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Another New Paddington Day


woohoo New PB πŸ˜€

And…not a deadlift one this time!! My deadlifts have pleataeued, which is annoying but not surprising considering the amount of lower body injuries I gained at the beginning / middle of 2016!

This time it was a bench press PB…yes, thats right I am finally attempting to address the imbalance between my upper an lower body strength. I am getting there too but slowly!


New Bench Press 1RM 47.5kg!! πŸ˜€ this makes me very happy! and quite surprised!!

This isn’t a picture of that day… but I love the leggings so I am putting it here!!

This was the day I discovered that the incline bench press is not made for people as short as me!!Β 

A complexity of complexes

I don’t think there actually is a collective noun for complexes, I feel sure that if there were it wouldn’t be a complexity… maybe a difficulty of complexes or a confusion of complexes…

Complexity would likely be the collective noun for puzzles or some such thing…



Back to complexes…

A complex, in this context, is a series of lifts or exercises that is done back to back without putting the bar / dumbbell down. For example, 8 reps each of: deadlifts, cleans, OH presses and back squats then rest and repeat

This has the advantage of being super efficient, a combination of lifting and cardio, not super boring and does all that good stuff like boost muscular endurance and metabolism and suchlike!

It has the disadvantage of being super hard and making you want to fall down!

In case you hadn’t guessed where this was going…I have been adding these into my workouts recently…

I was looking for options as I had got into a very samey pattern with lifting, which I still love, I just thought it is good to mix in some more heart-rate-raise-y whole body fun stuff!

I have been doing a mixture of barbell and dumbbell complexes, and a couple of times I have worked them as a superset as I was training with another person so we did one complex each then swapped… this, when it gets right down to it, is pure madness!


I had to play with the number of reps because I can lift a lot more on a deadlift than I can on a military press… so I upped the reps of the deadlift so I could use the same weight for all of them…switching weights sort of defeats the purpose!

I can highly recommend them πŸ˜€




New new gym…

Do you remember a while ago when I told you I was trying out new gyms…

It caused me to try this one which was really scary and quite far away:


And this one which was no less scary but much closer…


Well a few months ago (February actually) I tried another one… It was a new gym opeingin in horsham, conveniently 5 minutes away from where I work. This was a good sign.

It purported to be:

“A low cost, no contract gym done the right way”

And was called:

Dual Strength and Fitness

that was another good sign, I like both strength and fitness!!


So quite at random, I went for a look around, it looked pretty awesome…lots of heavy stuff and places to lift it, lots of functional stuff like kettlebells (woohoo) and medicine balls, and one or two obligatory pieces of cardio equipment. but the balance was very firmly in favour of lifting not treadmill slogging. This is definitely a place I could like…

So I joined…

And then attempted to go in my lunchbreak from work…which is possible but manic and therefor not really ideal…

So after some experimentation with different timings, and some cajoling of friends, I have managed to do the impossible!

I have managed to get to the gym in the morning on more than one morning a week! I have to admit this is mainly down to other people, but I did instigate the idea I the first place!! However, I have managed to get myself a gym buddy, or possibly my friend Sarah is now coming to the gym with me twice a week, as well as the PT i have one morning a week, that is 3 mornings πŸ˜€ I still can’t quite manage it when I am not meeting people, but it is a start!!

Altogether, pretty awesome! and I am so happy with the gym because it has everything I need in a gym and is super friendly! I actually speak to people…

people I don’t know and everything!! they are not intimidating and judge-y, or at least if they are they don’t show it…and in my experience intimidating judge-y people normally show it… and everyone just gets on with their own thing and does stuff like politely asks if you are using weights / racks / etc and generally speaking doesn’t do stupid stuff.

Did I mention they have a lot of heavy weights?

well they do…and not a sea of terrifying treadmills!!


look bars and weights and suchlike πŸ˜€


Janathon day 27 and 28

Ok…so I didn’t post yesterday, it was totally because I forgot but as well as that, I didn’t take any pictures at dancing so the post would literally be me saying… I did dancing…it was awesome πŸ˜€

Yesterday, I did dancing, and it was awesome! 

Oh and I had a sports massage and got told I have lots of bits I need to fix :-S and that I need to work in my flexibility!

This morning I went to my new gym, and tried a session training with my new trainer… It seems like it is going to be awesome!! 

We did deadlifts (conventional and sumo), front and back squats, strict and push presses and some extra stuff. The consensus of opinion is I need to work on my flexibility!

  I am looking forward to this new training! It is going to be very lifting focused which will make me happy…and strong!! πŸ˜€ I will write a m film list about it in due course, when I have done a bit more of it!

The main thing I am takin away from the last 2 days is…

I need to stretch more and work on my flexibility :-/

Janathon days 27 and 28 Done πŸ™‚ 

Janathon Day 14

Today, contrary to all common sense, I went to the gym twice!

The first time was an experiment, both to try out a promising new gym that has opened really beat my work and to find out if it is feasible to go to the gym in my lunchbreak.

I like the gym, and it is feasible if a little rushed!

The advantage of this new gym is space, it has 4 squat racks each with enough space in front of it to set up a deadlift bar or a a circuit or something! So as I was pushed for time I did the following cross fit style circuit:

5 x 45kg squat, 5 X plank jack burpee, 5 X kettle bell clean and press per arm.

