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Day 100: Dancing and dancing and dancing and blue

I am blue…well, my hair is blue πŸ˜€ all blue and some turquoise (which is a sort of blue) and some other colours where I didn’t have enough dye but lets gloss over that bit and say…yay I have blue hair!

Look here is is all blue!!

Well not all blue… to be quite honest I think in need to go over it again with the dye but still there is definitely blue in there!!

Also I was doing an impression of a person from the 80s with my super high side ponytail!

Not me from the 80s mind you…in the 80s I looked like this…


back to dancing…

There weren’t many people at dancing on Wednesday, we had 7 dancers but it meant I did almost every dance 😁

This makes me happy!

What also makes me happy is I did almost every dance and still had lots of energy at the end!! I could have danced more!!!

Running really does make me dance batter and that is important!!


Reboot days 76-77: A weekend of wondrous events…

Well, possibly not actually wondrous… but fun and I liked the alliteration!

Day 76: Saturday and advanture in a discovery

Or to put it another way, we went to busfest in Malvern for the day but didn’t take the van because we wanted to get there quicker…

Busfest is one of the biggest (the biggest?) VW campervan show in the country (world?). There are (obviously) lots of vans there, and lots of stalls selling stuff to put in vans, and on vans, and fix vans and make them shiny or not shiny or taller or shorter or into campers if they aren’t already…

It is quite exiting… in a van-y kind of way!

It involved a very early start and a lot of walking πŸ˜€ so that counts as activity in my book!

now here are some van pics πŸ˜€

Day 77: Sunday…Mad Jacks Day of Dance.

Can you tell from the title, that there was dancing?

Well there was dancing…it was excellent, a genuinely fun day of dancing and walking about and talking to friends! Β We were invited by Mad Jacks Morris to celebrate their 40th birthday. So we went along and danced with some other pretty damn good morris sides. Mostly cotswold and completely different to us, but it is good to see cotswold done well πŸ˜€

I did quite a few dances, it wasn’t a super full dance heavy day but that meant we could put more oomph and enthusiasm into the dances we did. It is good when it is like that, when every dance we do is all oomphy and not draggy because it is the end of the day!!

What with the dancing and the walking about up and down hills (Rye is quite hilly…I didn’t know this) I definietly got a lot of activity in πŸ˜€

Here are some dances…us and not us…

Days 76 & 77 done πŸ˜€

Reeboot day 67-68: running and dancing and more rack pulls…

Day 67: Thursday

Thursdays are tricky, I know I have mentioned that in the past. This thursday I didn’t really want to do anything, and it was raining and thundering… however as luck would have it, the rain stopped and the thunder quieted so I had no excuse, I had to go for a run πŸ™‚ I literally had no choice, I promised Susie!

I still did run/walk intervals (although I have been told I have to close the gaps soon) and I extended my distance to 4km πŸ™‚ slow progress but still progress…

Day 67 done

Day 68 Friday: John Barleycorn and hip thrusts (not at the same time)

Friday started in the gym as friday is apt to do πŸ™‚ this particular friday we tried something new…We tried hip thrusts, the ones where you put your feet on the floor, rest your shoulders on a bench and a bar accross your hips and, well, thrust it up and down. It is good for your bum… apparently… well you can definitely feel it… but it is a wierd one to do. We successfully made everything we attempted look difficult, for a pair of trained fitness professionals we did an excellent job of looking like we were beginners πŸ˜€

ANyway, we supersetted hip thrusts with rack pulls, I know I did those on Wednesday but we decided to do them again…posterior chain activation was the thing for the week… we followed that with a superset of leg press and rows…It turned into mainly back day…

This is a hip thrust… only we did it with 40kg because what else would you start with?

What the don’t show you is the inelegance of getting in and out of that position!!

