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I dance better when I am running!

Well…not actually when I am running, that is complete madness and I should probably reword the title to avoid confusion.

But I am not going to!

What I mean is, running training makes me a better dancer. So…I have yet again restarted running.

If you have been reading this for a while you will know by now that I have an love-hate relationship with running. Actually no, that is not strictly true, it is more like a mild affinity / don’t hate too much / hate relationship to be honest…

But the one thing I can say is that in 2014/15 when I was training to run a half marathon I danced better than I feel like I dance now.

Another thing I can say is that last year when I was still doing more kickboxing and plyometric type training, I danced better than I feel like I do now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still considerably fitter than I was, but I have been concentrating too much on lifting and neglecting the cardio. I need to do both, I need to have a variety of exercises in my routine otherwise I will not be Fit Enough to Dance in a Mask and that was the point of this whole project!

So, first thing I have done is start running again. I think I mentioned it, but then I mention it a lot so I can’t remember whether it was recently or ages ago…

Yes…I could go back through some posts and have a look…shhh!

anyway…here is some running!

It has been not awful for the most part! I have started using one of the couch to 10k apps of which I have a veritable plethora from all of my different try to run attempts!

I will keep you posted because, as normal the only way for me to keep up doing stuff is to tell you all about it!!

I am going to incorporate some more cardio stuff too, possibly Insanity or Insanity Max 30 but I haven’t decided yet so I will let you know as soon as I do 😀

And no…I am not stopping lifting, that would be madness…I am just going to do both!!

Throwback tuesday: Dear Running…

Throwback tuesday!!
Ok…I know that isn’t a thing but it is a thing today!!

This was a year ago today…can you believe it!!

I am still a little bit cross with running for this…but it isn’t really running’s fault and I am slowly getting back into it!

Midsummer 365 Projects

Dear Running,

I think we should take a break…

We have had our good times, but recently not so much…and after Sunday I think I have reached my limit!

I may be willing to flirt with you in the future…but it will never be a serious thing!

I composed this in my head, many many times over on Sunday as I tried to find ways to get myself to the finish the dreaded half marathon without flagging down a passing cyclist and demanding a lift! Actually the one I composed had many more rude words and absolutes in it than this one, but I have calmed down now!

I didn’t do that by the way…I made it…all the way to the end…under my own power and everything 😀

And to prove it is true…I got one of these!!

look at my massive medal look at my massive medal

It is a massive medal! And you…

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Janathon day 4

Today there was more running!

Yes you read that right! More running!! 

That is 3 days out of the 4 so far in this janathon season! I am still not hating it!

I am even actually enjoying the things I always used to like, the getting outside, the challenge of improving my intervals, the smugness that comes with going out for a run on my lunchbreak…

Ok that last one is not really true… It is not really not really smugness, I don’t actually feel better than other people but I do feel pleased with myself for going 😀 

Yes that’s right I m back to lunchtime running, it seems to work. I can get a good break from slept and sitting and I then have the evening free to meet with another potential PT client 🙂 (yes that happened and it as awesome fun!)

I probably started off a little fast, and didn’t pace myself very well, which made my pace and continuity at the end a bit all over the place, but still pretty good for me and I went further today than I did on my before Xmas lunchtime runs so that is a win!! 

In addition to that, when I set of for this run it was raining!! I was really pleased when it stopped mind you!!

Janathon day 4 done 🙂 

Janathon is go!!! 2016 day 1

You know if you go for a run on January 1st people have that look in their eyes which says “I wonder how long that resolution will last”

At least that is what my head tells me they are thinking!! Well I haven’t made any resolutions but if I did one of them would have something to do with not getting angry about things I have decided that other people are thinking when I have no actual evidence to support it!

