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Janathon day 31 (insanity max 30 day 20): done

And so with that, Janathon was over before you know it!!

And what did I do to celebrate?

I danced!!

It was a sussex Apple howling or wassail where we dance and perform a ceremony to drive the evil spirits away from Apple trees. It is lots of fun and involve a lot of dancing and a lot of noise making 🙂
I danced: maiden castle, poison pie, broomstick, our Henry, witch hunt, foul mouthed cat, and fanny frail 🙂

(Ps…that is my face, yes it was muddy and no that isn’t me dancing…I took the picture 😉 )

As well as this dance fun it was insanity max 30 pulse workout day. This is the low impact stretch and slow exercise day. There is no max out time, you have to max out on form apparently 🙂
Basically lots of slow small movements that are deceptively hard!

Mia puss cat helped with downward dogs and sat on my head during core exercises 🙂

So that was Janathon…
What comes next?

Febathon of course!! Same rules apply!!!

Who is with me!?!


Janathon day 30 (insanity max 30 day 19): done

Very quick update today!

Insanity max 30 Friday fight round 1 done at lunchtime 🙂

Shoehorned in between work and an epic hair appointee with no discernible outcome!

Max out time 8:15 another improvement:-)


Janathon day 29 (insanity max 30 day 18): done

Well today I tried a new thing…

Les Mills cxworx

I do not recommend it.

It is half hearted at best made duller by crappy unenthusiastic instructors who were at best demotivating!
(One of them was the same woman from my failed Zumba attempt… you  know the one…it made me write this)

I may sound harsh…but after welcoming us to the class and assuming we were beginners and handing us 1kg weights with no questions about prior exercise, not asking us if we had any injuries, the very first exercise we did was one that if taken too far an seriously hurt your back!
Then they got the descriptions of what was higher intensity and lower intensity the wrong way around!

This was all before the end of the warm up!!

For those of you who hadn’t heard of it cxworx is supposed to be a 30 min high intensity core workout which uses your whole core and posterior chain.

It really fails on all counts!!

I went to this class with a friend from work who has done no exercise before, a genuine complete beginner, she rarely even walks if she can help it.
She didn’t like the class either, she found it dull and awkward.
She says she will ache, and I can see that if you have never exercised before, some of the moves would do something for you. After all, anything is better than nothing and every little helps!

We both left with the feeling that it felt like a warm up and never got going!

Suffice to say, we will be finding a different class next week!


After this almost workout…I went home and did Insanity max 30 Tabata strength 😀

Now that is a 30min high intensity work out 😀
I had put most of it out of my mind after Tuesday, but while doing this I remembered why my shoulders have been aching…so many v push ups!! Sooo many!!

Still awesome and still working! I maxed out at 7:15 30s longer than Tuesday 😀
Considering the first round of Tabata is completely made up from various insane versions of the burpee, I am surprised I managed to improve at all!!!


Janathon day 28 (insanity max 30 day 17): done

Back on the morning workout train 🙂
Well not a train really…more a sort of jumping up and down thing in the living room…


This morning started at 6:30 with sweat intervals 🙂 I increased my max out time again so whatever Mr Shaun T did with this workout…it works!!


It was hard work though!!

I would love to say it made me wide awake and raring to go for the rest of the day..:but it didn’t…it worked for about an hour but then I was so sleepy!!

Despite that…this evening it was dancing practice 😀
These was lots of dancing!!
And we found some handy rules on the wall…which we followed:




Janathon day 27 (insanity max 30 day 16): done

Well…Matt the trainer and Shaun T went to the same school of crazy!!

Crazy awesome, but definitely crazy!!

I did some of the same moves this morning in my PT session before work as I did in the insanity Tabata strength workout after work!!

One of which I can only describe as a press up with one leg stuck through the gap between the the hand and the arm on the opposite side…
And diamond jumps features in both
As did many forms of burpees!!

Ok so Matt didn’t make me do Tabata for 30 minutes straight with no actual rest breaks but things like jumping jacks as a “recovery exercise”
(It totally sounds like his sort of thing though)
We did do deadlifts and push presses and lots of plyometric a in between all after lots of awesome kickboxing 😀
(And it was still dark when I got there…I promise these are new pics…)


Ok Shaun T didn’t make me do kickboxing and describe a move as a Thai knee…which when said quickly suddenly became “tiny” which made us both laugh so much that we had to rename it!
He did make me do pressup toe taps though…this is where you do a press up then pull your foot up and tap it with your opposite hand!
He also made me do a lot of burpees…first!! And consequently I maxed out at 6:43 which is ok for a first go through! But I am going to do better next time!


