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Juneathon day 21: walking and running


I totally forgot to post this yesterday so it is mostly gong tonne pictures 🙂

It was a day of walking at lunchtime and running after work. It was a hard run because my legs were very tired but I am just pleased I didn’t give up 😁

Most of the pictures are from the walk, but I walked and ran in the same place so they work for both 😊


Juneathon day 20: Running and dancing

Well I have said before that I run because it makes me dance better…

This is not necessarily true if I do them on the same day.

However, that is what I did today.

I fled from work during my lunchbreak, then I fled back. Well I had to it was a circular route and work expected me to return…

It was not a bad run as it happens, better than my last one 🙂 it is always nice to see improvement 😁

The there was dancing…

And funnily enough, it was one of those days where I shouldn’t have run and danced on the same day… still, it was fun, of course and dance-ish 😊

This picture totally isn’t from tonight! I did do this dance tonight though… it is called witch hunt and I play the witch 😁

Juneathon day 5: deadlifts. running and a lovely pot!

First thing this morning I did a lot of deadlifts!! I had a PT session with Matt and it consisted almost entirely of deadlifts… light ones for a warm up (after a proper warm up) then heavy ones, then a drop set then paused deadlifts it worked out to be something like 56 deadlifts with various different weights up to a maximum of 80kg 🙂 we threw in some rows too just for fun!

It was pretty awesome though… I love deadlifts 😀

There I am looking all cheerful after deadlifts 😁


Later that day…

At lunchtime in fact, I decided that as it wasn’t as hot as it had been, I’d get myself out for a run! It was pretty slow tbh, possibly because of all the deadlifts but I think I did more running and less walking so that is good!!

I don’t think I look quite so cheerful there… but that is because running (although I actually quite like it now) is not as awesome as deadlifts!!

Even later that day…

I went to my pottery class where I found that my lovely pot was all glazed and pretty!!

I promptly started another one which is going to be similar in design but taller and narrower 😁

All in all it was a pretty good day 😁😁

(Miles walked 3.4)

Juneathon day 3 dancing… then running..

Today started, and was in fact mostly taken up with dancing. It was a local craft/vintage fair today and they have taken a liking to Mythago so we danced 🙂

It was hot, we were dancing on grass (which is hard) but in general it was a really good day. Ok I had a minor blip during the first stand where I couldn’t move my legs, felt like a lump, thought I was probably making an idiot out of myself and cried but after that everything was good. Some lovely friends put me back together by hugging me and reminding me that. Reaching was a thing!!

The second and third stands went really well 😊

Also I got some good new horns!!

After dancing all day in hot heat, sane people have a rest and a drink… I went for a run.

I decided I hadn’t used enough energy up so I set out for week 3 day 3 of zombies run 5 k trainer!

It was extremely slow as runs go, even for me! It was probably not the best idea I have ever had, but a slow run is better than no run 😁

Juneathon day 3 well and truly done!!

The ongoing saga of running…

Well the saga of me running anyway. I am sure running itself doesn’t have any sagas, and if it does it is not really for me to say. Not even for me to speculate really. Consequently I am going to tell you the story of me and running.

If you have been here a while you will know this story, it is cyclic and somewhat repetitive…the basic saga goes like this:

I start running, I get better at running, I continue running and sign up for some races. I do races, I realise I hate races. I may or may not start hating running during this time. I realise running is hard and I am not getting better any more, I convince myself that this is because I am better at other things / i like other things more so I stop running.

then I don’t run for ages. I remember running makes me dance better, so I start running and the whole saga begins again.

In case you hadn’t guessed by this point, I have started runnign again. I am in the very beginning phase of the cycle, I have just gone through the bit where I notice that dancing is harder and I remember running makes me a better dancer…

So, I am running (a bit) again.

Despite running (well interval running) 12km in November, I have got so out of practice in the intervening months that I decided to start again. Right back at the beginning with short run intervals.

