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2017 Janathon: 31 days of yoga…

OK…it is the start of a brand new year…

Traditionally I am supposed to do a round up of 2016 and a goals and whatnot post for 2017…well I am not going to yet..or possibly not at all…I will tell you goals as I set them…but new year is not the only time you can set them…it is just the time people seem to.

I had just got through telling myself that I didn’t need to sign up to do 30 days of this and a month of that because my lifestyle incorporates a lot of exercise and suchlike when I saw a FB post about Janathon so I thought ooooh maybe I will do that again just because I can…

Then I went and looked at the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel, and noticed that she is doing a new 31 day yoga program which started on 1st Jan called Yoga revolution. It is 31 days of yoga (obviously) but also something about mind body connection and getting them working together and suchlike…

so I thought what the hell…I’ll do that…it might just do me some good…

so…I have done Day 1: Ease and day 2: Intention so far πŸ˜€ I have so far remembered that I like yoga…and that it is hard, even when you think it will be easy!!

If you want to join me it isn’t too late you could catch up I am sure!! just click here:

Yoga revolutionΒ 

Yoga…in a class!!

I tried a thing!

I tried a yoga thing!

In a class with other people!

I didn’t hate it!

It was hard work and I am (as we already know) not so flexible in some planes…but I think I enjoyed it… enough to try again at some point any way!


And…I got to wear my amazing Yoga Grrrl Attitude t shirt πŸ˜€ always a bonus! (it is of course from the amazing Grrrl Clothing…go and see them…no I am not paid to say that…)

I do still prefer pilates! That is defintiely coming back onto my workout rota! I had fun in yesterdays class though as the it was taken by Matt the trainer :-D.

It was also empty in the studio before hand so I could take a genuine gym selfie which makes me look like i have massive shoulders πŸ˜€





629 KB


Week 2 of this yoga thing…

I have just finished week two of my 30days of yoga challenge, and it is going well so far!

I am starting to notice tiny differences, tiny improvements I should say πŸ™‚ a lot of them are indefinable and boil down to feeling better whilst holding or moving between poses πŸ˜€

I am not very good at balancing, but my arms are slightly twistier!

I am not very good at balancing, but my arms are slightly twistier!

This pose is awesome for your hips...even if you feel like you are falling over!

This pose is awesome for your hips…even if you feel like you are falling over!

The wrist twisting thing is exactly what I need to fix my inflexible wrists (apparently this will help with my front squat!)

Sun salutation-y goodness

Sun salutation-y goodness

Day 9 was very twisty, which is good for me even if I am not very good at it!

Day 9 was very twisty, which is good for me even if I am not very good at it!

This squat is nearly impossible if you are me!!

This squat is nearly impossible if you are me!!

Things I have learned so far:

  • If you do yoga in socks you slip inside them and you nearly faceplant the yoga mat!
  • Yogic squats are really really hard!!
  • I can now sit cross-legged without wanting to cry…it is still not my comfy seated position of choice, but there is improvement!
  • My heels are closer to the floor in downward facign dog than they were…slightly…and this might be due to the sports massage i had on my calves…
  • I actually look forward to this yog-ing now
  • this thing is worth doing!
  • Yoga is hard on your shoulders

PS…if you are looking at the number up there and thinking I am behind a day well, I am I missed Saturday due to extreme falling asleep…

I did two lots on Sunday to make up for it…one of them was an actual yoga class run by Matt my trainer so it doesn’t have a number or pictures…

yep…I even did yoga in public!!

The “easy pose” is misnamed

Or week one of my 30 day yoga challenge…

The easy pose involves sitting cross legged and being upright and grounded and such. (I am still not aufait with the yoga terminology) as j discovered on day 1 this pose is not as easy as described and caused my ankles to hurt a lot!

On day 7 I discovered I can do this pose a little bit better, it is still not the most comfortable thing in the world, but my ankles didn’t feel so bad so that has got to be progress, right?

   My arms do not twist like that!

 This one was very core focused, hard but I could at least do all the moves (thank you Pilates πŸ™‚ )

  Day 5 was watched intently my Mia cat πŸ™‚

These things are much harder than the lovely Adriene makes them look! The twisty one was good though πŸ™‚

   There was a lot less graces hen I attempted that and a lot more nearly falling over!!
The socks were the real star of day 2!


So, what have I learned from a whole week of yoga?

  • Anyone who says yoga is not a real workout is wrong. It is hard and to achieve and hold some of the poses needs real strength as well as superhuman flexibility!
  • People who are good at yoga make the impossible look effortless…but I appreciate that they didn’t get that way without a lot of work!
  • I may not have improved physically yet, but I can definitely see how I will if I keep this up!
  • I have discovered that if I feel restless physically or mentally, the act of doing the yoga, concentrating on breathing and attempting the movements helps me feel a lot calmer! (This was a surprise to me but I suspect won’t be to anyone who actually does yoga!) 
  • I am actually enjoying this challenge, it is hard but I am liking it! 

You never know, I might become a yoga bear yet…


    February Challenge…

    Yes, I know it is past the middle of February, but who says I have to start things at the beginning of months :-p it will be partly a March challenge too!! πŸ˜€

    A couple of posts ago I told you I was going to incorporate more yoga into my exercise endeavours, and since I said that I have done practically no yoga because time got away from me. However that is going to change. Even my calendar is telling me that yoga is the thing for bears in February…

    feb bear yoga

    this is genuinely my calendar for this month!

    Even my calendar is trying to tell me I should become more flexible!

    So yesterday I looked at my new favourite yoga you tube channel

    Yoga with AdrieneΒ 

    and in the process of browsing, I discovered a series she did last year called 30 Days of Yoga.

    Now, it didn’t take me long to realise what would be involved in this…

    yes, you got it too…yoga, every day for 30 days! So, I thought,. well what harm could it do, and you never know, int 30 days I might actually see an improvement and want to carry on! It might be just the thing to start to flexible up my inflexible bits!!

    presumably it will take longer than 30 days…but it is a start!!

    30 days

    I did day 1…it seemed logical…

    So once I had decided to do the whole 30 days, there was no point in waiting, so I started then and there with day 1.

    Starting with any other day seemed silly…

    Yeay 30 days of yoga…lets go…

    Ok…pose one…sit in a position which is a bit like cross legged but with one foot in front of the other…easy right…


    apparently this is not possible if you have my legs :-/

    apparently this is not possible if you have my legs :-/

    oh…ok…apparently not!

    Apparently this hurts many parts of my legs and ankles! This in its self is an indication that I need this yoga! Quite a lot of the first part of the video (apparently it is called practice) was in this position, I was not a comfortable bear!!

    Oh well, there is no point in challenging yourself to do something you are already good at!!

    I will keep you updated on my progress (I really hope there will be progress…) and if you want to join in go here and have a look:

    30 days of yoga with Adriene πŸ˜€


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