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Reboot day 24: A mini Paddington and a goal achieved!!

Do you remember the Viking press?

I am pretty sure you do I told you about it just last week πŸ™‚

Do you remember how I told you it was super heavy without any weight plates on it and I always use it with nothing on?
(Nothing on the machine…I have stuff on…awesome legging most of the time and some for of top)

Well… today in a fit of craziness I decided to add weights!!! Little ones 1.25 kg per side, but still… I added weights!! I am finally improving my shoulders!!! 😁😁😁 this has been my goal for a year!! So the heaviest ever on the viking press is definitely a new Paddington 😁

We trained shoulders today at the gym…in case all the Viking press talk hadn't given that away πŸ™‚ it was a good shoulder session…but it wasn't the *most* dedicated gym session ever!! Still we went and we did stuff and it was early in the morning!!!

Oh and there were awesome leggings!!

So that was morning…

At lunchtime I decided to go for a run… I am building running up as a habit πŸ™‚ so despite the fact that it was all drizzling and humid I went anyway πŸ™‚ and it got me out and away from my desk…and back into my awesome leggings…

No…of course I am not done yet…
It is Wednesday and Wednesday is dancing day!!!
Today, instead of practice we were guests of another local Morris sides at a pub in Angmering not too far from here. So we donned kit and bells and danced away the evening… and due to a quirk of planning and who knew what dance in which place…I ended up in every dance!! As such I forgot to take any photos until afterwards!!
It was fun though and I enjoyed it…despite being a little on the tired side by that time!!

And with that…day 24 is most definitely done!

Reboot day 17: gym, walk, dance…

I think the title might be a bit of a give away…but the first exercise session of the day was a pre work trip to the gym with my lovely friend Sarah.

The pushy pulley thing…

In a fit of enthusiasm we decided to do a superset consisting of the pushy pulley thing and deficit deadlifts…

For the uninitiated the pushy pulley thing is our name for sled pushes and sled pulls, we push the sled complete with a 50kg load out and pull it back with the rope…it is pretty damn awesome to be honest! These supersetted with the afore mentioned deficits deadlifts forms a pretty hard workout…especially as we did 5 sets… 

We followed these with trx 1 legged squats and trx rows 😁

It was a pretty good session, we love the pushy pulley thing 😁

The second exercise was a walk during my lunch break, it was mostly an amble in the sunshine but I thought I’d tell you about it anyway. It was pleasant and good to get out of the office for some fresh air.

And then…of course there was an evening of dancing…so much dancing! So much dancing in fact that I forgot tootsie any pictures of it…

It was pretty awesome though as we were doing some dances we haven’t done for a while and were attempting to learn a brand new dance as well as old dances in new places 😁 in lieu of practice pics from tonight here is a video of practice from a while ago 😁 (no idea why it is sideways…)

With a whack of a stick, day 17 is done 😁

Reboot days 13 and 14: A dragoning we do go…

Dragoning is not like fishing…

I didn’t spend the weekend with a big net waving in the air trying to catch dragons… which now I think of it sounds more like catching butterflies…but you can catch fish like that too.

Well…the net should be in water for fish, but you get the point.

By dragoning I mean playing the dragon in the Mythago dragon story at Tewkesbury Medieval festival this weekend. I also dragoned in the procession and was a more normal morris dancer for a lot of the time

(normal…for a given value of normal that is…)

So…as I mentioned it was Tewkesbury Medieval festival this weekend and we were dancing on both days, and processioning on one day. We do this every year, I am fairly sure I have told you all about it before… last year and the year before and the year before that…

As you might have guessed by now there was an awful lot of dancing this weekend, we did a stand of one off dances and a story and a show set in the beer tent on the Saturday followed by a procession and a story on the Sunday πŸ˜€

I spent so long dancing that I completely failed to take any photos…it was too hot to wear anything with pockets too so carrying my phone about was a problem… so…I have borrowed a few from the mythago facebook page of the procession on Sunday….

See if you can spot the dragon…that is me!! πŸ˜€

I’ll let you into a secret…it was extremely hot this weekend… I had no idea I would be such an enthusiastic dragon, I thought hot tired dragon would be more likely…but I guess the show must go on as they say πŸ˜€

I have never had to stick my head under a cold tap so many times in one weekend! So much fin though, and my reason for doing all of this!