Repeat this circuit as many times as possible in 15mins

I then added on 3 X 5 deadlifts at 70kg just because they are awesome!!

 I think this could be a workable plan πŸ™‚ and lifting in my lunchbreak makes me much happier than running in it!! I am not sure the rest of my office agreed mind you… I was a tiny bit hyperactive and slightly over excited!

Yes…I did actually declare myself awesome when asked how I was by a new project manager, he has known me a week and hasn’t got used to me yet…

Ther was an outside chance I was a little over the top…

So that was lunchtime…

In the evening after training my lovely new client, I went to my original gym with my husband who is beginning to get the hang of gymming πŸ™‚

We did primarily upper body work, and I threw in some clean and jerks at the end for fun πŸ˜€

Janathon day 14 done πŸ™‚

Janathon day 12

Eeek I nearly forgot again

Which is unforgivable really for a Tuesday!! After all Tuesday is the only day I regularly succeed in getting up super early (5:30am) to get to the gym before work! 

Yes…I know I go to the gym at 7 so getting up at 5:30 seems excessively early…

If you had ever seem me eying to function in a morning without leaving enough time for fm coffee, you would know why this extra hour is important!!

Of course Tuesday is not only early gym day, but it is early personal training day πŸ˜€

It is generally awesome and today was no exception!! Today we did boxing and lifting! Both so much fun!! I did squats and deadlifts and rows and bench presses and kettlebells and clean and jerks all mashed up into two big circuits!! I did accuse Matt of trying to kill me at one point…

It was the 50kg seared row point to be exact!!

But no matter…it was still blooming awesome!!

Janathon day 12 done πŸ˜€ 

(Ps I love my new workout top)!!

Janathon day 10Β 

So much for being sensible and resting my super tight quad…

Shh! I know common sense not always my strong suit… 

I did two workouts today… The first was my awesome Sunday Pilates class, amazing as always and acted as both a reset and a reminder of the muscles I worked in Friday which although didn’t have incapacitating DOMS…definitely feel like they have worked πŸ˜€

It is a good ache though and I do love it!! 

That was the sensible portion of Sunday…

The slightly less sensible portion of Sunday was when I took my new to the gym husband to the gym and introduced him to the concept of leg day!

Actually leg day plus deadlifts πŸ˜€ blooming awesome!! Although I did dial back the legs a little to give my quad a fighting chance…

I was working on full depth squats for every rep so didn’t go quite as heavy as usual! I am making a concerted effort not tokimo in range of motion this year πŸ˜€

It held up pretty well to be honest and I only had to stop and foam roller it twice…

Yes I know how that sounds! I promise it is ok!! 

Janathon day 10 done πŸ™‚

Janathon day 8 – then there was liftingΒ 

Upper body only lifting as my right quad is still a bit on the iffy side.

It was fun though, I have recently convinced my husband to come to the gym with me which is pretty awesome because I get a friend to talk to and a person to spot me while doing bench presses and the like πŸ™‚

We started with a cardio warm up and a tabata session and then pull ups, upright rows, bench presses, bent over rows and reverse flys. It wasn’t the longest session ever but it was mainly compound exercises so pretty efficient!

When I say pull ups, I mean assisted pull ups in the giant and moderately terrifying pull up machine.

I have read differing views on whether the assisted pull up machine will actually help you do an unassisted pull up but for now it is the best I can do πŸ™‚

Janathon day 8 done

Another New Paddington Day!!

I totally wasn’t expecting to write another one of these so soon… but…

woohoo another deadlift PB!!!

That’s right, this morning’s personal training session I lifted 100kg…twice!!

yes 100kg

that is 220lbs or 15stone 10lbs which is more than most of the people I know! πŸ˜€


here it is…proof πŸ˜€ 100kg


here is the paddington it even says PB on his case!!

I danced in the gym again πŸ˜€ different gym this time, different people who take themselves too seriously pretending not to give me odd looks for dancing in the gym! I don’t care…I was excited πŸ˜€


and here is the happy dance πŸ˜€

New Paddington day!!


woohoo New PB πŸ˜€

Ok…I was totally going to be subtle and tell you about Sunday in order and leave the exciting PB news until the end…

But I am excited so I am not waiting!

I increased my deadlift PB yesterday πŸ™‚ it now stands at 95 kg (or 209 lbs for the non metric among you! ) Β πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I was shocked… so shocked that I did it two more times just to make sure!

I was shocked, not only that I lifted it, but that it felt easy!! I had been stuck, trying and failing to get 95 kg for months now and suddenly it felt so easy I could do it 3 times! This shocked me so much that I had to add up the weights on the bar 4 times because I believed we had got it wrong! I have literally just added it up again on my work desk pad to make sure and yes…it really was 95kg! Woohoo! I did not dance in the gym for nothing!!


Look 95kg…being held by me…:-D πŸ˜€ I lifted that πŸ˜€

I have no idea what made sunday different, I am surprised that after 1.5weeks of illness and no exercise I was suddenly better! Especially considering that this was towards the end of the training session and I had done a pilates class first…

Maybe the rest did me good.

Whatever the reason I was very over excited!

buffy yeay



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