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Reboot Days 42 to 47: A Dorset advanture

Wow, a whole week happened without me posting!!

I my defence I was on holiday in a campervan and my nephews who are 4 and 8 were camping next door (with their parents…they weren’t just loose…). This didn’t leave a lot of time for blogging… it did give me a lot of exercise however…

Day 42: Sunday

Sunday I tried to run…I got changed and went out and looked at the time and realised that I had procrastinated for too long and we had a 4 yr old’s birthday part to get to…

So I did that, then did yoga 😀

Day 43 (Monday) Dorset Advanture day 1

Day 43 saw is pack up or stuff and set off in the little red van to a campsite near Poole in Dorset. Once there we met up with Marks brother and his wife and children, our nephews… I may have mentioned above that these guys are pretty boisterous and quite keen that Aunty Sam chase them and lift them in the air (weightlifting finally pays off!!) and play cricket and ball games…

so Aunty Sam did all of these things… for about 2 hours… then we went in a walk up a great big hill to find food… it was about 20 minutes of walking there and the same back… I decided this counted as quite a lot of exercise 😀 and certainly a good lot of activity!!

Day 44 (Tuesday): The one in which I strayed into a horror movie…

Well…not an actual horror movie, but there were several similarities. However, before that there were tanks! Lots and lots of tanks.

No, we are not at war… contrary to what it might feel like when you watch the news.

We went to the tank museum. There were a considerable amount of tanks there!! There was also, completely unexpectedly, my friend Karen who I haven’t seen in ages, so that was nice 🙂 I would defintiely recommend the place if you like tanks. It is very interesting!

a lot of tanks!

a tank!

After walking amongst tanks, and more of the obligatory aerobie/cricket/etc playing I decided it was time to go for a run.

As it turned out it was about 1 hour past time to go for a run but I went anyway. I happily set off in the gathering gloom, up the hill through the woods and along the path that took us to the road the day before, I turned along the road and went along there for a while hoping to loop back to the campsite…no such luck, the road to get to the campsite was super busy (even at 9pm) and had no pavement so I doubled back along the road and the path to the woods. It was all going pretty well up until this point, I was pleased with my ability not to die running up hills and beginning to wonder if I was possibly starting to improve…then the pitch dark woods happened.

I took two paths, both of which seemed to lead directly into boggy mud which I definitely hadn’t seen before…

Once I had decided that I definitely didn’t know where I was, the glitch in my phone made scary shadows, that is when the crows started!! They were cawing and cawing there must have been 100 of them!! This was when I called for a friendly neighbourhood husband with a torch and a sense of direction!!

That much slower lap was when I was wondering about being lost and worrying if I was going to be attacked by crows…

Still at least I went!

Day 45 (Wednesday): Poole in the rain

That is Poole, not a pool, I didn’t go swimming, although it was wet enough that I could have done…

However, the main activity for the day was walking, along the seafront, around the harbour, around the town and that sort of thing. It wasn’t a very full on hardcore exercisey day, but there was definitely activity some rest because it felt like I was coming down with some sort of lurgy.

I wasn’t…but it did feel like that! So for that day walking was enough, after all there is this thing called common sense…also there is this thing called lots and lots of rain, which is an excuse unless you are in a tiny campervan with no indoor room to do anything…

the little red van made a new friend!

A fox, on a swing…

Day 46 (Thursday): Sunshiny bikes and trains…

On thursday there was sunshine, we could be outside and do energetic things 😀 we had already sourced a local place to go ant take bikes, with trails and such to ride around on…we had just been unable to use it until the rain stopped.

So we strapped the bikes on the van and went…

gruffaloWe did two bike rounds around this forest area which were about 8km each followed by a walk to find a gruffalo…these are intriguing creatures…

This here is a gruffalo, people who are not me read books about him as a child… he seems like a nice enough fellow and I presume that there wouldn’t be so many children going on trails to find him if he was horrible…

After this we went on a little train…because there was one and why wouldn’t you go on a little train if there was one!?

Me on a bike

see…a bike!

Me balancing on a large log probably designed for children

A gruffalo with a nephew

same gruffalo, different nephew…

Little train!

Day 47 (Friday): A day of castles and attempted yoga.

