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Reboot day 66: One New Paddington

paddington hat.gif

110kg Rack pull!!

110kg Rack pull!!

That is 110kg…in case you didn’t get it the first time. 110kg is 243lbs in case you are unfamiliar with the metric system…

rack pull

rack pull…

This is a rack pull…it is like a deadlift but only the top half… When I did it I set the bar up so it was at about knee level, then I wanted to try from lower so I stood on a weight plate because I couldn’t be bothered to take 110kg off the bar and move the rack down…

Anyway…I did 110kg rack pulls…and I did them last πŸ˜€

The rest of the workout was also awesome… Sarah and I started off at 6:30 am, and once we had remembered how to use out brains and do stuff we started with deadlift benchpress superset…which is wierd but it worked… 80kg deadlifts 4 x 5 and 40 kg bench press 4 x 5 we then moved on to quad and lower back isolation supersets. Then Sarah went home and I did rack pulls because I wanted to see what I could do. I feel a 1RM deadlift test coming on!!

I was even super good after all that and did my hip and ankle mobility exercises!! Cant tell if these are making a difference yet…but I have only done them three times so I suppose I should be patient…

Later the same day…

There was dancing… obviously there was dancing…it was Wednesday πŸ˜€ Lots and lots of lovely unphotographed dancing. Β We practiced new things for our new story and I generally forgot what I was doing because my new kit was odd and the mask kept slipping down. I will rectify this before its first dance out…

Here is a nother Paddington because I am excited about my PB!!



Reboot days 59 – 65: a pictorial journey through the last week…

Day 59: Wednesday…Gym and tatters…

As is customary for a Wednesday now, the gym was at the unnatural hour of 6:30! A time when we can, to be honest, barely remember what exercise is let alone how to do any… however, we managed a mainly upper body session of bench press, rows, shoulder press, chest flys and inclined bench press πŸ™‚

Evening was dancing… lots of dancing…so much that I forgot to take pictures so here is a sneak preview of the kit my friend Debbie and I have been making for our new story πŸ™‚

Day 60 Thursday… run for cake..

Run for cake, run as fast as you can!

Or something…

Anyway… Thursday was running πŸ™‚ with the lovely Susie who makes me work hard! This time however, there was cake at the end of the run 😁😁

Susie would like me to point out that her cake was not really as big as her head…

iday – Guess what…I went to the gym

At 7am, with Sarah, because that is what I do, despite the fact that I was not at work on Friday…

Fridays session was mainly taken up with a deadlift / squat superset, and followed up with a quad extension / DB straightleg deadlift superset…leg fun πŸ˜€

I totally forgot to take any pictures…so here are a couple from the rest of the day πŸ™‚

Day 62 & 63: Saturday and Sunday – Yoga weekend

Well not the whole weekend…but a portion of each day was dedicated to yoga πŸ˜€ because balance is good!

Day 64: Monday – the hottest UK August bank holiday monday ever.

Not that we knew that when we decided to go and investigate some hills and a forest!!

Needless to say we were somewhat warm by the end of it!! It was good to explore though and there is a lot more left there to investigate in future on bikes and feet!!

We went over th the Hurtwood whish is a huge conglmeration of privately owned forest and land in the surrey hills which the local landowners have allowed the public free access to. It is pretty awesome and maintained by the Friends of the Hurtwood πŸ˜€

Day 65: Tuesday – Hamstring and Hip flexor torture…

No…hang on, not torture, strengthening, that is what it was, strengthening…

I had to do strange strange things with resistance bands including:

Bridge with my feet on a bosu and a resistace band around both feet then I had to pull one leg at a time backwards against the resistance…

Side steps with resistance bands around my feet

Laying down with a resistance band around one foot anchored to a thing and bend and straighten my leg against the resistance.

Giant ball hamstring curls… these ones had no resistance bands.

