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I signed up for a thing!!

No, I didn’t sign up for a half marathon.

No, not even a 10k.

Not a running thing at all as it happens! Well not exclusively running, although running will play a part.

I have signed up to walk (run dance etc) 100 miles.

Not in one go…but between the first and the end of June. It works out at an average of 3.3 miles per day. Which is doable, but challenging. It will be easy to cover that sort of distance on dancing days and dancing weekends, however my work days involve a lot of sitting. So, I am going to have to find ways of squishing extra walking around into my workday!

I signed up for this on Race at Your Pace, which is slightly annoyingly named, because it is not in any way a race. But anyway, they have challenges to walk (crawl, climb) or cycle between 25 and 200 miles in a month….


If you manage this, they send you a medal πŸ˜€ it isn’t really for anything other than a challenge and to give me an incentive to get up and go every day.

NB: for some reason I thought this was to be done before the 25th June…I don’t think this is true now I look back on the website. Bonus!! This means I am ahead of schedule! So far I am up to 19 miles and I have not finished today yet πŸ™‚


Intermittent fasting experiment, initial thoughts…

Well…I have been doing this fasting thing for 10 days. It feels less to be honest, which is probably a good sign…

In general I haven’t been super hungry, and in general, what hungry I do have I can ward off with water and coffee.Β  There have been a couple of times when I have been really hungry but they balance out…

The first couple of days were challenging because I was thinking about it a lot, which made the whole thing worse. Generally it is not too bad because I am at work and doing things so get distracted until food time. I think this could be why people say they are more focused when fasting…they have to do more to distract themselves from food! I did spend the first couple of mornings checking my app to see how long i had left to wait before I could eat…

029c6419-374a-4a5f-a72a-5bb0b5b67adbYes, of course I have an app for this…I have an app for everything πŸ˜€ it is handy because it stops me having to remember times…

So, what are my findings so far, well…I have noticed a couple of things:

  • Working out in the morning is harder with no food in me! This is especially true when I have exercised the night before also within the fasting period.
  • I think about food a lot. I get the urge to eat a lot. Most of these times I am not really hungry, I am just looking for something to do.
  • Having no food in the mornings seems to make it more noticeable when I haven’t had enough sleep. Which is most of the time…
  • I am having to be much more organised in order to make sure I can get all food and exercise and suchlike dealt with in the allotted time.
  • It is not as hard as I thought it would be.

The other burning question is, does it work for fat / weight loss… well… It is pretty hard to tell in 10 days, but after 1 week I weighed myself again and I had lost 0.6kg and my fat % had gone down 0.3% which is not a lot…but it is a step in the right direction.

A step in the right direction that could be complete coincidence, I won’t know really until I have done this for a month (yes that is an arbitrary length of time…).


The main thing is I feel like I am more in control of what I am eating which is important. So it is definitely worth keeping going with it πŸ™‚ I have to now anyway…I have written it in my Bullet Journal!

As well as all this eating experimentation, I have been doing my utmost to do activity every day. A couple of days this involved cleaning the house and pruning apple trees, but believe me these things are definitely active πŸ™‚

I have done exercise exercise too… I have even (believe it or not) done some running O_O I found a new running app (of course) I’ll tell you more about it when I have done more than 2 workouts from it πŸ™‚


Janathon day 6…

Yesterday I decided to do yoga earlier… today I completely failed at that and did it at quarter past midnight again…

Still I did it and that is what counts 😊😊

What’s more I even felt better doing it…I managed to press up from the floor to plank without having to go on my knees and crawl about and I lowered down to the floor without just flopping!! Woohoo progress!!

Janathon day 2

Well that was a shock to the system all round!!

First day back at work, made even more shocking by an early morning PT session!! It was worth it though, the PT was awesome despite it being push day and me having to do Viking presses which are less exciting than they sound!!

I also had to bench press and do rowing sprints and kettlebells… that is one way to wake up in the morning!!

Later that day…

(As they say in movies and such when they can’t think of how to fill in time)

It was time for day 1 or Yoga True from Yoga with Adrien it was awesome and quite simple if not actually easy when you haven’t done yoga for months!!

Willow cat helped too 😊

2018 Janathon is go!!

Happy new year lovely people!! It is a whole new year (obviously otherwise the happy new year greeting would be wierd…) and that means a whole load of people telling you about goals and resolutions and suchlike. I am not going to do that. I have goals…I wrote them in a book…I might show you a picture of it but I am not, at this moment going to tell you all about them in great detail. I will probably do a more detailed new goals post later on when they are clear in my head and when the new year new you nonsense has died down…

If I had a new me for every new year I would be on the 41st version of me and I would have no idea what was going on…

Anyway… it’s january, so what else could I do but sign up for another Janathon and get on and do some exercise!! It was a run too…first on in ages, this is the start of getting my head back in the right place to run! I liked it too πŸ˜€

Reboot days 106 – 124: well… the system works… and other pictures…

I am extremely far behind and I started this post 3 weeks ago… so I am leaving the beginning as it is then you will get a lot of pictures for the intervening days… and I will restart with aplomb from today 😁

The system I mean is the system of listening to people who know things and doing what you are told and getting better as they predict.