So what makes this different to the last x number of times? Well…nothing at all really. I am sure I will cycle back around to not running again at some point… I am not planning to, but I know how I work.


yes, I am nearly 10 years of of date in my slogonology… this is a 2009 advert! (yes slogonology is a word!)

I did, however find a new app to tell me how to train.

Of course I did, you must have noticed by now that I can’t do anything without looking for a new app to record/instruct/generally interact with me. It is either an app, or a notebook, or both.

In this case it is an app…although I am planing a notebook too.

THe app I found this time is the Zombies run 5k trainer. It is a standalone app that is not linked to the Zombies Run app. Although it is made by the same people and set in the same universe and suchlike. It works on the premise that a person (you the player/runner) is training to be a useful runner to the settlement in the zombie apocalypse. It is set before the Zombies run story starts. going back to the beginning is a little odd as I am up to season 3 but it is easy enough to ignore that 😀

1fd3a9c1-2802-4f67-b455-9e85e434c32bEach workout is framed like a training session with the Doctor/trainer at abel township and different characters come along to say hi and help you. It is more interesting by far than the normal C25K/C210K training apps which feel a bit like interval timers with words stuck on.

Not only is the interface more interesting, but I am finding the runnign more interesting too. I have been doing sprints in its 15s or 30s runs and the freeform run at the end is good because you just get to do as much or as little as you can. I like the approach.

You never know, just maybe I will stick to running this time 😀


2018 Janathon is go!!

Happy new year lovely people!! It is a whole new year (obviously otherwise the happy new year greeting would be wierd…) and that means a whole load of people telling you about goals and resolutions and suchlike. I am not going to do that. I have goals…I wrote them in a book…I might show you a picture of it but I am not, at this moment going to tell you all about them in great detail. I will probably do a more detailed new goals post later on when they are clear in my head and when the new year new you nonsense has died down…

If I had a new me for every new year I would be on the 41st version of me and I would have no idea what was going on…

Anyway… it’s january, so what else could I do but sign up for another Janathon and get on and do some exercise!! It was a run too…first on in ages, this is the start of getting my head back in the right place to run! I liked it too 😀

Reboot Days 139-145: A nothing week

I haven’t done nothing. I have done a lot of the normal activities that I do, some walking, some running, some dancing some gymming. It has just not been as dedicated as it normally is. Gym sessions have been somewhat minimal (apart from PT) and running has been less frequent than it should have been.

However, I have taken some time to rest and look after my head.

I know rest days don’t really fit with a 365 day exercise challenge, but rest and mental health is just as important as physical fitness. So I am not counting this as a fail and I am going to carry on 🙂

Actually I was counting it as a fail until I started writing and the, coupled with some bad news I got over the weekend made me realise that I have to do what is best for me and not get all hung up on “failing” a self imposed challenge. I am still going to carry on with the exercise every day thing because I enjoy it and it suits me, and it is the whole premise of this blog 😀

So, onto the positives and the good things I did do last week…

PT on Tuesday was awesome!! Hard work, I was convinced at one point that Matt was trying to kill me…but he failed…I survived 😀 despite kneeling slams and rowing sprints and dumbbell bench press and rows and other good stuff like that!

Wednesday was (of course) full of dancing and walking and that sort of good stuff. Dancing helps everything (with the possible exception of leg injuries) so that puts it way up there with the best things to do!

The days after this (exercise wise) contained some half hearted gumming and some general meandering and it was Sunday before I got myself in gear enough to run…

I ran 7km (still intervals) along the downs link pat and it was extremely muddy… there were parts of it that were a lot like paddling rather than running but I’d undoubtedly did me good to get out in the cold crisp sunshiny air!

I just noticed I took a pic of my feet at the start…I should definitely have taken an after photo at the end!!