Then to finish off just in case my legs were no already shaky… I had to do rowing sprints…also with no resistance bands!

this is an approximation of what I did…

Day 58: You can’t have too much hip flexibility for running…

The title is a quote from my awesome running friend Susie, (I have told you about her here)

Wit a couple of exceptions, which would probably lead to bigger problems than just running, she is right. However, I don’t have any…well…I have some, I can move my legs and sit down and stand up and stuff. But I do, it turns out have stiff hips, and stiff ankles and some other stuff which I will get to shortly…

I know known these things for a while, in a vague way, but yesterday as part of my PT sessio I aske Matt if we could do a running assessment so that I could attempt to fix problems before running the half marathon. My hips have been hurting a bit the day after runnign and I was interested to know if there was anything he could see that might be causing it. He is well placed to be able to figure it out as he is a personal trainer and sports therapist and has a degree in the subject…

So I had to run on a treadmill…

It was terrifying!!

But not for too long which was ok… and I learned a few things…

I have stiff hips and ankles, I have feet which externally rotate (especially the right which explains a lot) I don’t pick my feet up enough and sort of shuffle along…

Matt gave me some mobility exercises to do with a resistance band and lots of stretches and foam rolling instructions 😊

Me after the session…extremely relieved to have survived running on a treadmill!

When lunchtime came around I decided to attempt to put some of these things into practice..:I concentrated on keeping me feet pointing in the right direction and lifting them up..:it was hard work and I forgot to keep doing it once I got tired…however it will all work out eventually 😊

Day 58 done πŸ™‚

Reboot day 57: Monday madness!

I went to the gym on a Monday!

Not only that, I went to the gym at 7am on a Monday morning!

Not only that, I went to the gym, at 7am on a Monday morning and I convinced my husband to come with me! This is more of an achievement than you might think because he doesn’t like gyms or other people all that much. Β Apparently, this time he didn’t hate the gym…which is a pretty good step forward πŸ˜€

It was a good session even though I had to do an extremely difficult thing…think first thing on a Monday morning…like with my brain and everything!!

I decided we would do mainly general whole body type exercises and compound movements so this is what we did…

Superset: Hexbar deadlift/heavy carries with Kettlebell goblet squats

Superset: Sled push / pull with bench press

Superset: Viking press with posterior delt flys on the machine.

It was not the easiest of sessions, but it was a lot of fun πŸ™‚

Day 57 done πŸ™‚

Reboot day 55 to 56: a weekend…

Day 55: Saturday… the day I did more yoga

This time it was yoga for hamstrings…

Because hamstrings are important and have a tendency to tighten up when running. It is a good sequence ( I think that is what they are called in yoga…sequences…) I will definitely return to it πŸ™‚

Day 55 done

Day 56: Sunday…riding a bike is harder than you think…

On Sunday we decided to explore a different part of the downs link, the part which starts at Shoreham and goes to Bramber… It turns out that if you stop at the edge of a path, tip over slightly, almost fall in a patch of nettles because there is a hidden hole at the edge of the path and then have difficulty getting going again because there is a hole and you can’t put your foot down, you get heckled by people on mobility scooters. There were several of them and they asked me if I was just learning to ride a bike. They were quite nice about it mind you…it wasn’t offensive heckling.

As it turns out, Sunday was one of those days where I forget a lot of things I used to know about riding bikes anyway, like how to turn corners and how to stop properly and how to ride down slopes. All of these things caused me to squawk, but not (thankfully) come to any actual harm.

I also learned that you are supposed to have bendy elbows when you ride bikes and not steer with your shoulders with your arms locked… Every one else it would seem already knows this, it appears to be some sort of instinct in other people. Apparently when you do this you can steer with just your arms and don’t have to move your shoulders at all. Apparently this means you don’t have to put your body off balance to turn a corner… I am pretty sure I have been getting this wrong for my whole life.


It was a good fun ride even if I did have to try to adapt to a new way of riding which made things easier until I started over thinking it and nearly fell over…

Reboot days 50 – 54: a tale of gyms, not getting lost in the woods and a stolen tooth!

Day 50: Monday…the day someone stole my tooth!!

OK…it was a dentist and I paid him to do it so it may not count as stealing…actually it sounds worse than stealing…

In other words, I had a wisdom tooth out. I was not actually expecting to have a wisdom tooth out, I was expecting a consultation where the dentist confirmed that my wisdom tooth was broken, and that I should come back a different day to have it taken out!

This is not what happened…he took a quick look, decided it should come out and then gave me an injection, some x rays and attacked me with pliers! This was all a little off-putting as I have never had any sort of dental work done before! From the horror stories I have now heard about wisdom teeth, I think I got off fairly lightly. It did leave me a little shaky however and so my plan of running after the dentist and then going to train my client went out of the window!