I am making plans and goals and such for 2016 but I haven’t got that far yet. I will tell you all about it when I do I promise! 🙂

What I did do was go for a run…

It was short and it was slow and the walk intervals were longer than I needed as I chose the start of a running training programme when I really should have started further in. But the point is I went for run in the rainy and windy darkness and I actually quite liked it! This is a massive step forward for me 😀

Another massive step forward is that after this run which didn’t really push me too hard (other than the uphill into the wind bit) I realised that it is probably OK to push myself a little bit harder on runs and I am not going to resume the angry run hating mentality that I had for the post half marathon portion of 2015! 

At the end of the day…I dance better when I run a bit and that is important 😀

Happy new year everyone and happy janathon 😀 

Second challenge of 2016 sorted…

I have decided I need to challenge my self more in the coming year. I faffed around a lot this year, after the big half marathon crazy challenge I mostly bimbled along maintaining my fitness but not really improving.

I did other things, like getting Real Fitness off the ground, but for my own fitness I was mainly static.



So In 2016 I am aiming to set myself more challenges. I am not committing right now to anything concrete like a challenge every month, but I will let you know when I have decided 🙂

For now, I will tell you about the second thing I have signed up for in 2016…

It involves running and obstacles and getting messy…

No…It is most definitely not Tough Mudder!!!

Nor is it a Wolf Run or any muddy obstacle extravaganza…

colour obsA friend and I have signed up for the Color Obstacle Rush 😀

It is 5km with 20 obstacles, which seem to involve foam, giant inflatables and wet sponges…

This seems like much more fun than ice water, electrocution and fire 😉

I am not very good at a) races and b) getting messy so this is a challenge, albeit a fun and not that serious one 😀

Fun is good though…we should all have more of it!!

The ongoing problem with me and running…or why not to compare yourself to others.

(disclaimer this is not a whinge post I promise, although it may seem like is in the first couple of paragraphs)

Everyone I know who has taken up running is better at it than me. From this I can infer that I am amongst the worst runners in the world.

Well my world which is to say my immediate sphere of reference…which is all I really have to compare it to.

I know people who haven’t run in 15 year then go and run 5km straight off. I know people who can go from not being able to run for a minute to being able to run 10km in less than a year (by which I mean their transition took less than a year, not that they take less than a year to run 10km, they do take less than a year to run 10km but even I can do it in less than a year!). I know people who can run marathons, or 3 marathons in 3 days, or ultramaratons. I know people who claim to be slow/not very good who out pace and out run me every time.

I know people who love running, I know people for whom running is catharsis and not running is as incomprehensible as not breathing!

I am not one of those people.


me, pretending to be a runner and pretending to believe the quote…

I have tried to be, and there are times when I have even enjoyed running. However there are other times when I hate it. Genuine hate, hate of the pain and the way it makes me feel inadequate. Hate of the boredom that comes with longer distances. Hate of the fact that I just can’t seem to make myself improve beyond a certain point!

The problem I have with running is the comparisons i draw between me and everyone else. Despite all I say and all I have written in the past, despite what I know when I engage logical thought, I can’t break free from the “I should be better at this” and the “I want to be as good as them” mentality.

Deep down on a subconcious level, not being very good at running make me feel like a failure.

There is an unspoken (and sometimes spoken) belief held by a lot of people that getting fit is synonymous with running. Following that to its logical conclusion, there is a belief that to be fit means you can run.

I am writing this to remind myself and to reassure anyone out there who is in the same boat as me, that running is not a prerequisite to fitness. Running is great for fitness, if you enjoy running!

I need to remind myself that there are a multitude of other ways to be fit. I have done Insanity and Insanity max 30…I lift and lift and am getting stronger all the time! I can dance my boots off every day if I need too. It is as pointless to compare myself to runners as it is for a person who runs marathons to compare themselves to Arnie!

I am learning not to compare myself to other people, we all have different strengths and weaknesses. My runner friends are not my competition, the other people I see zooming (or not zooming) are not my competition. My only competition is me!

Now if I could only remember that I’d be set!

Running has grown in my mind into an unscaleable  mountain, I need to find a way back to the mindset I had before the half marathon. The one where I was happy being not a runner. I was content to run sometimes when I felt like it.