Friday was the last day of our Dorset advanture and we decided to make our way home via Corfe Castle and the Corfe and Swanage railway 😀

I have never been to Corfe castle before, it is well worth a visit, it is ruined but really awesome! It was apparently pulled down after the war of the roses. There is a reasonable 20 or so minute walk up a large hill to get to the castle, but to offset that there is an excellent tea rooms at the top with scones! We walked around the castle and back to the bottom of he hill then went on another walk up a similar hill to get to a railway station and went to sea age on a steam train (or we tried but it broke and we ended up with a diesel train but still quite cool)

This walking up and down hills alone constituted about 15000 steps so could probably be considered a decent day’s activity its self, but when I got home, I decided I was going to try and fix my unexplained aches which I had developed during the week…aches which contributed to me thinking I was getting a lurgy. I wasn’t, I was just achy.

So I did some yoga when we got home, it was very hard! It was a yoga video I had done before…but it was extremely difficult this time…

I tried a different one first… Yoga for when You’re Sore… but I was too sore and I couldn’t do the balancey bits so I switched to Yoga for Tired legs…because I had those! It was hard but I managed it!!

Day 42 – 47 Done 😀


Reboot day 38: Adapting to a new routine, and other stories

Day 38 was Wednesday…
Wednesday started extremely early!
Wednesday normally starts early because I have for the last year or so been going to the gym at 7am with my friend Sarah.
This Wednesday due to Sarah having to teach an earlier class, we had to adapt this to start at the gym at 6:30 😱
Remember I am not a morning bear!! This change was hard work!! This change definitely needed coffee to make it happen!
Considering all that, we actually ended up with a pretty decent workout 🙂 we did supersets with rows / shoulder presses and bench press / reverse fly. Then after Sarah left to teach people energetic things I did heavy squats interspersed with bodyweight full depth squat practice to attempt to improve my mobility. To top it all off I did some 160kg leg presses 😃

And that was Wednesday morning…
Wednesday was, of course, dancing practice… which was awesome and a lot of dancing happened… we are learning a brand new dance which is always challenging but fun! (I totally forgot to take pictures)
Day 38 done!

Day 39 was Thursday…
and Thursday involved walking…quite a lot of walking and some running training…
The walking was because I dropped my car off for service at a place that is 35mins walk from work then walked to work…and of course walked back at the other end of the day to pick it up 🙂 this is a pretty awesome way to get steps and extra exercise in 🙂
After picking my car up, I went straight out for a run with my awesome friend Susie and the lovely Graham who longtime readers will possibly remember from circuit training classes way back when I started all of this 🙂

Running was actually pretty awesome! Hard work, but I believe the only way to improve at these things is to work hard and push yourself.
Or…in this case persuade a lovely friend to push you…
we somehow managed to double the length of the running intervals and half the walk intervals since last week… this happened mainly because Susie said I had no choice and I promised to be positive!

All in all pretty good…especially for a Thursday!!

Day 40 was Friday…
Friday involved an early morning gym session… but not as early as Wednesday!
We somehow managed to be a little more awake and decided for some reason that doing two different supersets that both involved sled pushes and pulls would be a good idea!
Actually it was awesome!
We did this interspersed with deficit deadlifts and with bench press…
to be quite honest I am never going to complain too hard about a workout that involves deadlifts 😀

I love these leggings 😀 😀

Day 40 done!

Day 41, Saturday (today…yeay)

You may have noticed that this week there has been a suspicious lack of yoga…
well this morning I decided that I missed it and needed to do some.
I chose Yoga for Tired Legs…because I definitely had tired kegs!
It is excellent and something I need to do more often!
I did let's something today too…
Yoga is extremely hard to do when a cat comes and sits on your tummy!!

Hehe silly Mia puss!!!

Day 41 done 😀

Reboot Day 36: Blue Monday

Well…it wasn’t that blue really…but we haven’t had a song reference for a while… so there it is…

It guess it wasn’t blue…but it was closer to blue than wanting to shoooooooot the whole day down…


Anyway… Monday was not so much blue, as tired… I ventured away form my office during my lunchbreak and went on a walk around the local area. It was a lovely sunny day and you know me, I love to get away form my desk as often as possible…which is not all that often really…there is a lot of sitting involved in technical authoring…

It wasn’t a long walk or a fast one but I went out and walked around for about 35 mins 😀

There I am all walking about and suchlike…

When it came to the evening, I decided to go for a run after training my PT person. I got changed all ready to run, I went to the place I was going to run…I got out of the car and switched on my music…I did not run! I was, for some reason super tired so I decided to go home and rest and yes…you guessed it…do yoga. As I said before I am actually starting to really enjoy this yoga business…

(not an actual business…I don’t have a yoga business…)

I chose yoga for mood swings because we all have mood swings sometimes, and I was in a strange mood, not least because I was cross with myself for not running!!