This seems to work a lot better than ignoring things and hoping it will go away…

Day 106: Wednesday…<<<<<<<<<
ually pervasive sensibleness, I limited wednesday morning gym activities to upper body work… supersets consisting of: Incline bench press / chest fly, Rows / reverse fly. followed by two sets on the viking press and some core work followed by the dreaded but very important hip mobility elastic band stretches!

luchtime I decided to try out runnign again… I had permission and everything so it was ok! It was a suprsingly good run too… more running less walking all round quicker and it felt better πŸ˜€ yeay! back to training!

ter, of course there was dancing πŸ™‚

and now for all the pictures…

Reboot day 69: Walk a mile in my shoes

Well not so much a mile, more, well …you’ll see πŸ™‚

It was Saturday, I had tried to run but really wasn’t in the right frame of mind… I was struggling to know what exercise to do…

It shouldn’t really be that hard but some days you just don’t have a decision making capability…

faith good ideaAnyway, I came up with an idea, it was part intrigue, and part laziness. Not physical laziness, but mental laziness. I was an idea that seemed like a good one when I had it…and I decided that if nothing else it would lead to a good blog post πŸ™‚

The things I do for you guys!!

I decide to do one of the workouts I planned for my best client. I chose the most recent one from this Friday, I got my stuff and I set myself up in the kitchen. It had to be the kitchen because I needed a smooth floor…

First was tabata, I have random exercises on cards, I picked out 2 from the cardio labelled exercises and alternated them for 4 mins of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Then I did it again with another two randomly picked cards.

I did Med ball power knees because it seemed like a good fit, and look, voluntary fancy burpees!!

After this I did the resistance band section, these were the small resistance bands which I have previously talked about going round knees for such things as squats… These exercises are all a lot more difficult than they look… this is a thing I know about resistance bands. I even did the required 15 reps…15 reps is not my favourite amount of reps…but I did it because they were the rules…do the exercises as written…

Following this was the turn of the fluffy cloth workout… sounds nice and easy and happy doesn’t it… well really not so much…

there are commercially available workout thingies that take the form of sliders that you put your feet or hands on and move them about in different ways… they are expensive and can be simulated with a smooth floor and some microfibre cloths…

So that is what I did.

These exercises are excellent because you have to use your core and stabiliser muscles as well as the muscles being worked just to keep from over sliding and falling down…

Excellent and evil!!

My client actually banned me from ever bringing these back a while ago (yes she can do that) but relented last week and so I decided this workout that I also did… it was HARD!

Good hard but hard!!!

I can sort of see why she banned them to be honest but hey are so effective I think I will use them again!

The last thing I did was some core exercises using the little Pilates ball πŸ™‚ I remember these being easier (not easy but easier) when I used to go to Pilates!!

What have I learned from this experience?

Well a couple of things actually…

  1. I am not an easy trainer
  2. My client is a lot fitter than she thinks she is (she made this look easier than I felt it was)
  3. If I want to get myself back to full fitness and drop some fat (which I do explain-y post to follow) I should write myself workouts and get my arse into gear and do them!!!

So that is what I am going to do… I am going to treat myself as I would my own client and make no more excuses!!

Remember when I said never again…

I did… I said never again.

I said I hated it and I wouldn’t ever do another one.

I wrote about it a lot… here and here

Well… I may have changed my mind.

Its ok…I can do that, I am allowed πŸ™‚ I make my own rules you know πŸ˜›

In case you haven’t already guessed, I am talking about running. Specifically running races, and even more specifically running a half marathon.

Yes…that’s right, after several strong hints, you have guessed it! I have signed up to run another half marathon. Brighton half marathon on 25th Feb 2018 to be precise.

brighton half marathon

So, there it is…

I suppose that I have a little bit of explaining to do…

I have been thinking about this for a while, I have actually been putting some serious thought into whether this is a good idea or whether I should just let the whole thing go. This is the first difference between this time and the last time. Last time it was a spur of the moment decision made after a little persuasion from Β my friend Rachel who wanted someone to run with her and convince her to train. Don’t get me wrong, I decided to do it of my own free will, but I didn’t have the idea for myself and I never really wanted to do it for the right reasons.

I didn’t do the last one because I wanted to run a half marathon, I did it to help out a friend. Which is all well and good, but it didn’t really set my head off in the right place. I was negative about the whole thing from the outset.

This time it is different. I have thought, a lot…and bored people talking at them about it. I have decided that I want to do another one.