So from here on out, I am not going to use phrases like “that run was good for me but I know it was crap really” or ” I know I am slow but I am just getting back into it” or even “It is good for me but I am not a runner”

These things just serve to reinforce the negative mindset I have about being bad at running. If there is one thing I know it is that going into anything with a negative mindset you are never going to do it well!

I may run more, I may not, but if I do, I am going into it for the fun of it and to get a little bit better than I used to be.

If nothing else…running makes me a better dancer 🙂


What a difference (another) year makes…

on Saturday 3rd October 2015 I made myself into a liar again!

ROD-multicolor-1-CopyI said once upon a time (here) that I was not going to do and running races ever again. Well…I broke my rule (I do this a lot :-/) and I was persuaded to enter the Run or Dye 5k. you know, the one where they throw paint at you while you run around…

So…I didn’t hate it!

I didn’t feel like the fat one at the back trailing after everyone else, the one who got the pity claps!

I didn’t get very angry with people (only a little because it turns out I am quite an angry runner…)

All in all it can go down as one of the more successful races I have done 🙂

I almost enjoyed it!

I ran much more of it than I expected to, considering I have only run 5 km twice since march! A massive part of both my enjoyment of the event and my walking less is down to the two awesome people who I did the event with! They kept me going and insisted that we all cross the line together despite them both being better than me!

FullSizeRender (2)

the awesome Sarah and Karen (and me…)

I might not rule out all running in future, I know it is never going to be my thing, but it is a useful cardiovascular exercise, and at least you get out in the fresh air when you are doing it. Unless you are at the Run or dye event as then it was about 75% fresh air 25% dyed powder stuff…

THe other thing that came out of this race, was an opportunity for me to update my “run or dye/colour run update photo series…

I have done one of these every year now since I started this get fit campaign and last year was amazed at the difference! I have to say this year I wasn’t expecting to see a difference…

First remember last year…I posted this:


Well this is the obligatory dramatically posed photo from this year (same skort as the first year and same t shirt as the second…

FullSizeRender (3)

Ok…the difference is not as dramatic as it was from 2013 to 2014 but there is still more of a difference than I expected 😀

woohoo…running doesn’t suck as much as i first thought!

#thisgirlcan run after all

(no I am still never doing another half marathon!)


Juneathon day 19 – more running

i don’t know what happened…I just felt like running…this doesn’t happen to me that often 😯

I am annoyed that I haven had a chance to get into the gym to lift properly much this week but at least I got out into the fresh air and did something! Even if I did leave it until past 9pm… Good thing it is nearly midsummer!! 


Juneathon day 18 – no this is not late post…

honestly :-/

It is ok though I did exercise yesterday 😀

I actually managed to get myself out for a run, in my lunchbreak, on my own!

Guess what…I didn’t hate it!

Juneathon day 11 – Three day Thursday 

well ok, it wasn’t really three days in one Thursday…That would be silly!

But it was the third day in a row that I went for a run!

I can’t remember the last time I ran three times in a weekly a line in a row!! (It was probably around February Nd probably under duress!).

Today, however, I enjoyed it. I was tired and had a good deal of residual grumpiness (see yesterday’s post) before I went out. When I returned however I was actually laughing 🙂 

Laughing and declaring the super awesomeness of myself and Milena loudly to the world! We ran, we didn’t really want to, but we did and we both feel better afterwards! I know excercise does this for you, and getting away from your desk in the middle of the day in the sunshine really works wonders!

It is just quite a long time since running made me happy…it was a good feeling 🙂  

This doesn’t mean I am forsaking lifting in favour of running…

Not a hope of that! 

I just needed a workout I could do in my lunch break as this evening has been full of packing for my forthcoming weekend adventures!!  


These are my (not entirely relevant) kittens! I thought I would put them up here as it is a whole done I showed you them…they are almost cats now!! 

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