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Morris dancing through the dark

I wrote a poem…

Art Journal

Firelight reflects off masked faces
Swirling Tatters
Clashing sticks
Patterns woven in
the shadows between the flames

This was inspired by some dancing I did with my Morris side, we were part of filming for a movie and were required to dance lit mainly by fire. 

This is an attempt at a Gogyohka, a Japanese poem of 5 line with no associated syllable count.

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The ongoing saga of running…

Well the saga of me running anyway. I am sure running itself doesn’t have any sagas, and if it does it is not really for me to say. Not even for me to speculate really. Consequently I am going to tell you the story of me and running.

If you have been here a while you will know this story, it is cyclic and somewhat repetitive…the basic saga goes like this:

I start running, I get better at running, I continue running and sign up for some races. I do races, I realise I hate races. I may or may not start hating running during this time. I realise running is hard and I am not getting better any more, I convince myself that this is because I am better at other things / i like other things more so I stop running.

then I don’t run for ages. I remember running makes me dance better, so I start running and the whole saga begins again.

In case you hadn’t guessed by this point, I have started runnign again. I am in the very beginning phase of the cycle, I have just gone through the bit where I notice that dancing is harder and I remember running makes me a better dancer…

So, I am running (a bit) again.

Despite running (well interval running) 12km in November, I have got so out of practice in the intervening months that I decided to start again. Right back at the beginning with short run intervals.

So what makes this different to the last x number of times? Well…nothing at all really. I am sure I will cycle back around to not running again at some point… I am not planning to, but I know how I work.


yes, I am nearly 10 years of of date in my slogonology… this is a 2009 advert! (yes slogonology is a word!)

I did, however find a new app to tell me how to train.

Of course I did, you must have noticed by now that I can’t do anything without looking for a new app to record/instruct/generally interact with me. It is either an app, or a notebook, or both.

In this case it is an app…although I am planing a notebook too.

THe app I found this time is the Zombies run 5k trainer. It is a standalone app that is not linked to the Zombies Run app. Although it is made by the same people and set in the same universe and suchlike. It works on the premise that a person (you the player/runner) is training to be a useful runner to the settlement in the zombie apocalypse. It is set before the Zombies run story starts. going back to the beginning is a little odd as I am up to season 3 but it is easy enough to ignore that 😀

1fd3a9c1-2802-4f67-b455-9e85e434c32bEach workout is framed like a training session with the Doctor/trainer at abel township and different characters come along to say hi and help you. It is more interesting by far than the normal C25K/C210K training apps which feel a bit like interval timers with words stuck on.

Not only is the interface more interesting, but I am finding the runnign more interesting too. I have been doing sprints in its 15s or 30s runs and the freeform run at the end is good because you just get to do as much or as little as you can. I like the approach.

You never know, just maybe I will stick to running this time 😀


Not one of the cool kids

I just remembered that I wrote this…I like it so I thought I’d share it with you 🙂

Art Journal

On the outside looking in
or forgotten?
Proffered hands of friendship
evaporate like smoke.
Always an afterthought.
Not one of the cool kids.

I don’t feel this a lot any more, but it was something I was thinking about yesterday. I felt like this a lot as a teenager, and it returns when my anxiety is at its worst.

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A splendid excuse for a feast!

I promise a real update soon, in the mean time, go and have a look at what the otters are up to, they have been having some absolutely marvellous shenanigans!

The Otter Chronicles

Good day chaps! I am extremely pleased to say we are back up and running around here! We have been in total chaos and I might even say uproar! Absolute uproar! It is unacceptable and that damned hamster is on his final warning! Any more of this sort of mishap and he’ll have to go!

I mean just because he is a rodent, and a wildcat turned up at the Holt without telling him in advance, that’s no reason to go around scampering behind things and upending experimental buckets into consoles and spreading chaos as he careered around in panic! No reason at all!! It simply won’t do! Panic is no sort of emotion for a UK Raft member, he needs to learn to control himself or his days are numbered I can tell you! We were without power for days, and the research throughout the Raft ground to a…

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Time to Fight.

