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Reboot day 5: Oh my goodness yoga is hard!

Remember last year when I did 30 days of yoga, and some other yoga challenges?

Remember how I was improving at it?

Well that improvement has long gone!!

I got up early again this morning…I fully intended to go to the gym. I normally do on a Friday morning, but my gym buddy had some sort of pressing engagement with sun and relaxation and a wedding so I was feeling less than enthusiastic. So, after getting up at normal gym time and faffing about a lot, I decided that staying at home and doing some early morning yoga for waking up would be a good idea…

It was a good idea…but not necessarily a good reality. I mean the yoga video I did was good, I was just appalling at doing it! It made me realise that I need to do a lot more yoga type stuff!


I was not a good at yoga as the average bear!


Image from

So with a morning yoga workout, Day 5 is done πŸ™‚


Reboot day 4: well that was a struggle!

I didn’t want to go for a run! If I hadn’t just committed to this 365 project I would have definitely written off today as a tired day! 

But I had…so I ran…

I spent about half an hour convincing myself to get out of the house.

I spent another 10 minutes convincing myself to get out of the car once I had got to the path.

But I did get out and I did run! 

And that is why I recommitted to this project! The exercises we do when we don’t feel like it are the ones that keep the habit going. They are the ones to be proud of πŸ™‚ those and the other ones which you should also be proud of… 

anyway… I went to the Downs link and I did week 3 day 2 of my 10K trainer and it wasn’t so bad after all (apart from that but where some cyclists overtook me and I nearly jumped out of my skin).

So day 4…more challenging than expected but done πŸ™‚ 

Reboot day 3 (part 2): and then there was dancing…

Dancing and dancing and dancing and aweleggings! 

It was (of course) Mythago practice night πŸ™‚ this Halle was every Wednesday so it shouldn’t be toooooo surprising! 

It is Mythago’s 20th anniversary this year so the side is hosting a Morris dancing extravaganza this coming weekend (yes…you will hear about it…a lot!) so this evening was practice for that 😁 

This means there was a lot of dancing… which is awesome and the whole point of this entire 365 malarkey in the first place! 

Look dancing πŸ™‚ I am not in that one…I am (obviously) photographing it!

I was there though…look here I am with my friend Mark one of Mythago’s excellent dancers and a pretty fine guitar/mandolin player too 😊 (I kind of forced him into being photographed hehehe) 

Oh yes…and did I mention I had my blooming awesome supershero leggings on?

Well I did and they are so awesome that you need to see them!!! 

They are super (hero) awesome!! 

And that is definitely day 3 done 😁

Reboot day 3 (part 1): A morning bear?

If you come here often you will know by now that I struggle with morning workouts… I like sleeping and gettign up in the morning is tricky…

sleepy willow

TBH I am rarely that calm in a morning

However, (and I might have already mentioned this a while back) I have managed to convince a friend of mine that it is a good idea to go with me to the gym two mornings a week…so that along with my morning PT means gym on three separate early morning occasions every week O_O It works if I have someone to meet…it is rarer if I have to go alone…


This is still me in the morning…

So…in case you hadn’t guessed from all of that preamble…I went to the gym this morning with my lovely friend sarah πŸ˜€

We mostly like lifting and pushing the pushy-pulley thing around (this is a prowler sled thing just in case you were not aware). We are attempting to follow a program, mainly because it allows us to avoid making decisions early in the morning…

This mornign we managed some of it, but due to alarm malfunctions we were only there for about 45 minutes rather than an hour… Still we managed a superset of snatch grip deadlifts (50kg) and Bench press (37.5kg) (3 sets of 10-15reps of each) and a superset of leg press (145kg) and hack squats (2 sets of 15 reps of each)

It was not bad as workouts go and pretty much worked the whole body albeit not quite as hard as normal…


looking pretty cheery for a morning…

And that was day 3…well the first part anyway…there will be dancing later, after all it is Wednesday πŸ˜€

Reboot Day 2: lulled by deadlifts…

Hello and welcome to day 2…

Have I told you about my not new any more new trainer Matt 2? Well I know I have as i just looked it up, but it was back in May last yearΒ (here…just in case you wondered)Β so I’ll let you off if you have forgotten. Well anyway, I had training this morning with Matt 2 (who will henceforth be know as Matt because that is his name). If you are a regular reader if these ramblings you will not be surprised by this, Tuesday has been my PT day for almost as long as I have been writing this!


This is a thing apparently…

So this morning I turned up at the gym bright and early (only minutes late) ready and raring to go…

well…ready and resigned to the fact that I was there and someone had planned me a work out so I had better do it… but that’s ok…I was there at least πŸ˜€

Todays session started well, after the warm up we headed down to the lifting racks…

Yeay lifting…

Even more yeay we were doing deadlifts (and by we were I mean I was). Deadlifts are my favourite thing (well one of them…) woohoo 5 x 5 deadlifts at 70kg πŸ˜€ fun times!! It turns out this was just to lull me into a false sense of security…or as I think it was put, get me back into it gently after my week away from the gym climbing mountains…

This deadlift fun was followed by cardio/kettlebell/trx circuitry!! Which is aeswom because well…kettlebells but also because I asked to incorporate more cardio into my workouts despite hating it… but also awful because rowing sprints…250m rowing sprints…bleuch! Good for me, I know but bleuch because they are hard work!!IMG_0852

The other things were single sided 10 reps per side…which is 20 reps really…which gets Matt a look because everyone knows Sams don’t like high reps… I don’t think he cares though and I do them anyway because I know they are sometimes beneficial!

