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Janathon day 30

Hi, super quick post! 

In the interests of increasing my flexibility and mobility after being told by several seperate people that I am imbalanced and lack mobility in certain areas, I decided to do a bit more yoga. This is also an attempt to fix my super tight legs so I don’t wake up every morning feeling like I have walked 10miles overnight!!

Believe it or not I am actually starting to enjoy it 🙂

Janathon day 30 done 🙂 


Janathon day 27 and 28

Ok…so I didn’t post yesterday, it was totally because I forgot but as well as that, I didn’t take any pictures at dancing so the post would literally be me saying… I did dancing…it was awesome 😀

Yesterday, I did dancing, and it was awesome! 

Oh and I had a sports massage and got told I have lots of bits I need to fix :-S and that I need to work in my flexibility!

This morning I went to my new gym, and tried a session training with my new trainer… It seems like it is going to be awesome!! 

We did deadlifts (conventional and sumo), front and back squats, strict and push presses and some extra stuff. The consensus of opinion is I need to work on my flexibility!

  I am looking forward to this new training! It is going to be very lifting focused which will make me happy…and strong!! 😀 I will write a m film list about it in due course, when I have done a bit more of it!

The main thing I am takin away from the last 2 days is…

I need to stretch more and work on my flexibility :-/

Janathon days 27 and 28 Done 🙂 

Janathon day 26

The day I want to 2 different gyms but didn’t do much in either of them…

First I went to the new gym I am trying out and spoke to one of their trainers about having some training. I am still in search of a way to break my plateau that I will be able to sustain… Fingers crossed this will work 🙂

This is the gym 


It is much less scary than the other two new strength training gyms I have tried, despite the fact that is is on an industrial estate 🙂

The second trip to the gym started well with a warm up and some squats and split squats but then I inadvertently nearly broke my husbands toe by making him do a split squat and his foot fell off the bench and slammed into the floor…

This put paid to the second gym trip…

However I did do something which is better than nothing 🙂

Janathon day 26 done 

Janathon day 25

After the insanity if the weekend I decided to forgo the craziness today and do some more yoga!
Yep I did today in my multicoloured doc marten branded socks made especially to make breaking in your DMs easier!!

I don’t think hey enhanced the yoga, but they didn’t hinder it and my feet stayed toastie!

Today’s choice of yoga was hard work! There is an outside chance that I should have redone the beginner one… 

Never mind it was still good and this woman is still fun and not annoying 😀

Today’s yoga pose that made me giggle was hedgehog pose! It was all curled up like a hedgehog! I feel sure I did not look as elegant as a the Adrienne of yoga with Adrienne, or as cute as a curled up hedgehog while doing it mind you!!

  Hedgehog pose!

  Hedgehog 😀

Janathon day 25 done 🙂

Janathon day 24

Pilates… With a difference!!

Yes this is the picture for last week…

But this week I was a litre busy to take pictures…busy beng the instructor 😀

Yes that’s right I was cover g the Pilates class! I wasn’t covering it with Pilates I was covering it with a hybrid of super sow conditioning circuit training Pilates inspired moves…

I can’t teach actual Pilates after all!!

It was fi and the people in the class were all lovely and said they liked it so that is good 😀

I wasn’t mean enough to cover it with insanity but the way…I think they would have stopped being lovely at that point!! 

Janathon day 24 done 🙂

Janathon day 23 -Wassail!! 


Well that is what I did yesterday! 

Mythago led another wassail this time in Steyning Community Orchard. The traditional waking up of the trees and scaring off of evil spirits took place last night in order to attempt to ensure a bumper Apple crop this coming year!

Well it can’t hurt can it 😀 

And it was a lot of fun! 

(Photo credits here tonsteyning community orchard, these are from their Facebook page 😀 )

We place toast soaked in cider in the branches of the trees so that the evil spirits stick to them and are carried far away by birds!

And of course there was dancing 🙂 

Of course there was dancing…this was a Mythago event dancing is what we do!

There were also very fetching blue overshoes to stop us tracking mud inside after the event 😀

Janathon day 23 done 

Janathon day 22… It was insane!!


This is me now!!

Today’s exercise involved insanity live, and lots of different insanity drill practice and teaching!

It was blooming awesome!  

It was also a long day, and I will write a proper post telling you all about it soon I promise!!! 

Hehe I am an insanity instructor!!! Who’d have thought that would happen!!

Janathon day 22 done! 


Janathon day 21

Remember I said I was challenging myself to become an insanity instructor?

Well that workshop is tomorrow… And in aid of not dying while I am doing it, I decided to have a relatively light day today…

I did go for a walk though…it was a little one but it was something and I am sure I will more than make up for it tomorrow :-S 


Janathon day 21 done 🙂

Janathon day 20

(Slightly belated…)

It was a beautiful day yesterday, so instead of rushing to the gym in my lunchbreak I went for a more traditional walk 🙂

It was very pleasant, if a little blooming freezing!! 

It would be nice if I had some different places to walk, but there are only so many directions I can turn out of work!

I did, however see a fox, bold as brass trotting along the path looking all foxlike! It was daytime too…didn’t anyone tell him that he is nocturnal!!

Then, or course, as it was Wednesday it was dancing night 😀

There was lots of it lots and lots and my legs hardly hurt 😀 

Janathon day 20 done 

Janathon day 19

So…it is Tuesday, and it is still personal training day 😀

It is still dark when I arrive at the gym, although I (like to) think that jabs getting lighter!

It is still ridiculously hard to get out of bed at 5:30 to get there in time.

And we still do an awesome combination of boxing and weights and other awesome stuff.

Today some of the selected randomness included knee tucks and scissor legs while holding myself up on dip bars…which sounds hard but is actually super terrifying as the dip bars at at my shoulder height and accessed by steps which are set back…it makes getting down a lottery!! 

Luckily I had a 100% (unlike the lottery) accuses rate and did not miss the step once! 

Woohoo I survived!!

Janathon day 19 done

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