Neither does it show what happens when the bar is wonky tips to one side and you can’t fix it because you are under a bar…

In that situation, it is good to have a friend at the gym with you…they can rescue you and prevent you from looking ridiculous… well maybe not that last bit, but rescue you any way…


This is me on Friday… the pic on the right is just after the gym and the pic on the left neatly segues into the other activity I engaged in on Friday…


Not any dancing either, Dancing out in our beautiful new John Barleycorn kit. Yes that’s right Friday was the inaugural performance of Mythago’s brand new John Barleycorn Story πŸ˜€ well, new to Mythago anyway, the story of John Barleycorn has been around for a while… here is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

John BarleycornΒ is a British folksong (Roud 164). The character ofΒ John BarleycornΒ in the song is a personification of the important cereal crop barley and of the alcoholic beverages made from it, beer and whisky.

It is quite a violent story really, talk of harrowing and cutting him off at the knee, ripping skin from bone and grinding and burying in the earth…
However when you realise that John Barleycorn is a personification of barley and the story is of the cycle of the seasons and the growing and harvesting crops, it all makes a little more sense πŸ˜€

I was John Barleycorn, as you might have gathered, and we danced the dances and didn’t make any mistakes even though we had new endings and different arrangements for the story πŸ˜€ It was a lot of fun!

Picture used with permission from Amberley Museum πŸ™‚

Day 68 done

Reboot days 50 – 54: a tale of gyms, not getting lost in the woods and a stolen tooth!

Day 50: Monday…the day someone stole my tooth!!

OK…it was a dentist and I paid him to do it so it may not count as stealing…actually it sounds worse than stealing…

In other words, I had a wisdom tooth out. I was not actually expecting to have a wisdom tooth out, I was expecting a consultation where the dentist confirmed that my wisdom tooth was broken, and that I should come back a different day to have it taken out!

This is not what happened…he took a quick look, decided it should come out and then gave me an injection, some x rays and attacked me with pliers! This was all a little off-putting as I have never had any sort of dental work done before! From the horror stories I have now heard about wisdom teeth, I think I got off fairly lightly. It did leave me a little shaky however and so my plan of running after the dentist and then going to train my client went out of the window!

Instead I went home and sat down…then after a sufficient amount of sitting I did Yoga for when you are sick from the lovely Adriene of Yoga with Adriene

It was enough!

Day 50 done

Day 51: Tuesday…PT against all common sense.

According to the info on what to do after you have had a tooth out you shouldn’t participate in sport or vigorous exercise on the day of the extraction. I took this to mean the actual day…going to bed and getting up again makes it a different day right? So I got up in the morning and went to PT. This is perfectly reasonable I think!

It was an excellent PT session in which I did some trap bar deadlifts and some kettlebells and I am pretty sure there was something else… but I was a little vague that day possibly due to wisdom tooth after effects…

Day 51 done πŸ™‚

Day 52: Wednesday…gym and dancing

Wednesday is always gym and dancing…this shouldn’t be a surprise Β πŸ™‚

The gym was pretty good, It was the second occurrence of the stupidly early get to the gym by 6:30 plan. Sarah and I did things such as bench presses, OH presses, rows and deadlifts. When sarah had to go to work at 7:30 I stayed on again for my bonus half hour and did squat / step up supersets and some core training…I haven’t done dedicated core trainign for ages…I should probably do more

And then there was dancing…which was awesome! Dancing is almost always awesome but this Wednesday we were practicing a brand new Mythago story for the first time ever! It is a good story too πŸ™‚ very appropriate for times when we dance at beer festivals and breweries and such like… I am not going to tell you too much about it now…you’ll all just have to wait πŸ˜€

Day 52 done πŸ˜€

Day 53: Thursday…the day I didn’t get lost in the woods…again!

As you might have realised this getting lost in the woods business is featuring fairly prominently in my mind right now…Ths time, I did go for a run, and it was in woods, and whats more they were woods I had never been to before…and I still didn’t get lost!

I managed it by taking susie with me, she knew the woods and pointed me in the right direction. Which was initially up a great big hill…then down said hill by a much longer shallower route, then some of the way back up again up a “slight slope”. Suffice it to say, we have different ideas when it comes to slight slopes…

However none of this is important…the important thing is I ran for 10 mins without a break, this is a longer continuous interval than I have run for 2.5 years!! it wasn’t the only interval, there were others, but this one was the unexpectedly awesome one. OK it was downhill but still I am super pleased that I am making progress πŸ˜€

Day 53 done πŸ˜€

Day 54: Friday…gym day πŸ˜€

Friday was the day for squats and rows… and then some relatively rare (for us) isolation exercises focusing on quads and lower back πŸ™‚

Why yes Olympic bar…it was heavy!!