I was ok again by the end of the video though 🙂

Day 36 Done

Reboot day 34: Secret Nuclear Bunker…

Secret nuclear bunkers don't really count as exercise…but the do have walking around and they are very interesting…so I am telling you about it 🙂

secret nuclear bunker

In Essex, quite near the outskirts of London, there is a "Secret Nuclear Bunker" I put it in quotes because it is demonstrably not secret…after all we drove straight to it and there are a number of famous roadsigns pointing the way to the secret nuclear bunker… They could have been an elaborate hoax designed to send the enemy straight into a trap…but it turns out they aren't. They take you directly to the bunker…well directly to the road just outside the bunker 😀

These bunkers were designed and built in the 50s just after the Russians had a successful nuclear weapons trial. The whole thing from land requisition to fully operational underground nuclear bunker  took 7 months. This makes you wonder why hoses take so long to build and why the government takes so long to do anything…but that's a different matter!

So this bunker, built in the 50s to be a rotor station then converted to be a regional governmental headquarters for times of nuclear threat, is well worth a visit. It is quite in insight into how the country would work in the event of nuclear war if you want more info on this place have a look at the website 🙂 It is not a flashy commercialised place, and some aspects of it could do with a little bit of an overhaul, but it is fascinating, and a little chilling! I did quite a bit of walking about and I took some pictures…

So, as interesting as that was, it didn't really count as the days exercise. As I (again) left it late, I did a bedtime yoga sequence. Funnily enough, I am really startign to enjoy this yoga!! I am not sure if I am improving in any real sense but I am getting more comfortable doing it 😀

Yoga is beginning to be a thing that I do because I like it and I feel the benefits rather than because it is a stop gap or a thing I do in place of other things…

This is true, even though I always seem to do it late at night…

So in a secret underground way, day 34 is done


Reboot day 32: still Yoga…and Yoga is still hard!!

Day 32 was yesterday (Thursday) and I know I promised you a non Yoga post soon…one is coming…I promise… just not quite yet…

Thursday was tricky…they tend to be to be honest…so due to Thursday and general disorganisation I managed to leave exercise until 10:30pm…
This is why I did yoga again… and why I skipped to day 3 of yoga camp… day 2 is quite long… not the day I mean… the video for day 2….

Anyway I did more yoga… and it was hard!! Partly because I was tired but mainly because yoga is hard!! I might be getting slightly better though… I can sit cross legged now without too much complaining…

Today's edition was about embracing…embracing where I am and the journey I am going on 🙂 I embrace the fact that I can't change the past and all I can do is move forward with this whole superpower quest…
After all you don't see superheroes moping about wishing they hadn't eaten so much pizza and had done a bit more cardio…

I am also embracing my cartoon leggings and my Grrrl Clothing Namaste Bitchesssss t shirt 😁

And with that repeat shameless selfie… day 32 is done 🙂

Reboot day 31: yet more yoga and an appropriate t-shirt

Or it could be an inappropriate t-shirt…depending on  your point of view… but I like it anyway 😀

I know I am doing a lot of yoga at the moment…I promise I will do something else soon…It was mostly brought on by the fact that I have been away but also I am enjoying it! SO much so that I am considering doing the 30 days of yoga thing again!

Not instead of other the things, as well as them…after all yoga compliments running and lifting and provides a bit of balance…

Sometimes literally!

SO, with that in mind, yesterday, after a longer than expected journey back from Birmingham, I decided to do the first day of Yoga Camp. Yoga Camp is one of the 30 day yoga programs that Adriene runs on the Yoga with Adriene website. It is from a couple of years ago but it is all on you tube so it is easy to get hold of.

The first day was called Acceptance. it is about accepting yourself where you are at the moment. This is an excellent concept for me right now. You know I have been struggling this year with a bit of lack of focus which has lead to me eating more than I should and a pretty variable attitude towards myself. Well a huge part of moving forward is accepting where I am right now. No amount of going over what I should and shouldn't have done over the last few months is going to change anything. The only way to change is to move forwards. I started this process with my reboot of the 365, but I haven't really forgiven myself for letting things slide a bit. I need to accept and acknowledge that I am still capable and strong and I haven't lost anything I can't get back. I have not even really lost anything, just taken my eyes of it for a second.