So…that was last week… this week will be better 😊

Reebot days 125-138: the last two weeks in pictures :)

Well…time and otters have stolen some days from me and I am two weeks from my last post…again 😱 but last week I promised a new schedule of Mondays and Fridays for posts on here 🙂 Mondays will be a round up of the last week and Fridays will be about something exciting exercise related 😊

So without further ado… here is the last two weeks in pictures…

some of them are awesome because I spent time in the beautiful Derbyshire dales which should make up for the lack of posts a little bit

And that was that!

I loved Derbyshire! So much beautiful countryside and so many hills! It was am amazing place to walk and (attempt to) run!

I promise more words in Fridays instalment 😊

I did a running thing…

I ran a 10K!!!

I was going to lead up to that with some sort of suspense building preamble… apparently I am excited about it and I blurted it out just like that!

A couple of months ago, when it seemed very far off in both time and running ability, I entered the Thruxton 10k race. It seemed like a good idea at the time, it was a race around a race circuit. By which I mean a car/motorbike racing circuit which we were running around. Not at the same time as cars or bikes…that would be tricky…


It is a little race track (says she who doesn’t really know how long a race track normally is…) but 10k was 2 laps plus a bit so it seems little to me.

Well…it didn’t at the time at the time it seemed long, and possibly never ending… twice… which makes no sense. but I was running, no sense is the best sense you are going to get when I am running.

Anyway…this 10k was around a race track (as I may have mentioned) it was also superhero themed and really small!

Superhero themes I can deal with…I practically live my life superhero themed after all 😀

The small was harder to cope with… by small I mean it was a small field. No, not in a small field it was on a race track we have established this…there were not many runners. The problem with races with not many runners is there is nowhere to hide :-/ races like that with not many people in are normally entered by people who are certain of their running abilities. You don’t get the plethora of walkers, hobblers and people generally trying their best who are not all that quick. This made the whole thing particularly terrifying to me in my capacity as a slow ploddy run walk interval person… however realising that as I arrived at the race track made it far too late to do anything but plod along around the course and hope for the best…

and you know what it was actually ok! I was slow but I followed my interval plan and just kept going! I was on my own most of the way, everyone else disappearing into the distance rapidly.

Well on my own until people reappeared and lapped me… weirdly this didn’t bother me. I expected to hate it and be a crying mess when people went past and finished and I had to carry on but I wasn’t. The people passing me gave me thumbs up and said encouraging things and what is even more strange is I didn’t feel patronised!!

So I just carried on and I did the 10K 😁

And I wasn’t last! There were at least 3 people behind me and it is amazing how motivating the desire not to be last can be 😁

This race was an extremely positive experience! I fully expected to hate it but I didn’t at all! I wasn’t expecting great things as I hadn’t run 10K since 2015 but it ended up being the second quickest 10K I have ever done! I wasn’t last and I didn’t die and more than that it is the first time ever (possibly second) I came out of a race feeling proud of myself!!

Proud of my friend Susie too who won the women’s race and her daughter who won the under 20s class! Blooming awesome I say!!

Reboot days 106 – 124: well… the system works… and other pictures…

I am extremely far behind and I started this post 3 weeks ago… so I am leaving the beginning as it is then you will get a lot of pictures for the intervening days… and I will restart with aplomb from today 😁

The system I mean is the system of listening to people who know things and doing what you are told and getting better as they predict.

This seems to work a lot better than ignoring things and hoping it will go away…

Day 106: Wednesday…<<<<<<<<<
ually pervasive sensibleness, I limited wednesday morning gym activities to upper body work… supersets consisting of: Incline bench press / chest fly, Rows / reverse fly. followed by two sets on the viking press and some core work followed by the dreaded but very important hip mobility elastic band stretches!

luchtime I decided to try out runnign again… I had permission and everything so it was ok! It was a suprsingly good run too… more running less walking all round quicker and it felt better 😀 yeay! back to training!

ter, of course there was dancing 🙂

and now for all the pictures…

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