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Tremendous Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Tired Thursday!

Well…it has been quite a week so far!

Tuesday was awesome…but utterly crazy!!
Morning started with PT, containing the usual mixture of Tabata, boxing, kicking, lifting stuff up and trying to get my arms to do a pull up!!

Lunchtime was so sunny and pleasant that I went out into the outside and went for a run…a short one into which I threw some fartlek training…which is basically a mixture of different speeds πŸ™‚ or to put it another way…i did some sprints πŸ™‚

Then…in the evening it was Tabata power!! In which I increased my max out time by over 3 minutes πŸ˜€

All in all…a tremendous Tuesday!!

Wednesday was almost as crazy!!
I didn’t make the morning workout…I decided I needed a little sleep after that Tuesday!
Lunchtime involved walking not running πŸ™‚ a nice break from work!
Then in the evening things got crazy!
Between work and spending 2 hours dancing, i shoehorned insanity max out sweat!
I had forgotten how crazy that workout was!! Not ideal as a precursor to dancing…but I am getting used to it!!

And then there was dancing…lots and lots of dancing πŸ˜€
There were standing stones and raggle taggle gypsies and kings of the faired, there were triskells and frail fannies and hunted witches and many more!

All of this lead me to a very tired Thursday…as we know, Thursday’s are tricky…and tiring and Thursday!
However I managed insanity max out strength…somehow! I made myself get through it!!


Who knows what Friday will hold…


Thursday to Sunday Febathon round up…

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days…it has been somewhat busy round here…
Also the “what I did today” posts can get a little dull!!

So on with the round up…


Thursday was fairly light in the exercise front for this week!
I only managed one work out, but at least it was insanity max 30 max out strength! Which was complete madness!! It involved a plethora of different press up type exercises and squat type things…but to be honest as it was 4 days ago…I can’t really remember what any of them were!


Then came:


Friday was madness!

Complete madness…

First came insanity max 30 Friday fight round 2….which was completely insane and even harder than the previous hardest work out! It was really a fight!!


That is not the full extent of the madness though. What makes the day truly crazy was 40mins after finishing this Friday fight craziness…I went to a circuit training class!
It was awesome!!!
I have really missed circuit training!!!


I definitely felt that!


After crazy Friday, I decided that the best way to combat aches was to attend an early morning body pump class!
I remembered that I really enjoy body pump! It is muscular endurance rather than pure strength but as an extra on top of all the rest it is great! I was totally put off it before, possibly because I had just been doing it for too long but going back on Saturday was excellent!



Sunday was a “rest day”
Sadly I managed to complete miss the point of resting…
I started with awesome
Pilates πŸ˜€ then followed that up with a 15km walk πŸ˜€


And that brings us right up to today:


Today was insanity max out cardio again πŸ™‚
I improved my max out time by 1min38!! This is huge in terms of this work out!! I very pleased πŸ˜€


So eased I thought I would post a pic of me looking knackered!!


Insanity Max 30, Month 2 Day 3…the day of the one armed burpee!

yes, you read that right…

One armed burpees…

yesterday I did the Insanity max 30 Max out sweat workout! yes…there was sweat…and a lot of maxing out!!

It even seemed to break Shaun T…yes I know they are on camera and filmed and could be lying…but he does seem entirely sincere in these workouts πŸ™‚ and he is definitely sweating!

hardest workout

this is the end…just as Shaun T declares this the hardest workout he has ever taught O_o

At the end of the workout, MR Sahun T said it was the hardest workout he had ever taught…

Which would explain why I felt like a complete beginner with no fitness to speak off who maxed out (for the first time) at just over 5 minutes!!

So back to the single armed burpee…it was called a burpee punch and th e idea was you go sown into a burpee holding yourself on one arm while punching the other arm forwards, jump back, jump forward (you know like in a burpee :-p) then stand up. There is no jump on the standing up phase of this burpee…but that doesn’t make it any easier…the key to this is to keep your feet reasonably far apart to aid balance..even the people on the dvd do this!

see one arm... I could do this...albeit slowly...

see one arm…I could do this…albeit slowly…

As I may have mentioned…I was just pleased not to face plant the living room carpet while trying this!