Instead I went home and sat down…then after a sufficient amount of sitting I did Yoga for when you are sick from the lovely Adriene of Yoga with Adriene

It was enough!

Day 50 done

Day 51: Tuesday…PT against all common sense.

According to the info on what to do after you have had a tooth out you shouldn’t participate in sport or vigorous exercise on the day of the extraction. I took this to mean the actual day…going to bed and getting up again makes it a different day right? So I got up in the morning and went to PT. This is perfectly reasonable I think!

It was an excellent PT session in which I did some trap bar deadlifts and some kettlebells and I am pretty sure there was something else… but I was a little vague that day possibly due to wisdom tooth after effects…

Day 51 done πŸ™‚

Day 52: Wednesday…gym and dancing

Wednesday is always gym and dancing…this shouldn’t be a surprise Β πŸ™‚

The gym was pretty good, It was the second occurrence of the stupidly early get to the gym by 6:30 plan. Sarah and I did things such as bench presses, OH presses, rows and deadlifts. When sarah had to go to work at 7:30 I stayed on again for my bonus half hour and did squat / step up supersets and some core training…I haven’t done dedicated core trainign for ages…I should probably do more

And then there was dancing…which was awesome! Dancing is almost always awesome but this Wednesday we were practicing a brand new Mythago story for the first time ever! It is a good story too πŸ™‚ very appropriate for times when we dance at beer festivals and breweries and such like… I am not going to tell you too much about it now…you’ll all just have to wait πŸ˜€

Day 52 done πŸ˜€

Day 53: Thursday…the day I didn’t get lost in the woods…again!

As you might have realised this getting lost in the woods business is featuring fairly prominently in my mind right now…Ths time, I did go for a run, and it was in woods, and whats more they were woods I had never been to before…and I still didn’t get lost!

I managed it by taking susie with me, she knew the woods and pointed me in the right direction. Which was initially up a great big hill…then down said hill by a much longer shallower route, then some of the way back up again up a “slight slope”. Suffice it to say, we have different ideas when it comes to slight slopes…

However none of this is important…the important thing is I ran for 10 mins without a break, this is a longer continuous interval than I have run for 2.5 years!! it wasn’t the only interval, there were others, but this one was the unexpectedly awesome one. OK it was downhill but still I am super pleased that I am making progress πŸ˜€

Day 53 done πŸ˜€

Day 54: Friday…gym day πŸ˜€

Friday was the day for squats and rows… and then some relatively rare (for us) isolation exercises focusing on quads and lower back πŸ™‚

Why yes Olympic bar…it was heavy!!

Day 54 done 😁


Reboot day 49: a run in which I did not get lost in the woods

Not getting lost in the woods is my aim for all runs from now on!!

The first step I took towards this, was not going for a run in the woods. Near the woods is fine but not in them!

The second step was to go somewhere that I am very familiar with, where it is almost impossible to get lost… you all must be fairly familiar with it by now too, I have written about it so much…

Yep I went along the downs link path! πŸ™‚

It wasn’t the best run I have ever had, but it wasn’t the worst, and they can’t all be perfect. I am really pleased I got out and did it and actually it turned out ok, even thought it felt hard!


So Day 49 done πŸ™‚

(I know I am nearly a week behind again…I promise I’ll catch up…)

Reboot day 48: the one where I was a witch…

Saturday 12th August was the Okewood, Ockley and Forset Hill, Summer Fair and Dog Show.

Sounds posh doesn’t it?

Well it sort of is, it is in a very well to do area of Surrey, with lots and lots of fancy dogs… not the sort of place you would imagine would want a bunch of rowdy border morris dancers making noise and dancing around…

However, we have danced there for the last 3 years and it is a fun dance out πŸ˜€ They keep asking us back and paying us money so they must like us πŸ˜€

We always do three stands, one of which we use to do one of our story dance sets. This time we told the story of the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire, the legend is they are a king and his men who were turned to stone by a witch who was double crossed by the king.

As I said, in this I played the witch…which is a lot of fun…and I get a special costume πŸ˜€ with a hat πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

We also did two other stands of dances and we were pretty short of dancers that day so I got to do about 15 or 16 dances… which is awesome!!

