 hours away from home, but has won awards 😀
This doesn’t count as exercise mind you…so I did:
Insanity: Max Interval Circuit! and it broke me again…I am sure I did more of it, but it is not an easy thing!!


ON Sunday I attempted to return to Pilates…

I failed…

But it wasn’t my fault, Sarah the instructor was on holiday so there was a “stretch and tone” class on in its place.

SO I went to that…

on balance…I wouldn’t go again.

I was not really stretched or toned by the end of the class, and I barely broke a sweat!

However, it was ok as a rest day activity…I definitely prefer Pilates though!!

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