This was not the only crazy move involved in this workout, it was a high intensity sweat fest (as in fact it promised to be!)

The problem with this, is I have a habit of forgetting almost every move that I do during these workouts as soon as I have finished them…I think it is part of my brains protection mechanism…If I could remember how hard it was I wouldn’t do it again!

A quick google of the subject leads me to believe that this only happens to me…or other people cheat and go through the dvd slowly in order to write their detailed reviews…hmmm…

Anyway…it was awesome and I enjoyed it despite a) feleing like a complete novice and 2) doing it half an hour before going and doing 2 hours of dancing…yes…I did that again!!

max out sweat

Yes…I followed this with 2 hours of dancing…in which I danced a lot!

Including, Hunting Dance, foul mouthed cat, triskelle (twice), raggle taggle gypsy, our henry, fanny frail, company of shadows, enter the dragon…and possibly more…

it was a pretty good wednesday πŸ˜€

Month 2 Day 2: the day I did not take my own advice (again)!

This is becoming a recurring theme…I do silly things then completely fail to learn from my mistakes and repeat them πŸ˜€

A while ago (I can’t find the post I wrote about it but I know I did) I made a mental note not to tell Matt about awesome new crazy moves I learn in insanity as he generally makes me do them sometime in the near future!

Of course I forgot about this yesterday…and told him about burpee lunges and the move that is a plank jump into squat…which meant I spent the start of the day and the end of the day doing tabata burpee lunges and I really only have myself to blame…

no...technically the kitten didn't come with me to the gym...

no…technically the kitten did not come with me to the gym…

I did a lot of strange things, tabata things and circuity things, and core things on the trx.

I also did boxing…which hurt my arm…it turns out that boxing and tattoos on the onside of your elbow are not the best of friends…just in case you were wondering!

Still an awesome session mind you πŸ™‚ and noone got hit in the face πŸ˜€ so that is good!

Definitely a good way to start the morning! Although I admit getting up was a struggle!

When it came to the evening I had even more of a struggle staying awake! Possibly because if the early morning, possibly because i made the mistake of eating before doing insanity then having to wait until it had settled before commencing jumping!

When I finally convinced myself that I needed to be awake, it was nearly 10pm but that was no excuse…I was already annoyed that I had wasted an evening, I was not going to compound it by missing my Insanity workout!

IMG_5618[1]Max out power was the workout of the day…and it was all about getting to the point where you thought the whole thing should stop, they carrying on for about 20s longer!!

It wasΒ tabata style, but with the timings of 45s work 15s rest.

which is bonkers!

100% out of your tree, crazy, bonkers! I was not looking forward to it when I read that on the CD case!

Strangely however it was not as bad as I anticipated. I maxed out at 7:51 but after that I improved a little. Of course there were parts where I wanted to sit down in a heap and never move again, but after a while the constant reminders to dig deep and find your power and tell yourself that you can do this pay off. There is definitely something about Mr Shaun T that makes you want to push that little bit harder! πŸ˜€

Welcome to month two!!

Month two of insanity max 30, not month two of the year as that is February and that started!

Oh my goodness!! I have said it before and I will no doubt say it again…

Shaun T is trying to kill me!!

In a crazy awesome way! πŸ˜€ that was hard!! I maxed out at 5mins!!

I am determined to do better next time! It was not called Max Out Cardio for nothing!!

I tried to find a way to make myself look less knackered in that photo…I failed!! πŸ˜‰

The other good thing that happened today was running πŸ™‚
I went out in my lunch break and as it was only a short time I decided to make the most of it and throw in some sprint intervals…
I started with a steady run as a warm up it was about 12 mins which pleased me in its self as my legs felt awesome and I actually felt like I could carry on!!
I then mixed slow runs, sprints and walks between lampposts in a fartlek style for the 12-13 mins on the way back πŸ˜€ it felt like a very worthwhile use of the short time I had available πŸ˜€


It was lovely and sunny too πŸ™‚

Febathon catch up and tattoo progress :-)

Yesterday morning I got up bright and early and enthusiastic (or something) and took the opportunity to catchup with Thursday’s Tabata strength workout that I missed due being poorly sick!