In true dragon style, with a rwaaaaaaaaaaarrrr!! day 13 and 14 done πŸ˜€

Reboot day 10 (part the second): Wednesday dancing

yep…in a bold break with tradition, I did dancing on a Wednesday.

ok…no that isn’t what I mean…that is of course a total lie, Wednesdays have been dancing days since before the onset of this blog!

But… yesterday did break with tradition a little as we danced out at a pub instead of in our practice hall. This meant that I got to pay Β£1.20 for blackcurrant and soda (which is extortionate for fizzy squash) and dance outside in the hot in a mask and tatters.

It also meant we had some fun and saw some different people and got to entertain the public…which is what we are about after all!

All in all it was probably too hot for dancing… at least it was too hot for dancing after also gymming and runnign in the same day… however we don’t let this sort of thing stop us around here!!

The one thing the heat did do is make me forget to take any pictures… so I am going to borrow some from one of our amazing fans… He takes awesome pictures and turns up to a lot of events! So I will put a link to his stuff on FB go look at it and don’t assume I took the pics… you can tell i didn’t anyway, they are not of my feet or selfies!

I am in the top two of those, but not the bottom…

short dancing post for now…expect a bigger one in the near future…it is Tewkesbury Medieval festival this weekend!

Reboot Days 6 and 7: you can dance if you want to…

And I did want to…so I danced and danced and danced!

Not on my own…

This weekend saw the arrival of the long awaited Mythago 20th Anniversary Event. A veritable morris dancing extravaganza which found us and various invited guests dancing at carefully chosen locations around Sussex…

Carefully chosen for availability of beer and flat wide placed to dance… and a good audience…obviously!

So there was dancing…

Lots and lots of dancing…

Saturday (Day 6) saw us invading the Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre and dancing from 11 am until 3 pm interspersed with other sides…even Mythago wouldn’t dance for 4 hours straight! ​


After an awesome day of dancing we did… well… more dancing…

Firstly in the form of a ceidliha and then another set for mythago alone where we performed the story of the green man! This was particularly nerve wracking because I had to play my recorder in public for the second time ever 😱

So with all of that Day 6 was done!

Sunday (day 7)

Sunday dawned slightly damply but this soon gave way to brilliant sinchine and much hotness…the best weather bad the worst weather for dancing!

But what we the weather Sunday saw us doing the whole thing again! This time in Horsham town centre!

Again we danced and danced along with some of our great friends from other Morris sides!

And with another considerable dose of dancing day 7 was done πŸ™‚

The entire weekend was absolutely awesome fun! With amazing friends new and old and so much fantastic dancing!!

Here are some survivors selfies I took with members of mythago and the awesome Bloodstone from the Isle of Wight


Oh yes…and the obligatory collage including my feet 😁

Reboot day 3 (part 2): and then there was dancing…

Dancing and dancing and dancing and aweleggings! 

It was (of course) Mythago practice night πŸ™‚ this Halle was every Wednesday so it shouldn’t be toooooo surprising! 

It is Mythago’s 20th anniversary this year so the side is hosting a Morris dancing extravaganza this coming weekend (yes…you will hear about it…a lot!) so this evening was practice for that 😁 

This means there was a lot of dancing… which is awesome and the whole point of this entire 365 malarkey in the first place! 

Look dancing πŸ™‚ I am not in that one…I am (obviously) photographing it!

I was there though…look here I am with my friend Mark one of Mythago’s excellent dancers and a pretty fine guitar/mandolin player too 😊 (I kind of forced him into being photographed hehehe) 

Oh yes…and did I mention I had my blooming awesome supershero leggings on?

Well I did and they are so awesome that you need to see them!!! 

They are super (hero) awesome!! 

And that is definitely day 3 done 😁

A weekend of dance, walking and rain!!

This weekend started so well!!

It was Rochester sweeps festival which involves.. well… Dancing and more dancing and some waking about… all with fantastic people! So that was pretty damn awesome and is exactly what this whole fit enough to dance in a mask project was all about!!

Lovely crazy friends!

Then came Sunday… a day where I was scheduled to walk 20 miles from shoreham to south water on the (infamous) downs link path. This walk was beset with disaster from the get go…

First the path was closed then the detour (as with all good detours) left me in the middle of nowhere then a dog attacked some sheep (not my dog…I don’t have one) then it rained for the next 5 hours!

