Year 2 Week 11: Workout week of crazy!

It has been one of those weeks that started slowly, and got progressively more crazy as it went on…


I run noticeably slower when I can’t see where to put my feet!

well…Monday was crazy…and scary…but not in a lots of exercise kind of way, in an I shouldn’t leave my run until 8pm this time of year sort of way…

I wanted to go for a run after work, I needed to go for a run after work, I remembered that I had a 10k looming (it is Sunday if you want to skip to the end…) and I needed to get some more runs under my belt.

It started out ok…

But due to my not learning from last weeks “it is scary to run at dusk” episode, and my forgetting that is it now september and starting to get dark earlier, I ended up running in the complete dark!

this is bad for a number of reasons…
1) I have seen too many episodes of NCIS/CSI etc where people get attacked on dark country paths…
b) even if I hadn’t the shadows on the deserted abandoned railway line surrounded by trees look very scary
3) there are many potholes/tree roots/loose rocks on this path just waiting to loom up out of the dark and attack me!

that and it was getting foggy and I had Zombies Run! playing in my headphones…

not too bad a run although being scared does not lend its self to calm measured breathing!


Tuesday, unlike any other Tuesday, was PT day…

oh no hang on…I mean like every other Tuesday:-p

Regardless of the fact that PT day is (nearly) always Tuesday, it was still awesome πŸ™‚ We did more kicking than we have been doing recently, and as we have the past couple of weeks we have moved the boxing up to the start of the session.

Following that we did more heavy lifting, squats, deadlifts, overhead squats and clean and presses. We also returned to the snatch after a few weeks away from it to let my shoulder recover πŸ˜€

Talking of shoulders, we had to do some shoulder strengthening / rotator cuff stuff, to try to keep it all fixed πŸ˜€ Β and talking of things that need fixing, we did some more hip mobility work…because although they are better than they were, my hips are still fairly stiff 😦


torture feet!

torture feet!

on Wednesday I tried out my new brooks pure cadence running shoes…I thought ooh new lightweight minimal drop shoes…these will be awesome…also I have worn them once before and they were pretty good…

how wrong I was…they were little torture devices for feet that made my calves and arches hurt so much that It was like being back at the very start of my 365 c25k program!

I went about 3.5km (but the gps failed on me so I am not really sure…) and it was in as much running as I could intervals interspersed with hobbling!!

Luckily I made up for this with some dancing in the evening πŸ™‚ about 1.5hrs of dancing as we had to have an AGMΒ first πŸ˜€ it was the quickest AGMΒ on record!


IMG_4508[1]Thursday I wanted to make up for Wednesdays horrible running and get at least one more sensible run in before sundays 10k…

it had an advantage over monday in that I wasn’t terrified, and an advantage over wednesday in that I wasn’t in immense pain, but I still couldn’t actually get my legs going, they were fighting with me the whole way! still…it was better than nothing!




Friday there was walking…
nice easy day, don’t wreck the legs before the run… I know I’ll walk…and walk …and walk for the whole day round and round and across and back across an even call busfest. This is basically a giant meet up / trade show for VW Camper vans

It involved walking 12.5k steps, and going approximately 10-12 km…

and getting up at 6am to do it!

not as much of a rest as I thought…

maybe Saturday will be better…


Maker Faire Brighton

Maker Faire Brighton

yes, saturday will definitely be a rest. I was helping my friend sally out at Maker Faire, which is a show/meet up of lots of people who make various different things in weird and wonderful ways. Sally is an amazing knitter both by hand and by machine, and her stand was a huge showcase of this and of her magic software hack which allows you to draw a picture, scan it in and then knit it on the machine…so pretty awesome stuff!

But I forgot just how much standing there was, I managed to walk 10k steps and basically not sit down from 9am to 6pm… awesome day, but not a rest at all!! I always forget that standing on hard floors is worse than walking!

I went home and sat in a bath full of muscle soak-y stuff, then plastered my legs in my new hot ginger muscle rub and hoped that some miracle would happen and they would recover!!

Sunday morning arrived and when I dragged myself out of bed at 6am (I always have to drag myself out of bed if it is before 7am…ok honestly if it is before 8am…which basically means I drag myself out of bed every day…none of this leaping up all full of life for me!)

I can highly recommend this stuff!

I can highly recommend this stuff!

I was pleasantly surprised by my legs, they were not overly achy, they felt a bit on the lead side but not as bad as I expected so that was a plus!! I replastered my legs in the seemingly magic muscle rub and followed it with my 2xu compression leggings and hoped that this would hod me together long enough to run!!

At the start of the race, after walking up and down for a bit to warm up I got chatting to another woman who was running her first race for about 5 years! this was unusual for me as I am normally antisocial and grumpy…it did help me get over the whole “what the hell am I doing here” feeling I always get at the start of races mind you!

once I started it was ok, the middle of the race was a bit iffy, and around 6km my toes went numb which I considered to be a bad sign…

this was not helped by kms 5 and 6 being on a field and some pebbly beach!! not the best running surfaces I have encountered to be honest!

after that, things improved as we were back onto the sea front πŸ˜€

I started the race with about 5/6 min intervals, and by the end I was down to about 3 min intervals, but I hadn’t set myself a plan, I was just attempting to run as much as I could to see what happened…

what happened was I knocked 9 mins off the time I ran the 10k in april!! πŸ˜€

9 mins!!