I really like the this workout…despite it having a whole section dedicated to diamond jumps in combination with burpees!! I increased my max out time again πŸ˜€ I added a whole 1min 20s on πŸ˜€


And then my arm hurt, but this is not an excuse, so in sunday I went to Pilates and learned a new move called the boomerang…

The rest of saturday was taken up by a man drawing on my arm with needles…
This is what it looks like now…it will make more sense when it all joins up I promise!


I am 99% sure I did not look this graceful!

Febathon back on track!

After a glitch yesterday cause by being sick (literally) today I am back on track!

I got my arse outside into the cold cold windy world and went for a run…
(I learned during this that I am not aerodynamically suited to running in the wind!!)

And what a run…ok it was hard and not the most fun run I have ever had but I went for 10km! This is the longest voluntary run I have ever done! By voluntary I mean outside of a race I have signed up for! My previous longest training / non race run was 8km so I am very pleased with today!!

I am especially pleased as I wanted to stop after 3km…I was attempting to come up with reasons to stop that sounded plausible…I couldn’t.
I had no reason to stop, everything I thought if sounded like an excuse so I carried on πŸ˜€

It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t the best run I have ever done, I attempted 4-5 min run intervals and I made them in the first half but they fell apart in the second half but I still managed more running than walking and no giving up so Yeay!!


I do have insanity catch up to do, but that is ok…I have a weekend for that πŸ˜€

Doomed to repeat the same mistakes forever!!

Ok…remember last summer when I ended up doing insanity after work and before dancing…
And then the next week I did the same thing…
Well today…I ended up doing it again!

My morning workout was abandoned in favour of sleeping…which does still happen sometimes… So between work and dancing I did Insanity max 30 day 24 sweat intervals πŸ˜€

And it was awesome!!
I increased my max out time from 8 minutes to 11minutes!!!

Yes I improved by 3 whole minutes and I was so excited!!! The system works! πŸ˜€


And then there was dancing πŸ™‚
Lots of awesome dancing πŸ™‚
I danced: our Henry, standing stones (twice), hunting dance, company of shadows, poison pie, fanny frail, witch hunt.
I also played my recorder…badly πŸ˜€


So…Insanity Max 30…how good is it really?

Well…I have finishedΒ week four and I am still going so it must be pretty good…I haven’t got much patience for exercise that I don’t enjoy!!

In other words…it is Awesome!!


this is an accurate representation of the plyometric sections of Max 30

the first thing that makes it awesome is the fact that it is 30 minutes long!

30 minutes!

It is impossible to not have time for it! 30 mins is less time than it takes to make and drink a cup of coffee.

well it is for me…I won’t drink instant coffee and I have it black so it takes ages to cool down enough to drink…so 30 minutes is the minimum amount of time I would allow to have coffee.

The good thing about 30 minutes is no matter how hard it is, you tell yourself before hand,it is only 30 minutes I can do that!

No matter that Β you know that it will be a crazy 30 mins that will leave you in a heap with kittens gathering around your head to steal the heat (yes…this did happen…). It always seems somehow more doable for being short.

On saying that…the illusion of it being doable because it is short is just that an illusion! This is every bit as hard as the original Insanity workouts, if not harder because it is more concentrated. There are fewer breaks and more compound exercises, more plyometric content and did I mention fewer breaks…

Along with super high intensity and (I hesitate to repeat) fewer breaks, this Insanity heralds a new way of working out. Or at least a new way of measuring your performance.

IMG_5498[1]It is known as Maxing out…you go as hard as you can for as long as you can then write down the first time you need to take a unscheduled break. The definition says that you max out the first time you fail or need to rest, or your form is being compromised so much that you are not really doing the exercise any more.

You write the time down, then the next time you do that workout you attempt yo beat your own time. You are not competing against anyone else, not the dvd people or anyone, you simply need to try to do better than you did last time!

