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It is tht time of year again…2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,200 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Same thing different year…

So approximately this time last year I signed up for a thing…

that thing was Janathon (look here)

what I am going to say may be apparent to those of you who have read this blog for a while…


Janathon is a real thing!!

I have signed up again!!

Janathon 2016 here I come…

well once xmas is out of the way at least!!

So 2016 will begin with another month of daily exercise (which is really not that new to me any more 😀 ) daily blogging, which may well be mostly pictorial, and general awesomeness 😀

In fact, having just read last years post, I did Insanity Max 30 during janathon, I may well be doing the same in 2016. I am after all going to be attending the Insanity Instructors Workshop  during January so it seems like a good way to prepare and attempt to ensure that I don’t die on the course!

I am looking forward to it after the enforced rest due to the cold a couple of weeks ago and the (no doubt) sadly reduced workout potential over the next week due to being other places for xmas!


Who’s with me?? come on people you know you want to…get your 2016 off to a flying start 😀 #Nancy? #Claire? you know you want to!

Throwback Thursday: Extra – Biggest Challenge yet!

Wow…2 years ago today I signed up for my PT course!! 😀

Midsummer 365 Projects

imagesThis one is a biggy!

No, I am not running a marathon, I have not  signed up to walk 100kms (although I am still thinking about that shh) I have not even signed up for a 10k…

This on is not an event based challenge, it is a huge step towards making my lifestyle change a permanent one challenge (please don’t analyse the grammar in that sentence!). It is a huge incentive to carry on working on my own health and fitness.

Ok…I’ll tell you what it is…

I have signed up for a Personal Training course 😀

logo-futurefitThis one in fact: Specialist Diploma in Advanced Personal Training (Training Techniques Specialist I will become first a qualified Level 2 gym instructor and the qualified Level 3 personal trainer.  It is both really really exciting, and really really terrifying! I signed up yesterday, and it was this that made me slightly…

View original post 419 more words

Wordless Wednesday: Wintery Walks 


Another New Paddington Day!!

I totally wasn’t expecting to write another one of these so soon… but…

woohoo another deadlift PB!!!

That’s right, this morning’s personal training session I lifted 100kg…twice!!

yes 100kg

that is 220lbs or 15stone 10lbs which is more than most of the people I know! 😀


here it is…proof 😀 100kg


here is the paddington it even says PB on his case!!

I danced in the gym again 😀 different gym this time, different people who take themselves too seriously pretending not to give me odd looks for dancing in the gym! I don’t care…I was excited 😀


and here is the happy dance 😀

New Paddington day!!


woohoo New PB 😀

Ok…I was totally going to be subtle and tell you about Sunday in order and leave the exciting PB news until the end…

But I am excited so I am not waiting!

I increased my deadlift PB yesterday 🙂 it now stands at 95 kg (or 209 lbs for the non metric among you! )  😀 😀

I was shocked… so shocked that I did it two more times just to make sure!

I was shocked, not only that I lifted it, but that it felt easy!! I had been stuck, trying and failing to get 95 kg for months now and suddenly it felt so easy I could do it 3 times! This shocked me so much that I had to add up the weights on the bar 4 times because I believed we had got it wrong! I have literally just added it up again on my work desk pad to make sure and yes…it really was 95kg! Woohoo! I did not dance in the gym for nothing!!


Look 95kg…being held by me…:-D 😀 I lifted that 😀

I have no idea what made sunday different, I am surprised that after 1.5weeks of illness and no exercise I was suddenly better! Especially considering that this was towards the end of the training session and I had done a pilates class first…

Maybe the rest did me good.

Whatever the reason I was very over excited!

buffy yeay



Second challenge of 2016 sorted…

I have decided I need to challenge my self more in the coming year. I faffed around a lot this year, after the big half marathon crazy challenge I mostly bimbled along maintaining my fitness but not really improving.

I did other things, like getting Real Fitness off the ground, but for my own fitness I was mainly static.



So In 2016 I am aiming to set myself more challenges. I am not committing right now to anything concrete like a challenge every month, but I will let you know when I have decided 🙂

For now, I will tell you about the second thing I have signed up for in 2016…

It involves running and obstacles and getting messy…

No…It is most definitely not Tough Mudder!!!