That is not just because it is a flat course! I guess the training is working even though I don’t actually feel like I have improved πŸ˜€

I crossed the finish line in 1hr 24mins andΒ 7s according to the official chip time πŸ™‚ which put me 976th out of 998 (not last woohoo) over all! I still got the sympathy claps, but nothing like as badly as last time, and to be honest I don’t care because I improved so much that I am over the moon with the result πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



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16 responses to “Year 2 Week 11: Workout week of crazy!”

  1. usernameundisclosed says :

    AMAZING results on the Sunday run! You should be super proud you finished let alone not last, keep up the good work you are doing fabulous!

    • Ice_Badger says :

      πŸ˜€ thank you!
      I am so pleased with the improvement!!

      I find running so hard compared to lifting but I guess it is paying off!

      • usernameundisclosed says :

        I totally sympathise with you where running is concerned, I’ve tried and failed on a few occasions (as you know) and I just don’t think it is for me, maybe when I have lost a bit of weight it may get easier? So I truly appreciate just how hard it is!

        I love doing weights more than anything, maybe I am slightly masculine? haha

      • Ice_Badger says :

        running is hard work when you are heavier!! It is not just an excuse, it puts a lot more stress on your joints and you have to work so much harder! I sometimes want to put a backpack on a slim light runner with the difference in weight in it so they understand…
        I am not a natural runner, but I am improving so I am happy πŸ˜€

        weights are awesome, and building muscle is awesome for raising metabolism πŸ˜€

  2. NancyTex says :

    WOOHOOOOOOO!!!! I know I said it on FB but I’ll gladly repeat it here: You killed it, Sam! Awesome performance! I’m so, so proud of you! That is a killer improvement in your 10k time! You’ve earned it through all your hard work!

    • Ice_Badger says :

      πŸ˜€ thank you πŸ˜€
      I am still so pleased! it is making me start to believe that this half marathon is possible and that I might have the right to have a time goal rather than just a finish without dying goal!

      • NancyTex says :

        Just remember to always honour what your body is telling you. One of my regular readers, Joanne from My Life Lived Full, is a distance runner. She had a really horrific experience this past June during her 1/2 marathon. She knew she was in trouble but kept pushing. Wound up really sick for days afterward. She hasn’t shared the details, but it sounds like it was pretty dire.

        So please, just take care and stay in tune with the messages your body sends you.

      • Ice_Badger says :

        I definitely will!!

        I have heard similar stories and they scare me! I am slowly learning to pay attention to the signals my body gives me and really trying to learn from my mistakes…
        for example I definitely wouldn’t prepare for a half marathon by standing up for 2 days!!
        the concept of the half marathon is so much bigger in my head than a 10k that it scares me sensible!!

      • NancyTex says :

        Not only is the concept of a half so much bigger than a 10k… it IS so much bigger than a 10k. Over two times bigger, in fact!

        Be careful, be cautious, be in tune with yourself. You will do great!

      • Ice_Badger says :

        I know! At the moment I can’t comprehend running double the amount I did on Sunday!
        I just need to keep training slowly and steadily and not ignore things (like I usually do!)

      • NancyTex says :

        Yup! Sometimes it’s enough just to play (and be!) ignorant, and just show up and see what happens!

        I heard a story from a man interviewing me for a role a in Feb 2013. I had mentioned my BLR experience and my subsequent 365 day challenge. He told me that sometimes it’s enough just to show up and TELL YOURSELF you are doing this. He gave an example:

        One night, in his mid-to-late 20’s he was out with a group of friends drinking at a pub. Somehow they all ended up challenging each other to do outrageous things. He exclaimed that he would complete a full Triathlon before he turned 30. (He also told me the specific time he committed to finishing under – but I don’t recall the specifics)

        Anyway, he was moderately athletic, but certainly not a distance runner (let alone swimmer). And he didn’t bother doing much training in the immediately months/years that followed.

        Suddenly he realized he would be turning 30 in a little under a year. He panicked and started training. The bike part he was okay with, so he started running training. He also did some swimming training, but all in an indoor pool. πŸ™‚ Someone told him he had to train in an open body of water or he’d be in big trouble at the race. So he got a few open water swims in while he was visiting Europe.

        The day the race came he had never run more than 19 miles (full tri is 26.2 miles) and he had never swam even half the distance of the required swim length.

        He finished the triathlon… AND did it within a minute of the time he had predicted.

        Crazy, right?

      • Ice_Badger says :

        I completely agree…it is crazy but it actually works if you can manage it!

        I have a way of explaining to myself that I have no choice, and focusing on how I will feel like it was no time / effort at all byt the time I have finished…so now all I have to do is wait until I have finished…and while I am waiting also run / work / whatever I am convincing myself to do…
        it doesn’t entirely make sense when I try and explain it!

        I would really like to get through this one without relying on sheer willpower mind you…

      • NancyTex says :

        Ha! That is hilarious!
        You will do great!

  3. jane in training says :

    I am totally inspired! But my legs are scared and trembling after reading your post…

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