And that was day 2…well the before work morning part of day 2 anyway…

yes…that does mean there is more!

I am holding tight to my current wave of motivated enthusiasm and attempting to make some things a habit…

Things like running at lunchtime πŸ™‚

It was raining, and thundering, and I had worked out once already so I didn’t technically *have* to go, but I went anyway.

I got changed and ventured out into the rainy but still warm and annoyingly humid outside world and ran around again!

I am doing the 10k trainer programme app thingy that I have used before and starting at the very beginning due to my year long hiatus from running and I am up to week 3 today was week 3 day 1 and involved some 1.5min run intervals and some 3 min run intervals.

Strangely, despite the rain and the fact that I was running, I actually had fun…

Just maybe I don’t hate running any more!


And that is day 2 done πŸ˜€

willow yeay


Can you believe it has been 4 Years!!

4 years since I started all of this off!

On 23rd June 2013 I wrote this post: Day 1 of Project Fit Enough to Dance in a MaskΒ the summary of which was, I want to get fitter so I can dance better so I will do some exercise every day.


Mildly irrelevant picture of me earlier this month.

I had no idea when I started this, where blogging and fitness obsession would take me. I had no idea I’d train to be a personal trainer who currently has actual real life clients! I had no idea I’d “run” a half marathon or go to a class called Sh’bam. I had no idea I’d fall in love with lifting really heavy stuff and develop a kettlebell obsession! I had no idea that in one month I’d do 4817 squats as part of a squat challenge. I had no idea that my blogging would gain me real actual friends, two of whom I have met in real life and who I consider to be good friends of mine! I had no idea I’d still be blogging in 4 years time!

As is traditional at new year I feel the need to reflect a little on the past year, but most importantly set myself a new challenge for the year ahead… (yes this is new year for me…in this context I consider my years to start on 24th ish of June)

I think I need to look back to April last year, when I told you I was going to restart my 365 ambitions and then I fell off the bandwagon and in august I came back with promises of goals and such like which I never really fulfilled.

I have been exercising all this time, I promise, I have been less dedicated than during my 365 but I have been working out at least 5 days in a week so I haven’t been terrible by most people’s standards. but I have let some things slide.

I have let cardio slide because I love lifting and I’d rather lift than run… but you know I have pledged to fix this I told you here: I dance better when I am runningΒ and I am still running once or twice a week so that is good.

I have let plyometrics and functional training slide… mainly because they are hard and because lifting stuff is fun.

I have let my diet slide, I don’t mean diet like being “on a diet” because that is not what I am about, but I have been slipping back into some old habits mainly around eating too much snack type food and eating large meals.

I have let my blogging slide, the crux of this blog is health and fitness and the main point of it was to keep my accountable. If I am not blogging that doesn’t work. I have also been pretty lax at keeping the promises I make on here…

well no more…

no more

Yep…a Doctor Who gif… you know its serious now!Β 

Now I am stopping all the excuses and flapping about and eating all the crap (not literally eeew) Now I am going back to the basics and rebooting the whole lot.

Yes…I can totally reboot it again…It has worked for Star Trek, and Spiderman and Batman and so many more superheros… it can work for me!

I am starting again now, today with another 365 days of exercise and blogging. It worked before, it can work again. I am setting the same rules as the first time.

30 mins (at least) exercise a day every day.

Sensible food, no fads no tricks just good healthy food and the odd biscuit because I am not a masochist and it is all about balance!

And I will tell you about it. the exercise at least, I may not tell you about the food, unless you particularly want to know…

so that’s it simple and straightforward and back on track I promise!

Best plan ever!!


A Buff gif too, now you know I mean business!!

So as for that…

Day 1:

Today was day 1 and today I ran.

I ran at lunchtime on a much hotter day than I anticipated!!

It was surprisingly good fun πŸ˜€ even though I have had to start again right back at the beginning, I am slowly improving again…


So that is day 1 done, and it was cardio and everything…

Day 1 of Project Fit Enough to Dance in a Mask 2…the Return!

I dance better when I am running!

Well…not actually when I am running, that is complete madness and I should probably reword the title to avoid confusion.

But I am not going to!

What I mean is, running training makes me a better dancer. So…I have yet again restarted running.

If you have been reading this for a while you will know by now that I have an love-hate relationship with running. Actually no, that is not strictly true, it is more like a mild affinity / don’t hate too much / hate relationship to be honest…

But the one thing I can say is that in 2014/15 when I was training to run a half marathon I danced better than I feel like I dance now.

Another thing I can say is that last year when I was still doing more kickboxing and plyometric type training, I danced better than I feel like I do now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still considerably fitter than I was, but I have been concentrating too much on lifting and neglecting the cardio. I need to do both, I need to have a variety of exercises in my routine otherwise I will not be Fit Enough to Dance in a Mask and that was the point of this whole project!

So, first thing I have done is start running again. I think I mentioned it, but then I mention it a lot so I can’t remember whether it was recently or ages ago…

Yes…I could go back through some posts and have a look…shhh!

anyway…here is some running!

It has been not awful for the most part! I have started using one of the couch to 10k apps of which I have a veritable plethora from all of my different try to run attempts!

I will keep you posted because, as normal the only way for me to keep up doing stuff is to tell you all about it!!

I am going to incorporate some more cardio stuff too, possibly Insanity or Insanity Max 30 but I haven’t decided yet so I will let you know as soon as I do πŸ˜€

And no…I am not stopping lifting, that would be madness…I am just going to do both!!

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