Not “I feel I should”

Not “It would be a good thing to do for charity”

I want to run (or walk/run) a half marathon. I want to do it for the following reasons:

  • I want to run a half marathon to prove to myself that I can.
    I know this seems odd as I have already done one, but the experience of the last one was so bad that I have discounted it in my head)
  • I want to see what I can do with the right training and the right food and basically the right versions of everything I got wrong in the last one.
  • I want to do it to prove to myself I can stick at things and improve, to prove I am not a failure.
    Yes…I do feel like one after the failed walk and the disastrous last half…I know I am not one in general, but sometimes we have to do things to banish the feeling.
  • I want to run a half marathon for me.

So that is it, me running a half marathon because I want to… noone forcing me, noone pressuring me to do it, just me against myself.

I *could* just go out and train for a half marathon and run the distance with no race I suppose…but I want an official tick. I want a deadline and a designated place and time to do it. I like to have something tangible to train for.

Also I like shiny medals…

Not that you are really allowed to go around wearing your medals…not for more than one day any way…

I don’t see why not though…I might do this time…I fully intend to be proud of myself at the end and not just grumpy and broken!

In fact I am going to try not to be grumpy at all during this process…

Ok…no that is a complete lie..I will be grumpy sometimes but I am determined not to be sad and angry throughout the race!

I will, of course, keep you informed about how my training is going! The very first thing I need to do is figure out a training plan…and how to run… and how to eat while running and drink… ok…I’ll take those one at a time…

but for now…



Reboot Day 2: lulled by deadlifts…

Hello and welcome to day 2…

Have I told you about my not new any more new trainer Matt 2? Well I know I have as i just looked it up, but it was back in May last yearΒ (here…just in case you wondered)Β so I’ll let you off if you have forgotten. Well anyway, I had training this morning with Matt 2 (who will henceforth be know as Matt because that is his name). If you are a regular reader if these ramblings you will not be surprised by this, Tuesday has been my PT day for almost as long as I have been writing this!


This is a thing apparently…

So this morning I turned up at the gym bright and early (only minutes late) ready and raring to go…

well…ready and resigned to the fact that I was there and someone had planned me a work out so I had better do it… but that’s ok…I was there at least πŸ˜€

Todays session started well, after the warm up we headed down to the lifting racks…

Yeay lifting…

Even more yeay we were doing deadlifts (and by we were I mean I was). Deadlifts are my favourite thing (well one of them…) woohoo 5 x 5 deadlifts at 70kg πŸ˜€ fun times!! It turns out this was just to lull me into a false sense of security…or as I think it was put, get me back into it gently after my week away from the gym climbing mountains…

This deadlift fun was followed by cardio/kettlebell/trx circuitry!! Which is aeswom because well…kettlebells but also because I asked to incorporate more cardio into my workouts despite hating it… but also awful because rowing sprints…250m rowing sprints…bleuch! Good for me, I know but bleuch because they are hard work!!IMG_0852

The other things were single sided 10 reps per side…which is 20 reps really…which gets Matt a look because everyone knows Sams don’t like high reps… I don’t think he cares though and I do them anyway because I know they are sometimes beneficial!

And that was day 2…well the before work morning part of day 2 anyway…

yes…that does mean there is more!

I am holding tight to my current wave of motivated enthusiasm and attempting to make some things a habit…

Things like running at lunchtime πŸ™‚

It was raining, and thundering, and I had worked out once already so I didn’t technically *have* to go, but I went anyway.

I got changed and ventured out into the rainy but still warm and annoyingly humid outside world and ran around again!

I am doing the 10k trainer programme app thingy that I have used before and starting at the very beginning due to my year long hiatus from running and I am up to week 3 today was week 3 day 1 and involved some 1.5min run intervals and some 3 min run intervals.

Strangely, despite the rain and the fact that I was running, I actually had fun…

Just maybe I don’t hate running any more!


And that is day 2 done πŸ˜€

willow yeay


So, I did the thing…

You know…the thing where I had to walk, in a bra, overnight…

yeah…that thing…

OK…I sort of did the thing…

I am really annoyed and angry to tell you that I failed to finish the thing due to my stupid foot playing up and making it impossible to walk…

The foot that got plantar fasciitis…(I told you about it here) that put me on crutches last year…

Well guess what, it decided that this walk was a good time to return! I managed 13 miles, even though it started hurting in mile 2, I didn’t want to stop but I could hardly put it down 😦 I had a horrible feeling that if I carried on I would end up on crutches again. So I went to see some medics, who agreed with me…

I did wear a wonder woman bra in public, with a cape attached though, so that is a plus…and a huge step forward as I am definitely not in the “shape” I would have once said I needed to be in to wear a wonder woman bra in public!

Things I have learned from this experience:

  1. I have no idea what size bra I wear!
  2. I have finally learned to listen to my body…I am not injured but I would have been if I had carried on!
  3. Capes really do get in the way!
  4. Things wouldn’t be challenges if they were easy!
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