It was also hard work as we were dancing on grass…which had been pretty well rained on in the preceding days and was therefore quite…well not soft exactly but not hard…just the right consistency to sap all the energy from your legs.

Still…the show must go on…as they say πŸ˜€

With lots of dancing and some witching around, day 48 complete πŸ˜€

Reboot Days 42 to 47: A Dorset advanture

Wow, a whole week happened without me posting!!

I my defence I was on holiday in a campervan and my nephews who are 4 and 8 were camping next door (with their parents…they weren’t just loose…). This didn’t leave a lot of time for blogging… it did give me a lot of exercise however…

Day 42: Sunday

Sunday I tried to run…I got changed and went out and looked at the time and realised that I had procrastinated for too long and we had a 4 yr old’s birthday part to get to…

So I did that, then did yoga πŸ˜€

Day 43 (Monday) Dorset Advanture day 1

Day 43 saw is pack up or stuff and set off in the little red van to a campsite near Poole in Dorset. Once there we met up with Marks brother and his wife and children, our nephews… I may have mentioned above that these guys are pretty boisterous and quite keen that Aunty Sam chase them and lift them in the air (weightlifting finally pays off!!) and play cricket and ball games…

so Aunty Sam did all of these things… for about 2 hours… then we went in a walk up a great big hill to find food… it was about 20 minutes of walking there and the same back… I decided this counted as quite a lot of exercise πŸ˜€ and certainly a good lot of activity!!

Day 44 (Tuesday): The one in which I strayed into a horror movie…

Well…not an actual horror movie, but there were several similarities. However, before that there were tanks! Lots and lots of tanks.

No, we are not at war… contrary to what it might feel like when you watch the news.

We went to the tank museum. There were a considerable amount of tanks there!! There was also, completely unexpectedly, my friend Karen who I haven’t seen in ages, so that was nice πŸ™‚ I would defintiely recommend the place if you like tanks. It is very interesting!

a lot of tanks!

a tank!

After walking amongst tanks, and more of the obligatory aerobie/cricket/etc playing I decided it was time to go for a run.

As it turned out it was about 1 hour past time to go for a run but I went anyway. I happily set off in the gathering gloom, up the hill through the woods and along the path that took us to the road the day before, I turned along the road and went along there for a while hoping to loop back to the campsite…no such luck, the road to get to the campsite was super busy (even at 9pm) and had no pavement so I doubled back along the road and the path to the woods. It was all going pretty well up until this point, I was pleased with my ability not to die running up hills and beginning to wonder if I was possibly starting to improve…then the pitch dark woods happened.

I took two paths, both of which seemed to lead directly into boggy mud which I definitely hadn’t seen before…

Once I had decided that I definitely didn’t know where I was, the glitch in my phone made scary shadows, that is when the crows started!! They were cawing and cawing there must have been 100 of them!! This was when I called for a friendly neighbourhood husband with a torch and a sense of direction!!

That much slower lap was when I was wondering about being lost and worrying if I was going to be attacked by crows…

Still at least I went!

Day 45 (Wednesday): Poole in the rain

That is Poole, not a pool, I didn’t go swimming, although it was wet enough that I could have done…

However, the main activity for the day was walking, along the seafront, around the harbour, around the town and that sort of thing. It wasn’t a very full on hardcore exercisey day, but there was definitely activity some rest because it felt like I was coming down with some sort of lurgy.

I wasn’t…but it did feel like that! So for that day walking was enough, after all there is this thing called common sense…also there is this thing called lots and lots of rain, which is an excuse unless you are in a tiny campervan with no indoor room to do anything…

the little red van made a new friend!

A fox, on a swing…

Day 46 (Thursday): Sunshiny bikes and trains…

On thursday there was sunshine, we could be outside and do energetic things πŸ˜€ we had already sourced a local place to go ant take bikes, with trails and such to ride around on…we had just been unable to use it until the rain stopped.

So we strapped the bikes on the van and went…

gruffaloWe did two bike rounds around this forest area which were about 8km each followed by a walk to find a gruffalo…these are intriguing creatures…

This here is a gruffalo, people who are not me read books about him as a child… he seems like a nice enough fellow and I presume that there wouldn’t be so many children going on trails to find him if he was horrible…

After this we went on a little train…because there was one and why wouldn’t you go on a little train if there was one!?