So with a lot of yoga and an awesome t shirt…

Day 31 done 🙂

Reboot day 29-30: tales of yoga and waking…

Day 29 and day 30 were both spent in Birmingham… I was not very organised and my course took up more time and energy than I expected but I did manage to do some yoga and go for a walk on both days…

Day 29 (Monday)
I decided it would be a good idea to do yoga as soon as I got up…apparently it is supposed to wake you up… it might have done a little…I did feel better after I had done it…but I wouldn't say I was very awake. But then I am not really a morning bear…
I chose a 5min shirt wake up yoga thing from the lovely Adriene from Yoga with Adriene and well…it was just 5 mind and it made a diff so I'd say it was worth doing 😁

Yes I was in my pyjamas!

Later that day…well evening… I went for a walk. I was determined to find canals while I was in Birmingham, I had an advantage because I knew where to look 🙂 so I walked until I found them then I walked along them feeling all nostalgic and thinking of all the time I have spent on these canals over the years! It was pretty awesome actually and I ended up waking for two hours!!

Day 30 (Tuesday)

I Tuesday I snuck in an extra walk when I followed a sign on the road on the way back from my course…
I found quite an interesting section of canal which I also remember from childhood trips 😀

Much later before I went to bed… I did some more yoga… in case you hadn't guessed… this time I chose yoga for loneliness… which was almost certainly a by product of being in a hotel on my own for 3 days…with no one to talk to…

It was quite a nice yoga practice (I thought m that's the right terminology) as it was good for the hips and the core which are always good things to work on if you ask me 😀

Day 29 and 30 done 😁😁

Day 28: late night hotel yoga…

I am in Birmingham, in a hotel. It is for work so not as exciting as it could be… but it is for a training course so also better than some other options…

Travelling on a Sunday really threw out my routine… but I managed to figure it out and did some yoga at about 11:30 pm 😱

Bedtime yoga in fact… it seemed appropriate 🙂

And just in case you are interested here is my hotel 🙂

So despite weird travel arrangements, day 28 done 😊

Reboot day 27: Pink and purple hair day…

Have you ever had one of those days (weeks…well months actually) where you have so much to do that you don't know where to start. One of those times where you spend so much time worrying about the stud you have to do that you forget to start anything and make everything even more rushed and busy?

Well my life has been a bit like that for the last few months…

Don't get me wrong I have been doing loads of stuff that I enjoy and I love being busy but there is a point where you go argh! And wonder if you might enjoy stuff a little bit more if everything wasn't so rushed!

Well yesterday was a bit like that! I was going to my friends wedding at which I was the photographer and had made the cake… and before I set off I wanted to dye my hair and run or gym and sort my camera stuff out…

So when I found myself still in my pyjamas at 11 because I couldn't decide what to wear because it depended on what I did first, I decided that maybe some yoga would be in order…

So I investigated and found Yoga with Adriene's "Yoga for Stress and Anxiety"
It seemed appropriate so I did it…

I liked it and all of the concentration on not falling over and breathing definitely calmed me down and allowed me to realise I had plenty of time 🙂

Oh and once I had done it I decided to do some work with a foam roller because it is good for me… apparently 😁

Oh and I had time to dye my hair and do all the things I needed to so all the worry was for nothing…

Day 27 done 😀

Reboot Day 20: More yoga for bears

When there has been a lot of running and squatting and of course a lot of dancing in a bear’s schedule, what they really need to do is some yogaing… 

Bears yoga-ing

Yoga in like these bears here 😁. Actually probably not as well as these bears here but I am getting slightly better! It wasn’t quite as hard as it was two weeks ago!

I was, in an unusual break with tradition, trying to work on my weaknesses and improving things that could do with extra work. Mostly my hip flexors and legs which are becoming particularly tight due mainly to sitting down for 8 hours at a desk! 

Actually this happens to most people because modern life is like that, lots of sitting in cars and at desks and suchlike.

Anyway… to attempt to counteract this, I chose two Yoga with Adriene videos, Yoga for the Psoas and 7 min Yoga for Runners. After all if I am going to run a half marathon I should be a runner and I can only assume (in fact I have mentioned it before) that yoga for runners makes you a runner!

They were good videos, not easy but definitely good stretchy! They did also make me realise that I have a long way to go until I am actually a yoga bear…

Still every little helps and my legs felt better afterwards 😁

Day 20 done 🐻


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