I went for a walk at lunchtime too 🙂 but that was a pleasant amble in comparison!

Janathon day 26 (insanity max 30 day 15): done

Good evening 🙂
After spending time last week telling you how good morning workouts were and that the only truck to doing them is to just get your arse into gear and do them…

This morning I completely failed to do one. I have no reason, no excuse, I just liked my bed and stayed in it (actually I got up then got back in which is kinda words!).

Despite that I got two workouts in today, my first one was a short but faster than normal (thank you lovely shoes) run which I squeezed in to my lunch break! I only get 45 mins so it has to be a short one!


The second thing I did was insanity max 30 cardio challenge 🙂

This really does not feel like it is getting any easier!! However despite that…I am getting better 🙂
I know I am because I increased my max out time from 7:28 to 8:07 😀
I am also using the modifier less 😕 Woohoo progress!! 😀


Update: I Destroyed the Ring!!

You may remember that sometime in the dim and distant past, I set out on a walking challenge…to go to Mordor!

this is a long way...

this is a long way…

By dim and distant past I mean 5th November 2013!

yes… I have been on the way to Mordor that long!!

It is a long way from the shire to Mordor!

it is 1779 miles!

the good news is…

one Thursday last week I made it! I climbed mt doom, I destroyed the one ring and noone bit my finger off…which is a massive plus point if you ask me! I have to say, it took me longer than I expected! It takes a long time to walk 1779 miles if you are expected to sit down for 8 hours of every day! But I made it!

london to moscowIn 1 year and 3 months I walked 1779 miles which is almost the same distance as walking from London to Moscow!

Now all I have to do is get back…I am aiming for a shorter time for the return journey…

mordor spreadsheet

Janathon day 25 (insanity max 30 day 14): done

As promised, I completed the insanity max 30 pulse workout that was scheduled for yesterday.

It is the “rest day” workout which involves lots of slow strength exercises interspersed with stretching… 🙂

It is not an easy work out…it is just less crazy than the rest of insanity!!
Funnily enough it bears a resemblance to the other workout I did today, which was my regular Sunday Pilates 🙂
Which was as always awesome!

Not easy, but still awesome 🙂


And that was my calmer Sunday…

Just wait until tomorrow 😉

Janathon day 24: done

I have new shoes!!

New running shoes and they are awesome!!

I have been having real trouble with my calves recently, it has been getting worse and making my legs and knees hurt. I have been attempting not to complain about it because I assumed it was just something that I had to accept as a heavier than average runner…

It turns out that such bad calf pain that you have to force your legs to move and can’t run again for a week is not actually normal!

It turns out that I had the wrong shoes. They are still fairly new and not worn out but completely wrong for my very flat very overpronating feet!

When I got the last ones I didn’t have a gait analysis, the man in the shop based my shoe choice on something that was similar to the ones I used to have which were discontinued.

This was apparently not an effective way to go!

This time my friend susie who works in the running shop did a proper gait analysis and videoed my feet running and everything!

I cannot believe how much difference the right pair of shoes makes!!!

It was like having a whole new pair of legs!! 😀

Today’s run was faster, and so much more comfortable than yesterday’s it was like I was a different person! I was so miserable after yesterday’s run I thought I would never be able to even attempt the half marathon, today it seems a little less daunting!!

As all this took time, I decided to switch insanity rest days and will do the pulse workout tomorrow. 🙂


Janathon day 23 (insanity max 30 day 12): done

I finally managed to get back out for a run!!
Not a great run I have to admit, it was 5km of arguing with my legs and forcing myself to keep going, I walked a little more than my designated walk intervals, but I didn’t actually give up!
I don’t think my head was in it today, but I did it, I got out there despite the cold and broke my not running streak!

Ooh yes and I ace new sunglasses 😀

Later the same day…
It was time for the insanity Friday fight round 1!
It was a fight! It was hard work but a weird sort of fun 😀 I maxed out at 7:34 which is 30s further than last Friday (wooohooo!!)


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