This fits really well into the theory that you don’t need to compare yourself to other people in order to be working hard. Just because someone else does it better doesn’t mean you are not working to your maximum capacity. If you are working as hard as you can, if you are challenged you will see a change! In addition, for me personally, I find I have more determination to do better this way! It is a very clear way of charting improvement.

And you know what..the system works! Every time I have repeated a workout I have improved my max out time, even if it is by 30s it still makes you feel awesome!!

The other awesome thing is it doesn’t matter when you max out…as long as you get right back in and max out again…and again πŸ˜€

SO what do you find yourself doing during these work outs?

Crazy stuff that is what!

Stuff you never thought that you would even know the existence of let alone say you have been doing! Every move is a compound move, every move more or less works every part of the body. Some place more emphasis on certain parts but there are no isolation exercises!

some of my personal favorites are:

Diamond JumpΒ to Burpee…

this is like a burpee…only instead of doing a normal jump where you manage to get your feet about 1″ off the ground, you have to do a diamond jump…
Diamond jump…what is a diamond jump I hear you ask…will it is a jump (obviously) where you start in a squatish position…jump up as high as you can bringing your knees out to the side and touching your feet together, at the same time bringing your hands together over your head…

diamond jump

yes…exactly like that!

The diamond jump looks like that…

I am at least 80% sure I don’t look like that when I do it…

If only because I am not actually Shaun T…or a man…and I normally wear more clothes than that…

oh…and my feet are smaller…

yes they are the only reasons I can think of!

There are actually about 1 million (give or take) different varieties of burpees in Insanity max 30…there is the diamond jump to 1 legged burpee which is just crazy, the burpee to split lunge jump, the “X plank X jump” which is a star jump into a burpee with an x shaped plank, there is the suicide burpee which is one where you run sideways in between burpees…the list is (almost) endless.


what ever else we did…I don’t remember this…perhaps it is in month 2 I will keep you posted…

Aside from aΒ plethora of burpees we have such gems as “plank jack in and out abs” which is basically alternating a plank jack with a squat thrust!

We have switch kick punches, which are jumping switch front kicks with additional punches with the opposite arm!

we have 5 whole minutes of tricep dips, ones where you have to lift your leg up and reach for it with your hand on the up phase, ones where you just put one leg in the air, ones where you go super-slow down for a count of 4 and back up again…

There are jumping power knees, which is like the original insanity power knees except you jump on your supporting leg every time you do a knee…

and power knee jump 180 into lunge…that one is good too!!

there are lots of jumping jack legs with punches of different varieties, plank punches, pike ups into spider lunges!

I could carry one but I suspect the crazy overload limit is being reached!! I am afraid I can’t tell you which work out which thing comes from…once they are over they wipe out of my brain and all blur into one big mess of jumping and more jumping!

All I can say…is if you are thinking of it, and are not a complete beginner…try it!!

Even if you are a complete beginner…you can always follow the modifier…which is not easy….just lower impact πŸ˜€

yes...this happens to me a lot...only Shaun T never takes over...I always have to get back up and start again!

yes…this happens to me a lot…only Shaun T never takes over…I always have to get back up and start again!


Febathon day 3 (insanity max 30 day 23) done

I think I might have to think of some more interesting titles soon…

Certainly by March…Janathon is a good thing and Febathon is amusing…but Marathon would just be misleading!!

It’ll do for now though!!


I started this morning in a similar way to nearly every Tuesday for the past year or so…with PT awesome craziness!! And today was no exception!
There was 2 rounds of plyometric Tabata galore, there was kickboxing in which Matt “accidentally” hit me in the face, there was powerlifting including my awesome favourite deadlifts (still at 90kg max) and there was a medicine ball circuit which proved that my hands are too small to hold a medicine ball!!
It is a strange day when you can say that one of the easier things you had to do is a press up jack :-S


After a lunchtime walk which was more for relaxation, it came round to the time for today’s Insanity!
It was Tabata strength (it has been a Tabata sort of day today!) and somehow I managed to increase my max out time to 8:20 πŸ™‚ even though the first Tabata round is based on burpees!!


As I am coming to the end of month 1 of this insanity, I promise a proper review is soon to be forthcoming πŸ™‚

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