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Day 99: Tuesdays are getting better

Do you remember the time I knew a girl from mars…

Ok…that wasn’t what I meant to say, but I can’t start a sentence “Do you remember…” without saying that afterwards. I can make it relevant though I promise.

Tuesday is named for Tyr Norse God of war, Tyrsday became Tuesday. In the Roman pantheon the god of war was Mars…therefor Girl from Mars is an excellent song for a Tuesday! Actually it is an excellent song for any day so here it is:

My Tuesday, however contained no war. It contained one gym trip for a  PT session, so that was good for a start. After the obligatory warm up I got to do sled pushes (no pulls just pushes yeay!) in a superset with single dumbbell farmers carries. Using a dumbbell on only one side held engage the core, just in case you were wondering 😀


we took the rope off…no pulling yeay!

This was followed by another superset containing single arm cable rows and straight arm cable pulldowns. Straight arm cable anythings are harder then you might think!

This was all followed by rowing sprints, sprints of 15s and 45s although I maintain that 45s is not really a sprint. I grumbled a bit, but at least it wasn’t a treadmill 😀

not a bad way to start a tuesday really 🙂

Then came lunchtime. Then came running! Yes, more running. It was a reasonably nice lunchtime and I was feeling optimistic so I put on my shiny new shoes and headed out of the door 🙂

It was not a bad run all in all! I had a lot more continuous running at the start and much shorter walk breaks later… I feel like I am improving slowly but surely 😁😁

Day 99 done 😁


Reboot day 91-97: Week of running…

Well…not only running, but there is a high proportion of running. To be exact 5/10 workouts from the last 7 days have been running. I suppose in reality that isn’t a high proportion, is just 50% but it is a lot for me…

However, 3 runs in 3 days on top of the last two days running…do I sense a habit forming? Well, maybe. I decided to try a thing:

It looks like a motivational meme but it isn’t really… I am not a fan of the motivational meme in general. This one is words on a picture which in some peoples books is a motivational meme…but it does make sense unlike some of them. So, in order to get better at running, I am trying out running more.

Day 91: Monday

On Monday I ran in my lucnchbreak. This is too short a time to run any real distance but is the ideal time to work on continuous running and lessening my walk breaks…

I think I am improving… mondays run time was definitely more consistent so maybe the system works!

Day 92: Tuesday

five by fiveTuesday started as Tuesdays do with a PT session 🙂 and the PT session was filled (at least partially) with bench presses 🙂 40kg 5 x 5 😀

There was also some TRX fun and trreadmill hill climb walks… yes that’s right…I went on a treadmill again…I am not sure why I allowed it O_O

Lunchtime featured a run…in keeping with my run more to get better policy 🙂 It was the same run as monday. and it was both better and the same… I was a teeeeeeny bit slower, but I felt a bit better while doing it.

Day 93: Wednesday

In all honesty Wednesday contained one activity too many. I started in the gym as normal with a fun mixture of sled pushes, deadlifts, rows lat pull downs followed by lovely heavy rack pulls 😀 I love a 100kg rack pull to start a morning 😀

Lunchtime featured a run (you may. E sensing a pattern) it was the same route only harder work…possibly because of lifting all the heavy things possibly because I was running for the fifth day in a row and that is new to me!!

Still, training on tired legs is a thing!

Then… later that day there was dancing! Which did me in a little!!

Day 94: Thursday

Thursday was a rest(ish) day…I decided that I needed it!! I did some walking around at lunchtime but that is about it! I decided that recovery was a valid part of training…plus my legs hurt!

Day 95: Friday

The beginning of Friday involved waiting…and sitting…I was stood up by my gym buddy O_O it is ok though, It is early morning and it was only a matter of time before one of us overslept 😀

It did mean that I had a shorter than expected time in the gym mind you…

I made the most of it with supersets. Supersets involving heavy squats and deficit deadlifts. Short but effective 🙂

Later on Friday I tested the limits of running on the Downs link in the evening. the results of this are that much after 6:30 and it is too dark for my imagination! However, I did push my distance to 5km, and try out my lovely new non foot squashy running shoes 😀

Look lovely new running shoes! all blue and the right size! In reality they are both in focus too 😀

Day 96: Saturday

on saturday I was supposed to go for a run…but I procrastinated and then it was too late. So I did some Insanity.