Me on a bike

see…a bike!

Me balancing on a large log probably designed for children

A gruffalo with a nephew

same gruffalo, different nephew…

Little train!

Day 47 (Friday): A day of castles and attempted yoga.

Friday was the last day of our Dorset advanture and we decided to make our way home via Corfe Castle and the Corfe and Swanage railway πŸ˜€

I have never been to Corfe castle before, it is well worth a visit, it is ruined but really awesome! It was apparently pulled down after the war of the roses. There is a reasonable 20 or so minute walk up a large hill to get to the castle, but to offset that there is an excellent tea rooms at the top with scones! We walked around the castle and back to the bottom of he hill then went on another walk up a similar hill to get to a railway station and went to sea age on a steam train (or we tried but it broke and we ended up with a diesel train but still quite cool)

This walking up and down hills alone constituted about 15000 steps so could probably be considered a decent day’s activity its self, but when I got home, I decided I was going to try and fix my unexplained aches which I had developed during the week…aches which contributed to me thinking I was getting a lurgy. I wasn’t, I was just achy.

So I did some yoga when we got home, it was very hard! It was a yoga video I had done before…but it was extremely difficult this time…

I tried a different one first… Yoga for when You’re Sore… but I was too sore and I couldn’t do the balancey bits so I switched to Yoga for Tired legs…because I had those! It was hard but I managed it!!

Day 42 – 47 Done πŸ˜€

Reboot day 38: Adapting to a new routine, and other stories

Day 38 was Wednesday…
Wednesday started extremely early!
Wednesday normally starts early because I have for the last year or so been going to the gym at 7am with my friend Sarah.
This Wednesday due to Sarah having to teach an earlier class, we had to adapt this to start at the gym at 6:30 😱
Remember I am not a morning bear!! This change was hard work!! This change definitely needed coffee to make it happen!
Considering all that, we actually ended up with a pretty decent workout πŸ™‚ we did supersets with rows / shoulder presses and bench press / reverse fly. Then after Sarah left to teach people energetic things I did heavy squats interspersed with bodyweight full depth squat practice to attempt to improve my mobility. To top it all off I did some 160kg leg presses 😃

And that was Wednesday morning…
Wednesday was, of course, dancing practice… which was awesome and a lot of dancing happened… we are learning a brand new dance which is always challenging but fun! (I totally forgot to take pictures)
Day 38 done!

Day 39 was Thursday…
and Thursday involved walking…quite a lot of walking and some running training…
The walking was because I dropped my car off for service at a place that is 35mins walk from work then walked to work…and of course walked back at the other end of the day to pick it up πŸ™‚ this is a pretty awesome way to get steps and extra exercise in πŸ™‚
After picking my car up, I went straight out for a run with my awesome friend Susie and the lovely Graham who longtime readers will possibly remember from circuit training classes way back when I started all of this πŸ™‚

Running was actually pretty awesome! Hard work, but I believe the only way to improve at these things is to work hard and push yourself.
Or…in this case persuade a lovely friend to push you…
we somehow managed to double the length of the running intervals and half the walk intervals since last week… this happened mainly because Susie said I had no choice and I promised to be positive!

All in all pretty good…especially for a Thursday!!

Day 40 was Friday…
Friday involved an early morning gym session… but not as early as Wednesday!
We somehow managed to be a little more awake and decided for some reason that doing two different supersets that both involved sled pushes and pulls would be a good idea!
Actually it was awesome!
We did this interspersed with deficit deadlifts and with bench press…
to be quite honest I am never going to complain too hard about a workout that involves deadlifts πŸ˜€

I love these leggings πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Day 40 done!

Day 41, Saturday (today…yeay)

You may have noticed that this week there has been a suspicious lack of yoga…
well this morning I decided that I missed it and needed to do some.
I chose Yoga for Tired Legs…because I definitely had tired kegs!
It is excellent and something I need to do more often!
I did let's something today too…
Yoga is extremely hard to do when a cat comes and sits on your tummy!!

Hehe silly Mia puss!!!

Day 41 done πŸ˜€

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