I promise an exercise related update soon…but for now here is a poem I wrote last week…

Art Journal

(I didn’t mean this to rhyme, I am not sure I like rhyming, but I like the defiance and this is my current mood)

Time to stand
Time to fight
Time to turn and face the light

Never beaten
Never broken
My inner warrior goddess has spoken

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How I felt first thing this morning

I have been having a go at writing poems, I have posted them on my other Art Journal blog but I thought I’d share this one with you all.

Art Journal

Crying in private, hiding from the world
No one sees the tears behind the smiles
Behind the mask
Behind the fun

What would you do if you saw the real me
What would happen if I fell
Fell into the dark
Fell into my mind

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Day 98: Guess what…

Yep, more running, and some walking but basically more running. I feel these blog posts are getting a little repetitive and I am going to have to do something exciting and new soon to break up all the running…for now however it is basically running.


yes, that’s it in a nutshell 😀 not that you could run in a nutshell, it doesn’t seem that practical. But that’s what I have been doing running.

ww running

Like that! Well, not quite like that…I was wearing more clothes because UK in October!!

buffy running

Not quite like that either…I wasn’t inside for a start, or wearing a coat…


I ran after work. I was going to run at lunch but had to post some shoes to people who bought them so after work it was. I did a short run. I am doing two types of runs at the moment, long(ish) ones where I use set intervals and try to go further and increase my intervals a bit. And short ones where I don’t have set intervals and I try to run as much as I can. I am allowed to walk when necessary but have to run again as soon as I can. thus attempting to increase my continuous running capacity 😀

This was a short one, there was definitely more running, and the walks I did were much shorter I also felt better at the end of it! I feel like there is progress of sorts 😀

On the graph, the red dots are walking and the blue green dots are running. there is much more green than red 😀

Day 98 Done with a run 😀

Grand Scottish Ad-Van-Ture part 1

Originally posted on Red Van Travels :
Have you heard of the NC500? Well…NC stands for North Coast, and it refers to a 500 mile road route that goes around (most of) the North Coast of Scotland. It has had a lot of advertising recently and has become a “thing”. Although to quote some of the…

Is “Strong the New Skinny”

Strong, skinny, whatever you are you are awesome!!

this is perfectly said, and I promise you a body positivity post of my very own later in the week 😀

Staying healthy isnt a crime-Fitness is a lifestyle choice

So the newest saying from around the block is “strong is the new skinny” and I realize this has been going on since CrossFit became a hit and everyone figured “fuck being thin”, let’s get huge and muscular – both men and women. I just have some two cents I would like to share about this particular saying.. and maybe some of you will agree and maybe some of you will disagree and look at it differently, doesn’t matter, this is my opinion and you can either take it or walk away with your own opinion. 


For one, I will admit, that people have called me both, “skinny”, “lean”, “strong”, “muscular”, so I have been on both sides of this spectrum and to be honest, I don’t consider myself “skinny” by any means (sure growing up, I was), but muscular, sure.. I mean, for a female one may agree…

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Dancing shenanigans!

As the 2017 dance season is nearly upon us, and it is a lovely sunny day, I thought I would remind you all of the fun and frolics that were last year’s Mythago away adventures 😀

Midsummer 365 Projects

I believe that when I wrote yesterdays post, I promised you dancing…

I don’t think i promised shenanigans, but generally speaking, when there is dancing there is also a degree of shenaniganinity.

(yes, it can be a word if I like!!)

Dancing-wise the may was somewhat quieter than normal, we had the customary Horsham day of dance, a favourite as it is on our own turf as it were (actually not turf…dancing on turf is hard…but we’ll come to that later). IT was an odd day, it was a good day, we had fun, we pretty much always do, but instead of moving around the town as normal, by some quirk of organisation we ended up staying in the same place for three out of four stands…

Here is a look:

Broadwood day of dance, horsham

After a relatively, and unusually quiet May,  June was a veritable explosion of dancing…

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