The workout Insanity…not being insane, just in case you wondered. Ireally want to work my way through the insanity program again but am struggling to find time to fit it in every day at the moment. I know this sounds like an excuse but some days I already exercise morning noon and evening. However I will find ways to fit it in as often as possible, because if there is one thing that this reminded me it is that the Insanity Program is awesome and really hard!!

Day 97: Sunday

Guess what I did on Sunday…

Yes, thats right I played around with photos and tried to get my photography website looking more complete.

Oh and I ran too 😀

I didn’t really want to to be honest! It was rainy and I had procrastinated for quite a long time. I was quite keen on the idea of staying at home and doing to thing else. But I put on my shiny (muddy) new running shoes and went to the downs link path. The first km was ok, then the 2nd km was me fighting with my brain which was telling me that turning round at 1.5km was perfectly acceptable and 3km was better than nothing. I managed to make it stop that and turned around at 2.4km so my total run was 5km 😀 (i did have to run around the car park to get it to 5km but it was!!) I am pleased, despite the brain arguments, I did slightly longer run intervals than friday and ended up with a faster time. Even more pleasing was that I won the battle of my brain 😀 (this is harder than you might think!)

Woohoo!! Progress 😁😁😁

Day 85: Tremendous tuesday!

I know!! A most unexpected reaction to a Tuesday isn’t it?!!

Well, it was! Tremendous!

I had PT in the morning which was HIIT (second time in 2 days…Matt must be psychic!) and intervals on a treadmill. Yes that’s right…I went on a treadmill and I didn’t die!!

Then, in my lunchbreak I went for a run, I managed (slightly) longer run intervals!

All the running and no death that is a bonus!!

Day 85 done

Reboot Day 78: 78 Take two…carry on regardless!

oooh! oooh! I can have another 90s song reference here!!

On tuesday I went for a run.

I didn’t really want to but I went anyway because I don’t hate it and often actually like it once I get going 🙂

Also I have a half marathon to train for so shirking is not an option…

I like the word shirking…I should use it more often! Although I shouldn’t use that as a reason to actually shirk…

Anyway…I didn’t feel like running…or doing anything I was still in an anxiety headspace (is a headspace a thing? i mean a thing that isn’t just a place to put your head?) but I convinced myself to go by tricking myself.

I told myself that I only needed to do 2 km… or I could turn it into a walk.

However I ended up doing 4 km because I felt better when I was out there and I needed to 😀

So that is what I call a success 😀

Day 78 Done 😀

Reboot day 70: Sunday run-day

Sunday was raining.

I pottered around in the morning doing things and hoping that it would stop and dry up and become a good running weather day…

It didn’t…

But, come 4pm when it was still peeing down, I decided that there was no real choice, I had to go anyway. After all I bailed on Saturdays run so Sunday had to have running in it! Training, has to continue even if it is damp or cold… if it doesn’t I’ll. ever be ready for Feb!!

So I donned my totally inappropriate for the weather Run like a Grrrl shirt and my supershero leggings and I got out there and did some running!!

I lengthened my run intervals and increased my overall distance… it bad for a soggy Sunday 🙂

And, you know what, running in the rain is not so bad really 🙂 better than scorching hot sunshine!!

Day 70 done 🙂

Reboot days 59 – 65: a pictorial journey through the last week…

Day 59: Wednesday…Gym and tatters…

As is customary for a Wednesday now, the gym was at the unnatural hour of 6:30! A time when we can, to be honest, barely remember what exercise is let alone how to do any… however, we managed a mainly upper body session of bench press, rows, shoulder press, chest flys and inclined bench press 🙂

Evening was dancing… lots of dancing…so much that I forgot to take pictures so here is a sneak preview of the kit my friend Debbie and I have been making for our new story 🙂

Day 60 Thursday… run for cake..

Run for cake, run as fast as you can!

Or something…

Anyway… Thursday was running 🙂 with the lovely Susie who makes me work hard! This time however, there was cake at the end of the run 😁😁

Susie would like me to point out that her cake was not really as big as her head…

iday – Guess what…I went to the gym

At 7am, with Sarah, because that is what I do, despite the fact that I was not at work on Friday…

Fridays session was mainly taken up with a deadlift / squat superset, and followed up with a quad extension / DB straightleg deadlift superset…leg fun 😀

I totally forgot to take any pictures…so here are a couple from the rest of the day 🙂

Day 62 & 63: Saturday and Sunday – Yoga weekend

Well not the whole weekend…but a portion of each day was dedicated to yoga 😀 because balance is good!