Nor is it a Wolf Run or any muddy obstacle extravaganza…

colour obsA friend and I have signed up for the Color Obstacle Rush 😀

It is 5km with 20 obstacles, which seem to involve foam, giant inflatables and wet sponges…

This seems like much more fun than ice water, electrocution and fire 😉

I am not very good at a) races and b) getting messy so this is a challenge, albeit a fun and not that serious one 😀

Fun is good though…we should all have more of it!!

Enforced Rest

part of the programI have had a cough, one of those horrible, non stop, lung regurgitating type of coughs that stop you doing anything and make breathing hurt. I also came with a bonus free gift of a cold.

Consequently I have had to rest O_O

I have now been a whole week without setting foot in a gym. I have only been for a lunchtime walk once and that was a bit of an amble.

I danced at the weekend but it nearly killed me. I only went because we were short on dancers and I was the dragon in the story (I was so not with it I forgot to get any dragon-y pictures for you all 😦 )

I danced on Wednesday evening because I thought I was getting better, I was getting better, but not as much better as I thought so Thursday was another day resting.

Now it is Friday and this is the longest rest period I have had (enforced or otherwise) since I started this blog!

I have to say, I have hated it, but I really really needed it! If there is one thing I have learned this past .5 years, it is that sometimes you just need to rest. And a really good example of those time is when you can’t get through a whole sentence without coughing!

The good news is…I am almost better now and normal service will be resumed!




The ongoing problem with me and running…or why not to compare yourself to others.

(disclaimer this is not a whinge post I promise, although it may seem like is in the first couple of paragraphs)

Everyone I know who has taken up running is better at it than me. From this I can infer that I am amongst the worst runners in the world.

Well my world which is to say my immediate sphere of reference…which is all I really have to compare it to.

I know people who haven’t run in 15 year then go and run 5km straight off. I know people who can go from not being able to run for a minute to being able to run 10km in less than a year (by which I mean their transition took less than a year, not that they take less than a year to run 10km, they do take less than a year to run 10km but even I can do it in less than a year!). I know people who can run marathons, or 3 marathons in 3 days, or ultramaratons. I know people who claim to be slow/not very good who out pace and out run me every time.

I know people who love running, I know people for whom running is catharsis and not running is as incomprehensible as not breathing!

I am not one of those people.


me, pretending to be a runner and pretending to believe the quote…

I have tried to be, and there are times when I have even enjoyed running. However there are other times when I hate it. Genuine hate, hate of the pain and the way it makes me feel inadequate. Hate of the boredom that comes with longer distances. Hate of the fact that I just can’t seem to make myself improve beyond a certain point!

The problem I have with running is the comparisons i draw between me and everyone else. Despite all I say and all I have written in the past, despite what I know when I engage logical thought, I can’t break free from the “I should be better at this” and the “I want to be as good as them” mentality.

Deep down on a subconcious level, not being very good at running make me feel like a failure.

There is an unspoken (and sometimes spoken) belief held by a lot of people that getting fit is synonymous with running. Following that to its logical conclusion, there is a belief that to be fit means you can run.

I am writing this to remind myself and to reassure anyone out there who is in the same boat as me, that running is not a prerequisite to fitness. Running is great for fitness, if you enjoy running!

I need to remind myself that there are a multitude of other ways to be fit. I have done Insanity and Insanity max 30…I lift and lift and am getting stronger all the time! I can dance my boots off every day if I need too. It is as pointless to compare myself to runners as it is for a person who runs marathons to compare themselves to Arnie!

I am learning not to compare myself to other people, we all have different strengths and weaknesses. My runner friends are not my competition, the other people I see zooming (or not zooming) are not my competition. My only competition is me!

Now if I could only remember that I’d be set!

Running has grown in my mind into an unscaleable  mountain, I need to find a way back to the mindset I had before the half marathon. The one where I was happy being not a runner. I was content to run sometimes when I felt like it.

So from here on out, I am not going to use phrases like “that run was good for me but I know it was crap really” or ” I know I am slow but I am just getting back into it” or even “It is good for me but I am not a runner”

These things just serve to reinforce the negative mindset I have about being bad at running. If there is one thing I know it is that going into anything with a negative mindset you are never going to do it well!

I may run more, I may not, but if I do, I am going into it for the fun of it and to get a little bit better than I used to be.

If nothing else…running makes me a better dancer 🙂


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