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New thing update…

Good morning 🙂

I thought I would give you all an update on my new august thing… you know the thing…the one that scared me… you know…this one…

the one that looked like this… and involved me meeting new people all on my own!
maxWell, I went on friday as I said I would, to meet with the guy that runs it… I was slightly later than anticipated because things always take me longer than I think they will!

SO that was the first hurdle to get over…I had anticipated getting there for about 3:30-4 pm and I actually didn’t get there until 5:30…

no excuses

especially none as lame as I was later than I thought to something that had no fixed time :-/

OK to normal people this doesn’t sound like an insurmountable hurdle, but when faced with scary things it sometimes doesn’t take much to act as an excuse. But I remembered that I would have to answer to you guys if I didn’t go, an I am not about excuses any more so I got myself into my car and set off! After all the guy had said come down any time…

so after a tiny bit of getting lost I made it and it looked like this:

IMG_8240[1]which I have to admit was a teeny bit off-putting, but I was there by then so I couldn’t just turn round and go home!

So in I went…and stood about looking lost until someone helped me and introduced me to the guy I was looking for…the office area was not immediately obvious I have to say… but he showed me the gym which was small but full of lifting stuff and strongman stuff and not a treadmill to be seen (instant plus in my books). The chap I spoke to, called Matt was friendly and explained how the gym works, all the sessions are run like classes but everyone is doing different things tailored to their own goals. I am not yet sure how this works but will find out. The really good thing about this is that they limit the number of people allowed in the gym at any time, meaning no infinitely long queues for the squat rack (yeay).

It is all looking very promising and I have booked in to one of their sessions on Tuesday evening to see how it all works! I have a feeling I am going to like it…although I am already a little scared again…

Another new thing for August…

I have, as you know, been looking around for new challenges, and I have to confess to floundering about a bit looking for one that keeps my interest…

there is something about the multi rep of the same thing challenges that really become uninspiring after a short while, and they soon make a thing you love into a chore…



Like the man said…

this new thing…it could be awesome and perfect or it could be terrifying and cause me to run away before I find out whether it is awesome or terrifying…

I have found a new gym to try out…


I want max strength…so the name is promising…

I have to say, it looks awesome, it is all about strength training and strongman (woman?) training and powerlifting…it seems amazing. And totally scary! CLick on the picture and it go and see what they are all about! It sounds like I will love it, if I can get over my fear of new people!

The run lifting type competitions and such too so that could be a new challenge in my future. Again if I don’t run away before I even walk in!

I’ll keep you all posted 🙂

The Story of the Girl Undressing in Public (Written by Jae West)

This is the first time I have re logged anything like this, but this is an awesome story and she is very brave!
Here’s to self acceptance for everyone!!


As I stepped onto the streets of Piccadilly Circus with white board and markers in one hand and blindfold in the other, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of vulnerability at what I was about to do. Observing the

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Training with an Injury

Some thoughts on training with an injury which I wrote on my Real Fitness Website blog 🙂

Real Fitness Sussex

No, I don’t mean gritting your teeth and training despite the horrible pain and risk of lasting damage. Neither do I mean mercilessly taking painkillers and pretending it is not that bad really…

I am talking about finding a healthy way to keep you fitness levels up during a period of injury.

I would first like to say that the ability to do this depends very strongly on what injury you have and I would advise checking with a medical professional and a fitness professional before embarking on this.

yes, this was pretty much the situation she was in... yes, this was pretty much the situation she was in…

Having said that, there are definitely some things you can do. For example, I have recent;y been working with a client who is a very keen and very good runner who has a hip flexor injury which she has been trying to train through for a while. After (in her words)…

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