Day 64: Monday – the hottest UK August bank holiday monday ever.

Not that we knew that when we decided to go and investigate some hills and a forest!!

Needless to say we were somewhat warm by the end of it!! It was good to explore though and there is a lot more left there to investigate in future on bikes and feet!!

We went over th the Hurtwood whish is a huge conglmeration of privately owned forest and land in the surrey hills which the local landowners have allowed the public free access to. It is pretty awesome and maintained by the Friends of the Hurtwood 😀

Day 65: Tuesday – Hamstring and Hip flexor torture…

No…hang on, not torture, strengthening, that is what it was, strengthening…

I had to do strange strange things with resistance bands including:

Bridge with my feet on a bosu and a resistace band around both feet then I had to pull one leg at a time backwards against the resistance…

Side steps with resistance bands around my feet

Laying down with a resistance band around one foot anchored to a thing and bend and straighten my leg against the resistance.

Giant ball hamstring curls… these ones had no resistance bands.

Then to finish off just in case my legs were no already shaky… I had to do rowing sprints…also with no resistance bands!

this is an approximation of what I did…

Day 58: You can’t have too much hip flexibility for running…

The title is a quote from my awesome running friend Susie, (I have told you about her here)

Wit a couple of exceptions, which would probably lead to bigger problems than just running, she is right. However, I don’t have any…well…I have some, I can move my legs and sit down and stand up and stuff. But I do, it turns out have stiff hips, and stiff ankles and some other stuff which I will get to shortly…

I know known these things for a while, in a vague way, but yesterday as part of my PT sessio I aske Matt if we could do a running assessment so that I could attempt to fix problems before running the half marathon. My hips have been hurting a bit the day after runnign and I was interested to know if there was anything he could see that might be causing it. He is well placed to be able to figure it out as he is a personal trainer and sports therapist and has a degree in the subject…

So I had to run on a treadmill…

It was terrifying!!

But not for too long which was ok… and I learned a few things…

I have stiff hips and ankles, I have feet which externally rotate (especially the right which explains a lot) I don’t pick my feet up enough and sort of shuffle along…

Matt gave me some mobility exercises to do with a resistance band and lots of stretches and foam rolling instructions 😊

Me after the session…extremely relieved to have survived running on a treadmill!

When lunchtime came around I decided to attempt to put some of these things into practice..:I concentrated on keeping me feet pointing in the right direction and lifting them up..:it was hard work and I forgot to keep doing it once I got tired…however it will all work out eventually 😊

Day 58 done 🙂

Reboot day 38: Adapting to a new routine, and other stories

Day 38 was Wednesday…
Wednesday started extremely early!
Wednesday normally starts early because I have for the last year or so been going to the gym at 7am with my friend Sarah.
This Wednesday due to Sarah having to teach an earlier class, we had to adapt this to start at the gym at 6:30 😱
Remember I am not a morning bear!! This change was hard work!! This change definitely needed coffee to make it happen!
Considering all that, we actually ended up with a pretty decent workout 🙂 we did supersets with rows / shoulder presses and bench press / reverse fly. Then after Sarah left to teach people energetic things I did heavy squats interspersed with bodyweight full depth squat practice to attempt to improve my mobility. To top it all off I did some 160kg leg presses 😃

And that was Wednesday morning…
Wednesday was, of course, dancing practice… which was awesome and a lot of dancing happened… we are learning a brand new dance which is always challenging but fun! (I totally forgot to take pictures)
Day 38 done!

Day 39 was Thursday…
and Thursday involved walking…quite a lot of walking and some running training…
The walking was because I dropped my car off for service at a place that is 35mins walk from work then walked to work…and of course walked back at the other end of the day to pick it up 🙂 this is a pretty awesome way to get steps and extra exercise in 🙂
After picking my car up, I went straight out for a run with my awesome friend Susie and the lovely Graham who longtime readers will possibly remember from circuit training classes way back when I started all of this 🙂

Running was actually pretty awesome! Hard work, but I believe the only way to improve at these things is to work hard and push yourself.
Or…in this case persuade a lovely friend to push you…
we somehow managed to double the length of the running intervals and half the walk intervals since last week… this happened mainly because Susie said I had no choice and I promised to be positive!