Day 54 done 😁


Reboot day 48: the one where I was a witch…

Saturday 12th August was the Okewood, Ockley and Forset Hill, Summer Fair and Dog Show.

Sounds posh doesn’t it?

Well it sort of is, it is in a very well to do area of Surrey, with lots and lots of fancy dogs… not the sort of place you would imagine would want a bunch of rowdy border morris dancers making noise and dancing around…

However, we have danced there for the last 3 years and it is a fun dance out πŸ˜€ They keep asking us back and paying us money so they must like us πŸ˜€

We always do three stands, one of which we use to do one of our story dance sets. This time we told the story of the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire, the legend is they are a king and his men who were turned to stone by a witch who was double crossed by the king.

As I said, in this I played the witch…which is a lot of fun…and I get a special costume πŸ˜€ with a hat πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

We also did two other stands of dances and we were pretty short of dancers that day so I got to do about 15 or 16 dances… which is awesome!!

It was also hard work as we were dancing on grass…which had been pretty well rained on in the preceding days and was therefore quite…well not soft exactly but not hard…just the right consistency to sap all the energy from your legs.

Still…the show must go on…as they say πŸ˜€

With lots of dancing and some witching around, day 48 complete πŸ˜€

Reboot Day 35: Dancing in a mask

After all, dancing in a mask is what this project is all about…

That and becoming a superhero or warrior goddess…or possibly a warrior goddess superhero who also dances in a mask…

Anyway…On Sunday, I hotfooted it down to Eastbourne (hotfooted in a car but shhh) to take part in the Eastbourne Lammas Festival run by Hunters Moon Morris. There was a lot of dancing, done by Hunters Moon, us (Mythago) and Black Swan Morris, and I do mean a lot of dancing, as Black Swan Morris were short of people so a couple of Mythagos up for a challenge joined in a dance they had never done before O_O one of those was me…it went better than I expected πŸ˜€

During this day of many many dancings I did an unusual thing and hended my phone to an innocent bystander so he could take photos of the dancing…and actually of me dancing…

(its ok…I am not totally crazy…I did know this person before I handed my phone over…)

Look actual pictures of me actually dancing!! A big thank you to My David Poole for taking those photos…

And just in case you were feeling nostalgic for picture of my feet and selfies with me and Debbie in them…

All in all it was a pretty awesome day, and I felt better dancing than I have in a long time. I did 15 dances in all and was much more springy (well springish) than I have been in recent times! I guess this renewed enthusiasm for training and addition of cardio into the mix is starting to pay off πŸ™‚

Day 35 done πŸ˜€

Reboot day 24: A mini Paddington and a goal achieved!!

Do you remember the Viking press?

I am pretty sure you do I told you about it just last week πŸ™‚

Do you remember how I told you it was super heavy without any weight plates on it and I always use it with nothing on?
(Nothing on the machine…I have stuff on…awesome legging most of the time and some for of top)

Well… today in a fit of craziness I decided to add weights!!! Little ones 1.25 kg per side, but still… I added weights!! I am finally improving my shoulders!!! 😁😁😁 this has been my goal for a year!! So the heaviest ever on the viking press is definitely a new Paddington 😁

We trained shoulders today at the gym…in case all the Viking press talk hadn't given that away πŸ™‚ it was a good shoulder session…but it wasn't the *most* dedicated gym session ever!! Still we went and we did stuff and it was early in the morning!!!

Oh and there were awesome leggings!!

So that was morning…

At lunchtime I decided to go for a run… I am building running up as a habit πŸ™‚ so despite the fact that it was all drizzling and humid I went anyway πŸ™‚ and it got me out and away from my desk…and back into my awesome leggings…

No…of course I am not done yet…
It is Wednesday and Wednesday is dancing day!!!
Today, instead of practice we were guests of another local Morris sides at a pub in Angmering not too far from here. So we donned kit and bells and danced away the evening… and due to a quirk of planning and who knew what dance in which place…I ended up in every dance!! As such I forgot to take any photos until afterwards!!
It was fun though and I enjoyed it…despite being a little on the tired side by that time!!

