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Juneathon day 26 – day of the sun and the Orange 

good evening, today I have mostly need dyeing my hair orangey dip dye-y and dancing at Crawley folk festival 😀

It was oranger than I intended but I am not really surprised and I like it!


There was sooooo much dancing! It was quite condensed but I was in all but one of the 13 dances we did so it was was a good evening all in all!

Needless to say the photo is of the only face I wasn’t in and borrowed from @tweeksie on Twitter 🙂


Juneathon day 25 – this is becoming a habit…

this lunchtime running I mean! I did it again today! That is three days this week…who’d have thought I stop hating it this soon 🙂

Don’t get me wrong I am sticking to my guns in the race front! I am not signing up to anything in the foreseeable future…

I am just going to run a bit when I feel like it…after all it keeps me fit for dancing 😀

Juneathon Day 24 – A Wesnesday which was as Wednesdays are…

Which is to say, a Wednesday that was full of dancing, and some running. The same as many of my Wednesdays!

and no I didn’t forget my juneathon obligations..I tweeted…look!!


I’ll show you the picture later..I promise 🙂

First there was running (well first there was breakfast and work…but for the purposes of expediency there was running…) and here is what it looked like (sort of…)


no excuses…right!

 I tried a new thing this week with my running, I tried just running, with no app to tell me when to start and stop, I just carried on if I felt like it and tried to limit my walking breaks to less than 2 mins (mostly around 1 – 1.5mins) It worked pretty well. I managed a faster time over all which for me means I spent more time running and less walking as I am sure my actual running speed doesn’t change!

It was hot, I was quite tired and I was considering not going…after all I had dancing later…but as I had just been having a discussion with a friend about excuses…I decided to take my own advice and just get on with it 😀

Then there was dancing (expediency remember…) and it looked like this:


there was lots of dancing, as you might expect, I managed to redeem myself and not get in a terrible mess doing summerland (as I did on sunday) and did other such awesome dances as Avebury ring, standing stones and star of the county down…some of my favourites 😀 😀

I also get accused of looking really fit 🙂 ok…not really an accusation, more of a compliment 😀 especially as it came from a person who did a half iron man at the weekend so recognises fit people when she sees them 😀

yes I know I shouldn’t really be surprised…but I am!!

and pleased 😀

Day 720- a look back at: Day 1 of Project Fit Enough to Dance in a Mask

720 days ago this happened…

I can’t believe is was 2 years ago!! but it was and you only have to look at a calendar for the evidence!!

So it is time for me to think about the next year…but while I do that, here is the very beginning!!

Midsummer 365 Projects

Good day and welcome to my 365 project blog…

a 365 project, I hear you cry…but it is june…what is more it is the 3rd week in june…isn’t this an odd time to start a 365 project? don’t most people start these things in january?

well…the short answer to that is…yes

the medium answer to that is yes most people do…but I am not most people…

the long answer is that a 365 project has only really one stipulation…it should run for 365 days…in order to do this successfully people generally start at a “milestone date” which is frequently the 1st January  as it fits in with the new years resolution thing. However I don’t see why you can’t start one at any time and I came up with this idea just before midsummer and I thought why not do a mid year to mid year 356 project. So that…

View original post 247 more words

Juneathon day 23 – I don’t kick that hard…honest!

I had PT this morning…it was a bit like this:

buffy kicking

or possibly a bit like this:


or maybe this:


ok…sorry I’ll stop that now 🙂 but it seemed like such a good excuse!!

So I guess you gathered that there was kicking…it was planned kicking, I mean Matt suggested that I kick him as part of our kickboxing training…it is after all almost half of the word kickboxing!!

As it turns out, however, I have a reasonably solid kick, which was compounded by a sudden (this week) apparent increase in flexibility which made me suddenly able to kick almost to Matts shoulder height (I didn’t do that all the time by the way…).

I have a theory about this increase in flexibility and kicking ability…I think it was a side effect of actually getting enough sleep for once! I have to get up super early for PT and I usually forget that this should mean I go to bed earlier. Last night however I tried a new thing and get enough sleep! Which meant that (for once) I had the energy to kick well and the energy to actually lift my leg up!!

As well as this, we did deadlifting, and hard kettlebell circuits!!

yes, hard kettlebell circuits is the technical term for it!

that was all before work 🙂

which made me hungry and I had to con myself that my protein shake was food in order to resist the infestation of cake that was in out office today!no cake

I managed it though! 🙂


ok sorry I said no more Buffy…but you would know how superhero-y resisting all the cake was if you had seen how much there was!!

then lunchtime came…

and I went for a walk in the sunshine which was nice 🙂


Juneathon Day 20 and 21 midsummer, I danced again!

Dancing at midsummer is how this whole thing started, so it is only fitting that for the 2nd anniversary of this project, I danced again!

I danced…but I did other things too!

I got up on Saturday morning and gymmed (yes in my world, “to gym” is a verb!)

as I was sort of time and hadn’t gymmed much during the past week, I decided to do a whole body work out made up of compound exercises and supersets, super efficient and super tiring!


my feet look wierd!

Super good way to start a saturday though, especially if the next thing you are going to do is drive for 4 hours to get to wookey hole caves in somerset!

Which I was!

I had to, Mythago had been invited (and paid) to be the entertainment at a wedding being held there!

It was an interesting experience, good because I got to dance, and wierd because it is strange to be the guest at a wedding of someone you don’t know! No bad though, and they were really generous, giving us lovely gifts and a good meal. I am so used to living in sandwiches and protein bars on dance out days that a meal was a welcome change!!

Then I drove home…and it took me 3 hours leading me to fall into bed at nearly 3 am!!

which made sundays getting up for pilates a struggle!

I made it though and I loved pilates (as always!) I *may* have still been suffering from dehydration from dancing mind you as I don’t often get as many bouts of cramp in me feet as I did yesterday!!

still an amazing start to the solstice day, which I finished off with yet more dancing!

Dancing and then a walk (a 3 km walk) up a hill to do more dancing on the hill top while the sun was setting! It was a lovely thing to do! and it very definitely finished Sunday in an active manner! and a manner that gave me bilsters due to stupid feet…but that is not the point!

waiting to dance Foul mouthed cat.

waiting to dance Foul mouthed cat.

Juneathon day 19 – more running

i don’t know what happened…I just felt like running…this doesn’t happen to me that often 😯

I am annoyed that I haven had a chance to get into the gym to lift properly much this week but at least I got out into the fresh air and did something! Even if I did leave it until past 9pm… Good thing it is nearly midsummer!! 


Juneathon day 18 – no this is not late post…

honestly :-/

It is ok though I did exercise yesterday 😀

I actually managed to get myself out for a run, in my lunchbreak, on my own!

Guess what…I didn’t hate it!

Juneathon day 17 – and then we danced!

and danced and danced!!

Well of course we did, it is Wednesday after all 😀

But first I walked 😀 my lunchtime was spent walking. I decided to get a wriggle on and go further than I have been recently so I got my feets into gear and went just over 2.5km. It was an excellent midday break from work and sitting 😀

 Views from the walk 🙂 
And so to dancing!

It was an excellent practice! All traces of anger on my part had disolved by last Friday, after a bit of ranting, some clearer thinking and an awesome weekend of being the sun (ok…that was actually only a couple of dances but shhh).

So today all was happy and we danced and danced! The dances included but we’re not limited to:

Summerland (twice), standing stones, earth mother and of course spank the monkey 😀 (just for nancy)

 I was so busy dancing I forgot to take any pictures but here are a couple from the weekend taken by the lovely Michelle Peckam:


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