All in all pretty good…especially for a Thursday!!

Day 40 was Friday…
Friday involved an early morning gym session… but not as early as Wednesday!
We somehow managed to be a little more awake and decided for some reason that doing two different supersets that both involved sled pushes and pulls would be a good idea!
Actually it was awesome!
We did this interspersed with deficit deadlifts and with bench press…
to be quite honest I am never going to complain too hard about a workout that involves deadlifts 😀

I love these leggings 😀 😀

Day 40 done!

Day 41, Saturday (today…yeay)

You may have noticed that this week there has been a suspicious lack of yoga…
well this morning I decided that I missed it and needed to do some.
I chose Yoga for Tired Legs…because I definitely had tired kegs!
It is excellent and something I need to do more often!
I did let's something today too…
Yoga is extremely hard to do when a cat comes and sits on your tummy!!

Hehe silly Mia puss!!!

Day 41 done 😀

Reboot day 37: Awesome tuesday!

Not even just awesome for a Tuesday either! Awesome in its own right!

It started bright and early with a PT session. Unusually for this time in the morning I was awake and enthusiastic… I guess 4.5 hours sleep fits my sleep cycle…

Anyway, to add to the daft that I was awake and suchlike, I also got to do deadlifts and sled pushes/pulls in my PT session which are some of my favourite things!!

I also had to do step ups onto a box thingy that was quite high for a shorty like me. Not only step ups I hasten to add, but step ups with an elastic band around my hips that tried to pull me back down again!

This is supposed to increase glute activation. I am pretty sure it does…but it also increases fear!! Needless to say, these are not my favourite things…but they are good for me and I was proud of myself for being able to push all the way up on one leg…something I couldn’t do easily last time I attempted this (without the band…)


The box doesn’t look that high…but look how high my leg is!!!

The other huge step forward for me is I let trainer Matt take pictures of me while doing stuff!! I had no control over angles or anything and…even more progress…I didn’t hate the pictures!!! And…huge plus I get actual photos to show you of me doing the crazy things!

Well…that was PT…crazy and awesome…but not the end of Tuesday’s exercise.

As I hadn’t run since friday, and I have to improve and get better at running, and the only way to do that is to actually run, I decided to go running.

The area around my work where I sometimes run, and horsham park where I sometimes run were full of other runners…So I decided to make my way over to the now infamous (on this blog at least) downs link path. The Downs link path is nice and quiet I thought, I’ll just go and do some runnign and not meet too many people I thought.

I was wrong! within 5 mins of settign off I met 3 cyclists and two other runners…not too bad… by half way I was being overtaken by packs of 15 runners at a time… there seemed to be some sort of runnign club doing runs and navigation (poor navigation…) all along the same section of downs link that I was on!! It was moderately disconcerting I can tell you!!

Still, I went out and I did a run, even if it wasn’t the best run I have ever done…(I’d love to blame the packs of runners for that but I think it was just an off day…)

So with some awesome PT and unexpected people, day 37 done 🙂

Reboot day 33: Yoga free Friday…

Well so far anyway… there is actually a very good chance I will be doing some yoga in the next half hour…
(I didn't…I fell asleep)

But I promised you a non yoga post, and I promised myself a more vigorous exercise-y day. So that is exactly what we have…

I am back from my Birmingham adventure and have reinstated my normal routine, which means I got myself up at stupid o'clock in the morning and went to the gym 😀

Look there it is…my gym 🙂

It was morning and decision making is tricky… but we managed to do two supersets
The first was squats (1×6@50kg 2×6@60kg) / sled pushes and pulls (50kg)
The second was bench press (1×5@30kg 2×5@35kg) / Kettlebell clean and presses (3×8@10kg per arm)

So despite a bit of indecision, we managed a pretty well balanced bit of superhero training :-D…it did all feel heavy mind you…there is a chance someone turned up the gravity!!

The rest of the day was rainy very rainy and I was very tempted to use that as an excuse to stay indoors…
But as luck would have it the rain stopped and I convinced myrtle go out and run…
The rain only stopped for 5 mins as it happened but I had set off by then so I ran anyway…
and I got very soggy!!

But I still went and ran and remembered that your split times are buggered up a bit if you stop and take photos in the middle…
Oh well it is not all about the time 😁

Some how I don't look as soggy as I was…

So with dual superhero training completed, day 33 done 🙂


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