And with that…day 24 is most definitely done!

Reboot day 17: gym, walk, dance…

I think the title might be a bit of a give away…but the first exercise session of the day was a pre work trip to the gym with my lovely friend Sarah.

The pushy pulley thing…

In a fit of enthusiasm we decided to do a superset consisting of the pushy pulley thing and deficit deadlifts…

For the uninitiated the pushy pulley thing is our name for sled pushes and sled pulls, we push the sled complete with a 50kg load out and pull it back with the rope…it is pretty damn awesome to be honest! These supersetted with the afore mentioned deficits deadlifts forms a pretty hard workout…especially as we did 5 sets… 

We followed these with trx 1 legged squats and trx rows 😁

It was a pretty good session, we love the pushy pulley thing 😁

The second exercise was a walk during my lunch break, it was mostly an amble in the sunshine but I thought I’d tell you about it anyway. It was pleasant and good to get out of the office for some fresh air.

And then…of course there was an evening of dancing…so much dancing! So much dancing in fact that I forgot tootsie any pictures of it…

It was pretty awesome though as we were doing some dances we haven’t done for a while and were attempting to learn a brand new dance as well as old dances in new places 😁 in lieu of practice pics from tonight here is a video of practice from a while ago 😁 (no idea why it is sideways…)

With a whack of a stick, day 17 is done 😁

Reboot days 13 and 14: A dragoning we do go…

Dragoning is not like fishing…

I didn’t spend the weekend with a big net waving in the air trying to catch dragons… which now I think of it sounds more like catching butterflies…but you can catch fish like that too.

Well…the net should be in water for fish, but you get the point.

By dragoning I mean playing the dragon in the Mythago dragon story at Tewkesbury Medieval festival this weekend. I also dragoned in the procession and was a more normal morris dancer for a lot of the time

(normal…for a given value of normal that is…)

So…as I mentioned it was Tewkesbury Medieval festival this weekend and we were dancing on both days, and processioning on one day. We do this every year, I am fairly sure I have told you all about it before… last year and the year before and the year before that…

As you might have guessed by now there was an awful lot of dancing this weekend, we did a stand of one off dances and a story and a show set in the beer tent on the Saturday followed by a procession and a story on the Sunday πŸ˜€

I spent so long dancing that I completely failed to take any photos…it was too hot to wear anything with pockets too so carrying my phone about was a problem… so…I have borrowed a few from the mythago facebook page of the procession on Sunday….

See if you can spot the dragon…that is me!! πŸ˜€

I’ll let you into a secret…it was extremely hot this weekend… I had no idea I would be such an enthusiastic dragon, I thought hot tired dragon would be more likely…but I guess the show must go on as they say πŸ˜€

I have never had to stick my head under a cold tap so many times in one weekend! So much fin though, and my reason for doing all of this!

In true dragon style, with a rwaaaaaaaaaaarrrr!! day 13 and 14 done πŸ˜€

Reboot day 10 (part the second): Wednesday dancing

yep…in a bold break with tradition, I did dancing on a Wednesday.

ok…no that isn’t what I mean…that is of course a total lie, Wednesdays have been dancing days since before the onset of this blog!

But… yesterday did break with tradition a little as we danced out at a pub instead of in our practice hall. This meant that I got to pay Β£1.20 for blackcurrant and soda (which is extortionate for fizzy squash) and dance outside in the hot in a mask and tatters.

It also meant we had some fun and saw some different people and got to entertain the public…which is what we are about after all!

All in all it was probably too hot for dancing… at least it was too hot for dancing after also gymming and runnign in the same day… however we don’t let this sort of thing stop us around here!!

The one thing the heat did do is make me forget to take any pictures… so I am going to borrow some from one of our amazing fans… He takes awesome pictures and turns up to a lot of events! So I will put a link to his stuff on FB go look at it and don’t assume I took the pics… you can tell i didn’t anyway, they are not of my feet or selfies!

I am in the top two of those, but not the bottom…

short dancing post for now…expect a bigger one in the near future…it is Tewkesbury Medieval festival this weekend!

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