So miserable was it that I stopped after 14miles… still in the plus side I did 14 miles πŸ™‚

Soggy but still sort of smiling…this wasn’t the end of the walk…I got wetter and less smiley!Β 

Optimistic and smiley at the start of the walk…

Monday involved more dancing…well a long procession and then a little bit of dancing at Hastings Jack in the Green festival… it would have been fun… but there was so much rain!! Still there was dancing and that is always good!!


This was the view from the end of the procession…it looks nicer than it should do!


Mythago, processing…look at the floor…so wet! (photo from Hastings Observer click for source)

Despite the weekends wet drawbacks, it has reminded me of something…I am a damn sight fitter than I used to be…I have turned into a person who can sandwich a 14 mile walk in between two days of dance without crippling myself!! this, my friends is progress!! πŸ˜€

I danced some dances!!

OK…so…I have learned that apparently it is possible to get injured, miss dancing for three weeks… and the world does not end!

and…more importantly, you heal if you are not stupid about the whole thing!! If you don’t ignore it and do stuff despite the pain, you heal quickly and get back to doing stuff!!

and most importantly…I danced some dances at practice last night!! I was moderately sensible about the whole thing…I warmed up then stretched my foot and calves… then danced and rested between dances or every two dances! It was all remarkably sensible…

And awesome!!!

Dancing is awesome!!

I missed dancing!!

I can be part of the side without dancing…

I really enjoyed mostly playing the tambourine at Saturday’s dance out.

I have been enjoying learning more recorder.

But really…I am all about the dancing!!!

I am still quite overexcited!!



Dancing shenanigans!

I believe that when I wrote yesterdays post, I promised you dancing…

I don’t think i promised shenanigans, but generally speaking, when there is dancing there is also a degree of shenaniganinity.

(yes, it can be a word if I like!!)

Dancing-wise the may was somewhat quieter than normal, we had the customary Horsham day of dance, a favourite as it is on our own turf as it were (actually not turf…dancing on turf is hard…but we’ll come to that later). IT was an odd day, it was a good day, we had fun, we pretty much always do, but instead of moving around the town as normal, by some quirk of organisation we ended up staying in the same place for three out of four stands…

Here is a look:


After a relatively, and unusually quiet May, Β June was a veritable explosion of dancing adventures!

The first of which was Wimbourne Folk festival, the first Mythago away weekend of the year. Wimbourne is always a good weekend, and this year was no exception. We arrived first thing on Saturday morning, set up camp and after a brief foray into sitting and coffee drinking, we dived straight into the dancing!

So much dancing!

As a two day event, Wimbourne is a lot like two days of dance in quick succession, with the addition of a mile walk into and out of town each day, and each evening. Oh yeah and a procession, a long and oddly organised procession!

There was a little bit of a wobble when I did what can only be described as a dance too far!!

As I have been woefully neglecting you, my lovely readers and this blog, you will have no idea that I have had a series of annoying leg (either hamstring or quad) almost injuries. Not actual damage as such, but what I finally worked out was a combination of quad tendinitis and extremely overworked calves and hamstrings… so the dance too far was the one you do when ou know your legs hurt and you know that you can’t really do more…yet you do anyway. It was the second to last dance of the day anyway so not toooo bad!

I have since discovered the cure…it is a combination of rockΒ tape, sports massage and gin…yes gin…unusually for me I drank a moderate amount of gin in the evening at wimbourne, and woke up with my legs feeling a lot better, and a whole new lease of dancing life!!

Look…me with lots of dancing energy at wimbourne:

me wimbourne

Photo and video: Kotatsu Neko 808 (Flickr)

2016.06.12 Wimborne Video (2)

After Wimbourne, was an excursion that I wasn’t going to go on until 3 days before…It was a weekend at the Bloodstone Boarder Rally on the Isle of Wight. It was a whole weekend away that involved going on an actual ferry! A tiny little 30 min ferry ride, but still…it made the whole thing feel like I was on holiday!!

Strange as it may seem in a country as small as this one, but I had never been to the Isle of Wight and I loved it! The whole weekend was well run, loads of fun and of course involved a lot of dancing…and some gin.

I learned something this weekend…I learned that it is perfectly possible to lose an iPhone 6 plus in your bra…forget completely, get the whole camp looking for it then realise where you put it “for safe keeping…” this *may* have been gin related…

(incidentally…as a disclaimer…I don’t actually drink that often… )

but mainly, we had, as I have said before a lot of fun, doing a lot of dancing πŸ™‚

And then there was Tewkesbury…

But Tewkesbury is another story!!


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